OPERATION BABY BOOMER: The Hard Truths Finally Come to Light

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(Excerpted from a soon-to-be-published eBook titled OPERATION BABY BOOMER)

As previously mentioned, there are two key dates in the execution of OPERATION BABY BOOMER: December 23, 1913 and September 18, 1947.  Note that the Baby Boomers were born beginning in 1946 and right through 1964.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created in 1947 with the signing of the National Security Act by President Harry S. Truman.

Because World War II created an extraordinarily conducive environment for the U.S. Intelligence Community to furtively trample on rights and liberties throughout the nation in the interest of ‘National Security’, those well concealed Powers That Be took full advantage of their overwhelming power and influence to use the newly formed CIA for highly nefarious purposes and malevolent aims.

In point of fact, The Company was systematically used to infiltrate and/or interpenetrate every major corporation in America, as well as every NGO and research institution, university and college, etc.  They immediately took over the entire mainstream media, which is why it’s now pejoratively referred to as the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.

Their ultimate goal, of course, was to secretly and effectively assert total command and control over every aspect of every sphere of life throughout the United States of America—the vital military arm of the New World Order.

Toward that end, something very serious indeed occurred to the American Republic and to the American people.  The country and the citizenry became the target of the most powerful, pervasive and profound spying and surveillance regime in world history.

As a result, the Boomers became the most surreptitiously monitored and scrutinized generation of all time.  And their parents from the TGG were all too happy to obliged their various clandestine handlers and masters within the US Intel Community whenever they were asked to.  Mostly they did not have to be compromised by the System, for they were already at odds with their Baby Boomer kids for reasons previously stated.

The ensuing intergenerational dynamic and resulting interpersonal interaction between the two generations led to an unparalleled level of deep mistrust and suspicion; hence, the now epic Generation Gap only appeared wider and deeper with the passing years and decades.

However, the most crucial point here is that the US Armed Forces together with Corporate America, and especially the Military-Industrial Complex, had developed the most advanced technologies and sophisticated techniques for spying and surveillance, as well as mass mind-control and social engineering on the planet during and after World War II.

Which means that the Baby Boomers, almost always unknown to them, were the victims of the largest mind control and social engineering experiment in world history.  And we’re talking about a Tavistock Institute-level operation conducted on an entire generation (aka OPERATION BABY BOOMER).

Never before in human history has there been a time when any nation possessed the advanced scientific knowledge, the rapidly developing and highly sophisticated technologies, the unlimited funding and financing, the quite willing personnel both governmental and corporate, as well as the institutional power and prowess behind such a dubious and devious national enterprise to control and manipulate an entire generation—the largest generation up to that point in time.


Because this truly is the critical point of this essay … … … and why things are so totally effed up today all over planet Earth.  For little did the Boomers know that they would be the guinea pigs in an initially extremely covert TRANSHUMANISM experiment, ultimately leading to the complete destruction and replacement of the human race … … … and overseen by the always hidden Archonic rulers of the realm and managed by their terrestrial Khazarian overlords.

To be continued —

*This extended essay will see regular additions until the most CIA-sensitive topics are discussed.  Only after certain world events start to cascade across everyone’s Internet screen will the most weighty disclosures and portentous predictions be posted in this link.   

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A true story that’s really the story of every Baby Boomer

I knew I was born into a real power family when it became apparent that both of my parents were well aware of the plots to assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK before those US government-directed murders ever took place.  They also had foreknowledge of the state-sponsored assassinations of Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X. 

However, my parents never knew that I knew these things about them.  Until my father recently passed, I kept this information and a lot of other radioactive info that I ‘acquired’ about them completely to myself.  After all, given all the CRAZY things that happened in my family as I was growing up, keeping certain secrets became a matter of life and death. 

Like no other adults or parents I had ever seen as a child, both of may parents literally walked around like they owned the place—THE WHOLE PLACE.  It was like they owned and operated “the System”, as my very blunt mother liked to call it.  This singular observation as a mere lad compelled me to try to figure out just who they really were, and especially why our upbringing was so friggin’ “wild and crazy”.

After a lifelong investigation of my father, I came to find out that he was an undercover FBI agent, that he belonged to the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II, and that he was both a Knight of Columbus and Knight of Malta.  Most significantly, my father was a high-ranking Freemason, operating at a level well above the 33rd degree.

I also quite serendipitously found out that dad belonged to 4 or 5 other secret societies that are so secret their names appear no where on the Internet.  I never knew anyone who kept secrets quite like my father did, and it was also this lifelong proclivity that drew my suspicions from my earliest ages.

Dad’s extremely well-hidden “professional” relationship that he had with his brother, also my godfather, is what really gave away the whole plot where it concerned their highly manipulative plan for me.  Fabricating and faking rocky relationships is, after all, a tactic often used by the intelligence agencies to accomplish the most delicate of missions, especially the types covertly carried out by my recently deceased uncle, who was known to me as “The Druggist”.  (Which is why this “First Chapter” is being posted only now right after his recent death.)  

But perhaps it was dad’s biggest secret of all that ultimately exposed this “Greatest Psyop of the 20th Century” to me and me alone.  How can anyone, who has painstakingly cultivated the reputation for being more Catholic than the pope — LITERALLY — ever keep his fidelity to Freemasonry, his Talmudic roots and his patently Pharisaical MO concealed?  In fact, everything points to ole dad being a crypto-Jewish operative in Catholic garb who was on the same fanatical mission every day of his lifetime. 

As for my extremely street-smart mother, she was recruited to the C.I.A. in the late 1940s not long after it was established as the new and improved OSS.  Given her immediate family history and unique Roman ancestry, she was undoubtedly the perfect CIA agent to carry out her several ultra-secret assignments in the real but very secret power city where she lived most of her life.  

After doing more precarious research on my mother, I came to find out why she was so intimately involved in the workings of the Sicilian Mafia in our hometown.  I also came to understand her deep connections (read: ancestral links) to the Northern Italian Black Nobility.  This is really why so many complex conspiratorial plots thickened as they always did when I was watching them unfold during my extremely tumultuous and drama-filled childhood.

Now here’s where the reader must understand a crucial aspect of my childhood as a Baby Boomer growing up in the late 1950s and 60s.  My mother often talked, freely and factually, about the Mafia (aka as the Cosa Nostra) and the Vatican (read: Roman Catholic Church) being two of the most powerful institutions in the world.  But, she was also cognizant of the reality that they were both completely owned and operated by a much wealthier and more powerful earthly entity or SUPREME MAFIA, whose name she never uttered even once.  Truly, there was not a kid in the USA who learned what I did from what my mother deliberately imparted and what my father conspicuously kept hidden.  

One last point about my mother: throughout the several life-threatening predicaments and many perilous endeavors in which I found myself, she worked triple time to protect me.  I’m only alive today to write this essay because of her abiding and fierce protection.  And, of course, by the grace of GOD.

One last significant point about both of my parents: no one, but no one, knew how to work “the System” like my mother and father did.  But not because they belonged to it as virtually all of their peers within ‘The Greatest Generation’ did; rather, because they were THE SYSTEM.


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