LOOK OUT, FLORIDA! The 2024 Hurricane Season Starts Early And Fiercely In Tallahassee

GEOTERRORISM ALERT! Weather Warfare is
the preferred method of terrorist attack by the
NWO globalist cabal because….

…the geoengineers always enjoy plausible
deniability, especially during the historical
bad weather seasons of the targeted city or

Submitted by The Weather Warfare Watcher
SOTN Exclusive

First, watch this bombshell video presentation from May 2, 2024 of Gov. Ron DeSantis tearing apart the New World Order globalist agenda in Florida.

VIDEO: DeSantis Signs Hardline Legislation To
Combat The Aims & Policies Of ‘Global Elites’

For those who didn’t watch it, we’ll summarize.

DeSantis went on to list a staggering number of extremely aggressive gubernatorial initiatives and legislative achievements, each of which demolished various NWO schemes planned for all 50 states.

In point of fact, Team DeSantis, along with GOP-dominated statehouse, have passed more laws and approved more legislation to preemptively gut virtually every major globalist attack on states’ right than ALL the other 49 states put together.

Of course, such an openly combative public posture will not be tolerated by the Mother WEFfers and Davos meddlers.

So, as punishment, the NWO geoengineers routinely aim their most powerful and destructive weather weaponry at conservatives states like Florida and Texas.

Tornadic Weather System ~ May 10, 2024 ~ Tallahassee, Florida

Three unusually powerful tornadoes (including an EF-3) struck Tallahassee, Florida — the state capital —  on Friday, May 10, 2024…just 8 days after DeSantis’ epic speech of defiance.

WATCH! Huge EF-3 Tornado Tears Through North Florida! Destruction in Tallahassee, FL, USA

These tornadoes not only did a LOT of serious damage all over Leon County, but also caused much destruction throughout the Big Bend (aka the Florida Panhandle)

As soon as we saw the satellite imagery of the approaching superstorm, it was clear from all the classic geoengineering signatures that it was manufactured. (See the long line of red, orange and yellow below which quite uncharacteristically followed the brunt of the storm which has already passed through Tallahassee.)

For anyone who doubts the existence of chemical geoengineering, atmospheric modification and frequency engineering also known as chemtrail operations plus HAARP, please view the photos in this exposé:

A Planetary Catastrophe Caused
by Chemical Geoengineering

Today is Monday, May 13, and the weather forecast for Tallahassee and the entire Big Bend region is once again rather foreboding as seen in the screenshot below.

Here’s the current satellite imagery showing another frankenstorm in the works that is a little to the north of the targeted Florida Panhandle, but will quite likely be slowly dragged right over Tallahassee as it moves eastward.

Bottom Line: Even a cursory retrospective analysis of all the freaky weather during 2024 will confirm that both Florida and Texas* are now constantly under weather attack.  The upcoming election is certainly driving this destructive NWO dynamic in order to create as much chaos and confusion statewide as possible prior to Election Day, just as they did before the 2022 midterm elections. (See: HURRICANE IAN—Florida’s 9/11: A Special Report). For the globalists know that the Florida election, in particular, must be successfully stolen by the Democrats if Biden is to have any chance of winning.  They know that whoever wins Florida wins POTUS, with the sole exception of 2020 when Trump decisively won the Sunshine State (now well known as the “Chemcloud Cover State”).


Here’s how today’s storm is now tracking right over Tallahassee and North Florida as of 12:30 PM ET.


Here’s how today’s storm is now tracking right over Tallahassee and North Florida as of 2:30 PM ET.


Now here comes a new geoengineered storm from Texas and Louisiana; and tracking toward the same North Florida region.


This is what a non-stop weather attack looks like as of 6:30 AM this morning, Tueday, May 14.  See how this same storm system is tracking right over Tallahassee, Florida—the NWO target, because Gov. DeSantis has been hovering over the target.

To be continued with additional “UPDATES”  —

State of the Nation
May 13, 2024

*Video Reference

WATCH! Baseball-size Hail Hits Texas! Terrifying Storm Leaves 200,000 Without Power

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