There’s are two specific reasons why Congress is sanctioning the ICC for issuing an arrest warrant for war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu…


The U.S. Congress has fully supported Israel’s military
campaign, with both appropriated funding and military
aid, against the Palestinian citizens residing in Gaza,
thereby becoming an accomplice with intent to carry
out the ongoing genocide.


As the head of the Executive Branch, President Joe Biden
has provided military aid in the form of weaponry and
ammunitions which have been deployed against the same
citizenry.  The exact amount of war funding, materiel
support and military assistance from the U.S. Armed
Forces offered by the Biden administration has yet to be determined, but it has occurred throughout the duration
of the genocide.

Bottom Line: If Netanyahu gets convicted of genocide,
then these two American entities are quite exposed to
charges of being co-conspirators in a highly organized
plot to commit mass murder on an industrial scale.
Hence, Congress was directed to take an offensive
position against the ICC in order to intimidate the
prosecutors to minimize the likelihood of any future
indictments or other retributive legal actions against
any U.S. official and/or institution.

Submitted by A War Crimes Analyst
SOTN Exclusive
May 21, 2024

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