Putin is being held hostage by……


SOTN Editor’s Note: There is so much wrong with the Russo-Ukrainian War that it begs for a truly objective and independent analysis from start to now.

First, the Kremlin permitted the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev to genocide Russian speakers residing in Donbass for 8 long years before launching the Special Military Operation in February, 2022.  And that SMO was only undertaken because of the obvious intel that NATO was preparing to attack the same region during the Spring of 2022.  This alone is a HUGE red flag.

Then there is the extraordinary lack of Russian military response to the regular attacks on the civilian populations throughout the Belgorod Oblast, Russia.  It has even been verified that those residents have been encouraged to pay for their own military defense such as heavy weapons as explained in the exposé below.

That Russia has permitted so many serious terrorist attacks on their Oil & Gas Industry without an appropriate reaction is yet another sign that something is very wrong with this picture.

Was this shocking terrorist attack in Moscow really carried out
by the Western Khazarian Mafia against the
Russian Khazarian Mafia?!

That the Russian military has been so reluctant to take over Odessa, a key Ukrainian port city, when they had the advantages to easily do so also makes no sense whatsoever.  Sustaining so many major attacks on the Russian navy which has seen multiple warships sunk, including the Russian warship Moskva which was the flagship of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, is especially suspicious.

However, it’s the very selective missile strikes on key targets throughout the Ukraine while deliberately sparing other much more valuable targets that is the dead giveaway.  And the only reasonable explanation is that what we are really witnessing is a war between the Khazarian oligarchs.

KEY POINTS: At the end of every era when the banksters rule the roost, the snake of predatory capitalism begins to eat its own head.  That means the richest and most powerful and wealthiest people on the planet start to rape, pillage and plunder each other.  After all, the whole world has been carved up into crime territories for millennia where the strongest always get the biggest and best piece of the pie.  Hence, when all the murderous thieves know that the end is here, and it is, they go balls out in trying to grab whatever they can from their fellow thieves knowing that there is very little to lose, especially when “there is no honor amongst thieves”. See: The whole world is carved up into organized crime territories run by these top-tier Mafia families.

It now even makes more sense that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the now deceased leader of the Wagner Group, was taken out by one of the Russian factions of the Khazarian oligarchs…and not by Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as many have speculated.

The key point here is that every major war is really a bankster-directed armed conflict whereby the global Military-Industrial Complex only gains big time and never loses.  However, there are various highly competitive groups in that massive industry who are all vying with each other for the spoils of war.  But this is not only about crass war profiteering, it’s also about dominating plum crime territories for the foreseeable future, increasing war armament market share and expanding influence throughout specific MIC industries.

Toward that end, what the entire world is now watching is one of the most inscrutable 5D geopolitical chessboards in modern history.  That’s because this extremely complex and dangerous game is being played between the Khazarian oligarchs in Ukraine; a second game between the Khazarian oligarchs in Russia; a third between Khazarian oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine; along with other contests involving the Zio-Anglo-American Axis at the very same time.  Like we said: IT’S COMPLICATED!

KEY POINT: REALLY?! US Intelligence Says It Knew ISIS-K Was Planning Terror Attack On Moscow [ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service]  In other words, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are nothing but the terrorist arms of the the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD-NATO Terror Group which is trotted out whenever the Western Intelligence Community needs plausible deniability for a hideous terrorist operation like they just did in Moscow.

Now that’s not to say that President Putin is not doing his level best to protect the Russian citizenry however and whenever and wherever he can.  It’s just that he is being held hostage in different ways, to varying degrees, and by various factions of Khazarian oligarchs within Russia.  As a matter of fact, Putin even told Tucker Carlson, off the record right after their globally televised interview, the following:

PUTIN: When you look at the size of economies we are small. But few people take into account our vast natural resources. Russia has over $80 trillion in the ground. No country even comes close to us.

TUCKER: What is your opinion of President Biden?

PUTIN: We are convinced he is not running the country. Let’s say we have good sources that confirm that but it’s plain for anyone to see for themselves. The US has now entered into a dark period. It has unaccountable leadership.

TUCKER: OK. Point well taken but don’t you have the same issues in Russia.

PUTIN: Yes. To a degree. But in Russia those interests are more aligned with the thinking of the average Russian man on the street. In the United States, that is not the case. The elites have deserted you.
(Source: Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Private Convo with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow – Transcript Secretly But Deliberately Released)

Bottom Line: The Russian power elite who control much of that $80 trillion of natural resources are either Khazarian oligarchs or elites who are completely controlled by them. See: Here’s How Billionaire Jews Own Russia In the Words of Chabad Lubavitcher

State of the Nation
March 22, 2024

N.B. The following piece was written by a deep insider who obviously has access to privileged information and classified data.

No, Moscow is Not Destroying the NATO Weaponry Flowing Into Ukraine

NATO is sending even more supplies, building factories in Ukraine.


If anything, Moscow is attritioning itself in the war against the Anal-Satanists and this will become undeniably clear as you read on.

First of all, the Russian Ministry of Defense’s battlefield reports simply beggar belief. But if they are to believed, they are continually knocking out entire warehouses and columns of strategic equipment and so on. Clearly, this is either extremely exaggerated or an out and out complete fabrication designed to mislead the Russian people, and to a lesser extent the people who support Russia abroad.

To prove my hypothesis, I want you to consider some facts that I think should give any person still capable of thinking instead of spewing propaganda pause.

Germany is now opening up new weapons factories in Ukraine. Here:

Rheinmetall announced on Thursday, March 14, 2024, its plan to build at least four new production facilities in Ukraine, targeting a record turnover of 10 billion euros ($10.9 billion) for this year. Rheinmetall is a German company specializing in defense and automotive industries, particularly in manufacturing defense systems, ammunition, and military vehicles.

Before that, they simply made the weapons in Germany and sent them across the border. As the war continued, the pace increased and more powerful weapons were sent. All of this has been readily admitted to in the Ukrainian and German media. Naturally, the question that should arise in any thinking person’s mind is: why are NATO countries feeling more and more emboldened to send weapons to Ukraine as this conflict continues and not the opposite?

That is, if they are just getting their weapons destroyed before even reaching the battlefield as the Russian MoD and by extension, Western ZAnon writers assure us, why then are a) videos of these NATO weapons systems being used on the front all over Telegram samizdat shot by actual Russian soldiers and war correspondents and b) NATO countries are increasing the pace of their supplies, not tapering them off despite losing the war against Shoigu’s genius and c) now moving to open factories in Ukraine, closer to the action, despite the fact that everything NATO related gets blown to smithereens by Shoigu’s missiles?

Does that make sense?

No, none of it make a lick of sense, people.

In contrast, I allege that the real story is actually very simple to understand. See, we know that Russia is losing this Not-War slowly and surely and deliberately (possibly) and that the Kremlin elite have proven themselves to be either too compromised or craven to enforce any so-called red lines. The reason that first Turkey was able to open drone factories in Ukraine to be used against Russia and now Germany will do the same is precisely because Putin and Shoigu REFUSE to target key military infrastructure in Ukraine. The Kremlin even arrested Russian patriot Igor “Strelkov” Girkin for informing his millions of readers about this colossal betrayal.

Red List 18 – Questions For the People Running This Not-War w/ Slavsquat

APRIL 26, 2023
Red List 18 - Questions For the People Running This Not-War w/ Slavsquat

Riley wrote up all the questions posed here:

But the same cannot be said of Kiev.

They are bombing deep into the Russian interior, hitting factories, warehouses, random people’s cars, maybe even assassinating VPs of major oil companies, and have even started bombing Transdniestria the other day. Here:

⚡️A military unit in Transnistria was attacked by a kamikaze drone, an explosion and fire occurred – MGB of Transnistria

In fact, Transdniestria might become the new Belgorod. Time will tell.

But I want to raise the stakes some more today. Veteran Stalkers of the blog have heard all of this already many times before and are probably rolling their eyes in their heads and drawing bloody lines along their faces with their nails from the sheer monotony of the betrayal that has been playing out for the last two years. Yes, this non-targeting of NATO targets in Ukraine has been ongoing since the war began. And the stories we were fed by ZAnon about the bunkers full of NATO generals planning to unleash viral biobombs being blown to bits by Kinzhals were totally fake, just FYI. I’m sorry if that angers you, but you should save your ire for the propagandists or useful idiots who spread the disinfo, not me for pointing out that you were duped.

Today I am going to allege that, actually, prominent Russian businessmen are providing some of the capital for these war factories being opened up in Ukraine to be used to deal death to Russian soldiers. But first, a very related story about the war factories in Ukraine that I wanted to share:

When last spring the Russian press reported that the Kharkov Malyshev Tank Plant was destroyed by three missile strikes, the specialists, who understood what was happening, only threw up their hands [in exasperation]. This factory is a city within a city; 32 factory canteens operated on its territory, and the staff of cooks alone amounted to 800 people! Three strikes are, at best, three workshops put out of action. A drop in the sea.

Before the start of the special operation, the plant had financial problems, but since last spring, orders have poured in, mainly for the repair of armored vehicles. It would seem, why not turn on military production from all calibers at once? It turns out there is nuance to take into account. The plant still continues to fulfill Russian orders. In particular, it repairs special Arctic and Antarctic equipment. And produces new ones. Of course, orders are not processed directly, but through third countries. But the well-oiled mechanism works, despite wartime. So what’s the point of smashing it to pieces? Three such “third countries” can be called – Armenia (which we are losing), Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Interesting, no?

That a Ukrainian military plant is still selling the Russian government military equipment but disguises this by doing it through third party countries. Armenia, last I checked, is land-locked and Azerbaijan doesn’t border the Arctic circle and so would have no need of such equipment.

Almost all Odessa enterprises are intact. So why don’t our guys hit the most important defense enterprise – the Odessa Port Plant (OPZ)? It can be assumed that this is due to common interests held with Dmitry Mazepin’s Uralchem, an ammonia pipeline from Tolyatti and the possibility of exporting Russian ammonia abroad through the OPP.

But in this story, everything may soon change, as in the plot with HTZ.

The other day, Mazepin announced the construction of an analogue of the OPP on the shores of the Azov Sea. Apparently, the promises of Ukrainian partners to start shipping “any day now” are no longer believed. So a previously untouchable enterprise becomes a potential target. And – what a coincidence! – right now the Odessa authorities are talking about the threat of HMOs to the facilities.

Ah, so as soon as a potential business deal to pump ammonia to and through Ukraine went south, all of a sudden, the Russian MoD revises its strike targets in Odessa and is willing to start targeting this critical infrastructure that hither-to was ignored!

Of course, while Russia’s oligarchs were still expecting to be able to cut a deal with their esteemed Kievan partners to send juicy and affordable ammonia flowing to the Anal-Satanists, we were told that it would be “immoral” or “un-humanitarian” to hit port infrastructure in Odessa. In fact, I alleged that the targets hit in Odessa (grain silos) were only chosen because they cut into the profits of Patrushev Jr. and not because of any military significance.

What Do the Odessa Strikes Accomplish, Exactly?

JULY 21, 2023
What Do the Odessa Strikes Accomplish, Exactly?

The Russian MoD has been pounding Odessa for many days now. Also, for some reason, Odessa is now “Odesa” in Western media. I’ve written about these language games before. A little history for you: the city was founded by Empress Catherine II, and named in honor of Odysseus only in the feminine form because Catherine was a feminist because she was actual…

It was a bold claim to make, but this new bit of information is vindication of the concept in general is it not?

Now though, all is fair game in Odessa. The Nazi-Satanists will pay for cutting into Putins’ buddies bottom lines!

Speaking of potential targets though, what about this massive oil refinery that continues to fuel the UAF war machine? Off-limits still!

The Kremenchug oil refinery, the largest enterprise in Ukraine, continues to operate, and at full capacity (this is 16% of all fuels and lubricants for the war). And how many sobs there were over the supposedly “massive” and “precise” missile attacks on the plant! For some time, the enterprise actually operated at low power without burning torches in the pipes. But the plant never stopped working. “Oil products were transported by road at night. Now they’ve stopped hiding it, the torch burns around the clock, finished oil products are exported by rail.”

And whose oil the plant processes, a plant that openly supplies fuel and lubricants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has not yet been destroyed. A plant filled with petroleum products is easily set on fire and very difficult to extinguish. It is impossible from a common sense point of view to explain the fact that the plant is still operating.”

Based on the non-targeting of key military industrial facilities in Ukraine and all sorts of other vital infrastructure that is essential to the war effort, I am forced to conclude that Russia’s oligarchs are actually invested in these various industries. This would explain why they are all making so much money on the carnage, as I and others have pointed out before.

Russia is not a country, but an LLC. Or rather, an oligarchy with a state attached to it, not a state with an oligarchy. Putin himself stated early on in his career that he saw himself as the CEO of Russia LLC and all of his policies have reflect that neoliberal mindset since.

Young Putin in His Own Words: “Russia Must Not Be Allowed to Have a Strong Leader!”

OCTOBER 5, 2023
Young Putin in His Own Words: "Russia Must Not Be Allowed to Have a Strong Leader!"

I want to present an older interview with Vladimir Putin. Actually, there are several interviews worth mentioning, but today we are covering the big man’s earlier appearances when he was still a political upstart and a nobody trying to prove himself to Russia and the world. The interview was done in 2001.

I believe that targets in Ukraine are either chosen or ignored based on whether or not the people who own these assets are considered friends of the Kremlin or not. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that “Russian” oligarchs are partially behind the financing of these new weapons factories. Those Russian offshore reserves that Nabiullina and Putin essentially handed over to Washington to be seized by not pulling them out before or right after the start of the SMO are certainly funding Kiev now, aren’t they? So, really, this is not as far-fetched a claim as one might think.

Remember: “Russian” oligarchs have already LITERALLY raised money for UAF soldiers before and suffered no repercussions for it.

“Russian” Alpha/Alfa Bank Helping to Raise Funds for Kiev’s War

JULY 8, 2022
"Russian" Alpha/Alfa Bank Helping to Raise Funds for Kiev's War

We need your help. From Open Ukraine: (my quick translation) While Alpha Bank is trying to regain access to its billions abroad, the Ukrainian branch is calmly raising money for the Ukrainian armed forces and even brags about it on social media. I’m going to jump in right here. There’s more information about to be presented, but there’s no explanation give…

But it isn’t just Alfabank that works against the Russian war effort. Sberbank was closing down the accounts of Donbass militia soldiers, and Russian humanitarian relief organizations and even efforts to fund medical treatments for hurt veterans.

I covered that as well.

Russia’s Top Bank Sinks “Knife Into the Back” of the Not-War Effort …

DECEMBER 27, 2023
Russia's Top Bank Sinks "Knife Into the Back" of the Not-War Effort ...

Sberbank is in the news again. Only in samizdat sources on Telegram though. They were the target of a protest by Z-patriots for shutting down the accounts of volunteers raising money for the front and for freezing said money from reaching its intended source. The protesters were shut down and are now getting the book thrown at them by Sber and the FSB. They are being charged with committing an extremist hate crime.

Russia’s banks usually simply employ a strategy of simply not providing any protection to Russian patriots who are getting attacked by foreign or even traitorous cyberops. One volunteer shared his story recently on Telegram (I can’t link a private account):

Tinkoff [fucked us over].

A summary of the last 5 days:

1. The Ukrops completely shut down my Sberbank (having achieved its blocking under Federal Law-115), while for four days in a row they blocked my entrance to the application by falsely reporting the loss of the card to the bank.

Sberbank apparently still accepts harassment and fraud claims coming out of Ukraine. If an account is mass-reported, this gives banks like Sber and Tinkoff the justification to shut it down. There is no appeals process. Even though these accounts are involved in paying soldiers their wages and getting humanitarian supplies through and so on. There is no mechanism in place, already two + years into the war, to make sure that vital accounts are given protection. You better believe that if an oligarch’s account was mass-reported, it would not be shut down though.

2. We blocked one of the numbers that was linked to the bank by hacking into the MTS personal account (yes, the telecom operator himself was shocked by such a development).

He seems to imply that the number reporting his account was linked in some way to the Russian government?

3. They blocked the Tinkoff online account registered in the name of my father, I’m sure that this was done using Federal Law 115 again

4. Our VKontakte community was shut down.

5. They called the duty station of the city of Novopavlovsk, Stavropol Territory (at my place of registration) and reported that my Father was holding hostages (my father is a pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, retired lieutenant colonel, disabled, 67 years old).

Because of all of this, I apparently have to rely on cryptocurrency, because not a single Russian bank can ensure the safety and security of our funds.

I’ll hire security for my parents, but what else can I do?

I’m sure this is just the beginning.

But all this means only one thing – I’m on the right track.

Fuck you in the throat you bastards.

As just an example of how important financial services are to funding any political or patriotic effort, take the case of Russian patriot Leonid Mazharov, who was savagely beaten while in custody by the police, presumably for protesting Vladimir Shapiro bullying Donbass war-vet and SMO blog Murz into committing suicide. Here:

⚡️There is information that National Bolshevik Leonid Mazharov was beaten by police officers during his arrest. Now he is being taken to the Izmailovo police station.

Also detained today in Moscow, coordinator of Limonov’s Party Mikhail Axel and National Bolshevik Savva Fischer are still in the Sokolniki police station. A lawyer came to see them.

A second lawyer has currently gone to the Izmailovo police station, so we really need your support.

You can help by distributing information and transferring the card number to pay for the services of a second lawyer: 2200 1509 2531 3584, Alfa Bank, Anastasia P.

I don’t know the details of this case, or why Leonid is wearing a red Kabbalah bracelet? but I bring it up simply to highlight the appeal at the end. This is how funds are raised for families in Donbass who lost their homes or their limbs. For volunteer brigades that need money for medical supplies or warm clothes or quadrocopters. Telegram is full of these posts from various groups asking Russian civil society for help because Putin’s government refuses to do anything. Many of these accounts handle millions of roubles being transferred to the front and the Kremlin propagandists have called for the shut-down of many of these volunteer efforts arguing that it is discrediting the Shoigu.

What Took You So Long, Copper?

APRIL 10, 2023
What Took You So Long, Copper?

I’ve been gathering information for some more in-depth articles and it has been slow going. I’ll be covering: The immigration situation in more detail. Got some interviews done about that. Prospects for Russian-Western conservative cooperation. Oh, an article about Old Believers and their role in modern day Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution for the Sta…

In contrast, Kiev is fighting a serious war. As I have written about too many times to count at this point, Ukraine is blowing up factories and warehouses in Russia literally all the time, nonstop and with total impunity. To deal with this, the Kremlin came out and told the owners of these factories to buy their own air defense systems because Shoigu can’t be fucking bothered to do anything about the problem. No, I am not kidding. Here:

What to do and how to prevent attacks in the future? Previously, the government recommended that Russian companies purchase air defense systems to combat drones, since the Ministry of Defense’s funds are “focused on covering important government and military facilities.” The defense of regions is left to the regions, but the governors do not have military education and, as a result, important facilities must defend themselves. Not working out very well?

This explains why Belgorod is simply allowed to be shelled and bombed with impunity by Kiev. Putin told the locals there to go fuck themselves and to buy their own army if they have a problem with getting shot at. No, seriously, Moscow told Belgorod to spend their money on their own defenses. This did, in fact, happen. Locals raised money to fund dragon teeth tank defenses that they bought on Ebay. Moscow also then sent the FSB in to strip the locals of their firearms, just for shits and giggles. This led to the locals appealing to Prigozhin to come over and save him, leading Shoigu to warn Prigozhin that doing so would be considered treason.

Do you remember that whole drama?

What is there even left to say?

I am trying not to repeat myself too often on this blog. But that can’t be helped, I guess. The same themes keep coming up again and again. Riley recently quipped to me that: “The Kremlin is literally funding its own destruction. This is the magical “war of attrition” we keep hearing about” and I couldn’t help but agree.

All I want to do at this point is to get the story out.

I want to rob Kiev of its narrative concerning a great victory over the Eastern hordes by pointing out that they were helped out every step of the way by Moscow. I also want to destroy Moscow’s morality claims by pointing out that each move they have made that they claimed was motivated by humanitarian concerns was actually motivated by securing profits for oligarchs and prolonging the suffering of the people that they claim they set out to liberate.

Help me get this alternative story out by sharing my work, please.

God knows, the so-called alternative media will not touch any of the information and firsthand accounts and stories that I presented here to you guys today.



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