MURDER BY COVID PROTOCOL WARNING! Patients are still being killed every day in hospitals across the USA


SOTN Editor’s Note: The following video presents highly authoritative and conclusive evidence of a long-planned and highly organized criminal conspiracy to commit genocide against the American people throughout the entire Covid era and up to this very day.

However, it gets worse…much worse!

That’s because the far-reaching ramifications and devastating repercussions of the ongoing cover-up are proving to be much worse than the original medical-perpetrated genocide of millions of hospital patients during the official pandemic period.

MEDICIDE: How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically Murdered Covid Patients

How so?

Because of the never-ending fake COVID-19 threat, the Covid ‘vaccine’ has been incorporated into the nationwide childhood vaccination schedule.  Therefore, whereas the original genocide mass murder the nation’s elderly via the hospitals and nursing homes, as well as those with multiple co-morbidities, the current phase of this slow-motion depopulation scheme is killing off the nation’s youth after it severely debilitates and incapacitates, sickens and infects, poisons and toxifies them.

HUGE Financial Incentives for Pediatricians
to Push Covid Killshots on Defenseless Children

In other words, because of the highly coordinated and monolithic criminal cover-up of the weaponized Covid injections by all of institutional America, the unaware citizenry has no idea about their extreme dangers and lethal hazards.

That the Executive Branch, U.S Congress, US Supreme Court, US Armed Forces, etc. are all working assiduously together to maintain this pervasive cover-up has put the entire country at grave risk.  Especially with the entire Mainstream Media and University Systems across the USA pushing the same genocidal narrative does this most fatal cover-up in American history show no signs letting up.  And, with all of Corporate America on board because of the hidden and highly coercive financial incentives involved, there is very little likelihood that Big Pharma, Big Medical and Big Research will do anything but sustain the nation’s new medical killing paradigm.

With all of the systems stacked solidly against US, we recommend that each and every person in the USA make a point of attempting to radically wake up their doctors—ALL OF THEM.  Give them this official testimony from one of their peer physicians: Please, send this highly esteemed physician’s paper to every person who reveres their doctor and follows all Covid medical advice.

State of the Nation
February 1, 2024

N.B. Please, don’t miss one word of the video presentation below as it will equip you with essential information if you or a loved one or friend wind up in a hospital even today.

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