Khazarian-installed crazymakers in Congress creating the craziest legislative clusterf*ck in U.S. history.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Only AIPAC possesses the raw political power and overwhelming pervasive influence to bribe and blackmail most of the U.S. Congress to push legislation as insane as this: College anti-Israel agitators could be sent to Gaza under new House GOP bill.

Is there anything else to say about the traitors to the American Republic who comprise the ZOG now operating in Washington, D.C.?!

ZOG = Zionist Ocuppied Government

That the Christian and Jewish Zionist members of Congress would even attempt to outlaw, in this outrageously punishing manner, the protest of the most egregious genocide of women and children, elderly and infirm of the Third Millennium is so diabolical and malicious and vengeful and wrong and…..

One thing is for sure: the apartheid Zionist State of Israel is now so desperate and brazen and reckless in their determination to completely cover up their ongoing Palestinian Holocaust that there is nothing the Khazarian crazymakers in Tel Aviv will not do.

BOTTOM LINE: This Kafkaesque perversion of lawmaking and utterly despicable injustice will only stop until all of the ZOGsters responsible are apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced for treason and other high crimes perpetrated against the American people.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
May 8, 2024


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