Submitted by A Vietnam War Protester
SOTN Exclusive

I really want this screed to be very short and to the point.   I fear it may not be, so sorry in advance.

Back in the late 1960s and early 70s me my bros and sisters eventually saw that the Vietnam War was planned out as the first MIC forever war.

Everything about Nam was ugly—VERY UGLY!!!

The CIA drug-running.  The Agent Orange poisoning of whole countrysides. The brutal war crimes against an innocent people.  The nonstop and insulting lies by the US government.  The Kent State massacre.  The brutal government response at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  The needless deaths of 58,220 U.S. service members.  And much, MUCH, worse, but only conspiracy realists would understand.

Now here’s the real deal: Now most of us were out there protesting and demonstrating because our lives depended on it.  We shut down college military recruiting offices and university administration buildings throughout the 50 states—literally—because our own lives depended on it! (Look it up.)

We were afraid—VERY AFRAID.  We were really scared of being
sent into the Vietnam meat grinder—for no fuckin’ good reason.

Even those of us who were lucky enough to get deferments knew that our number would come up once we left our college undergrad or university grad program.

What’s the point?

Most of us were out there to save our own friggin’ asses—THAT’S THE POINT.

Now, here we see today college kids across the USA out their protesting an in-your-freakin-face GENOCIDE …  …  …  of totally innocent women and children, elderly and infirm in Gaza.

These kids are literally sacrificing themselves for a much greater cause, YES?!?!?!

They are risking arrest and no fly lists, YES?!

They’re risking getting kicked out of school, YES?!?

They’re risking never getting the job they always hoped for.

They are risking being ostracized by their family and friends, churches and communities, employers and………….

They’re risking a criminal record that will forever wreck their social credit scores, especially in Joe Biden’s “1984” America.

Don’t need to tell you all the other things these kids are risking, but they are HUGE especially in light of what the Right has suffered since Biden has been running his tyranny.

Again, what’s the key point?

Support these people.  Don’t call them Hamas sympathizers because they are trying with all their hearts and minds, bodies and souls to stop a friggin’ genocide.

Good GOD, Patriots, wake the fuck up!!!

The Palestinians are only trying to save themselves, their families, their communities, their stolen country from the most savage and barbaric government in modern history—BAR NONE!  And they desperately need help—OUR HELP!

Oh, and by the way, not only was Hamas created by Israel, it has been completely controlled by the MOSASD and IDF to carry out exactly this entire scheme as a pretext to steal even more Palestinian ancestral lands … after mass murdering as many Gazans as possible to shrink their footprint so the illegal settlers can more easily perpetrate their land and dwelling thefts.

Honestly, WAKE THE FUCK UP, Patriots.  Now!!!

Just because these protests and demonstrations are taking place on woke college campuses and DEI-driven universities — and carried out by mostly lefties — does not in any way diminish their true integrity and obvious legitimacy or utter necessity.

Clearly, as always, Israel has planted the absurd notion that China is funding these protests nationwide to sow even more seeds of chaos across the USA.  Oh, really?  China is doing this too along with the stupid Plandemic that was transparently run by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis?! (Look that up too.)

People, PLEASE, wake the FUCK UP!!!

Understand that this is how they do it.

The cabal has quite meticulously fabricated one wedge issue after another over many decades, all of which have been driven deep into the heart of the American body politic in order to forever divide and conquer the American people IN AS MANY WAYS AS PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE.

Now, just how sophisticated is this YUUUUUUUUGE multi-decade psyop/ black op going back to the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913? 

Well, their ultimate goal is to create so many wedge issues so that, at the end of the day — EVERY EFFIN DAY — there will be at least one wedge issue that will keep apart even two real Patriots who are on the same side about everything else.  Cause they know it only takes one deep disagreement to spilt US so they can take US apart.

Now that’s quite an op, ain’t it?

And it’s workin’ like a charm … ain’t it?!

So, my brothers and sisters, break this terrible cycle … often known as Political Bipolar Complex … and join these self-sacrificing kids who are givin it all up to STOP A FUCKIN GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

We know … they don’t know yet, that they are going up against the BIGGEST war machine in world history.

And, that they are going up against the entire BEAST System itself.  Because if they really knew, they’d probably turn tail and run away from those protest venues faster than you can say the “ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL”.

Get it?

Got it?!

No …. then you had better get it fast because
this VERY REAL organically grown, grass
roots-driven, people-powered and quite  spontaneous protest movement is just the
thing we’ve all better waiting for.  All of US!
Not just just the Right…or the Left…or the Independents.

Honestly, people, this thing has all the right ingredients to take down the BEAST System …for good.

Now it needs to explode across America like a supernova for the whole world to see … and be inspired by … and serve as a model of self-sacrifice and……

Because only acts of very real and raw sacrifice can get US out of this fuckin’ mess … if it’s even possible at this late date.

So my amigos, my compats, my fellow Patriots, my Christian and conservative friends, if you can’t get out there and protest with these brave lefties, then at the very least throw them your moral support, your money, your prayers and the best intentions of your very soul.

Please, for the American Republic, try your very best to lend them all the encouragement and support you can muster … so much so as though your very life depended on it—-BECAUSE IT DOES!!!


SOTN Editor’s Note: Folks, this thing is so huge that very few have yet to comprehend the awesome possibilities.  Just look at these headlines posted here at SOTN only today to grasp the sheer enormity and profundity and gravity of this rapidly burgeoning protest movement.

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