“That 12 jurors agreed so quickly that Donald Trump
was guilty on all 34 counts is as suspicious as it is

An Armchair Legal Analyst

And I say this from having watched a high-profile jury trial of a family member who was ultimately found guilty under an extremely corrupt judge and transparently fixed jury.

The venue of that trial was very similar to the exceedingly tainted jury pool that the Greater New York City area was for the deeply unpopular Trump.

Whenever a jury is seated from within a highly jaded venue, it’s very easy to fix and/or buy those jurors.  In the New York State jurisdiction that I witnessed the obviously rigged jury, it quickly became clear how many ways there really are to carry out jury tampering.

As a matter of historical fact, our family case even saw the father of the defendant write an open letter — a personal copy of which was sent to many key political, judicial and legal figures throughout both the city and county — addressing the extraordinarily brazen jury tampering that took place.  The well respected pillar of the community would never have taken that unusually audacious initiative without having very strong circumstantial evidence of jury manipulation, which was quite compelling.

KEY POINTS: There are several ways to fix a jury, but the most stealthy and successful way is to first create the right jury pool.  Which means that every single juror in the pool is closely monitored for their past votes on all juries they have served on.  Just like there are well-paid crisis actors who are strategically positioned at many false-flag mass casualty events, there are ‘professional’ jurors who are trained and mentored to function as jury manipulators.  These bad actors, who are actually very good actors, are skilled in all the ways to manipulate a jury into reaching a guilty verdict even when the defendant is obviously innocent.  However, even before a completely controlled juror (who is often set up as the jury foreman) is planted inside a jury, the entire pool of jurors can be massaged by various culling techniques carried out by the local Jury Services Department so that virtually every juror who is eventually seated (as well as the selected alternates) is a shoe-in for the engineered verdict.  Even if an ‘undesirable’ juror makes their way onto an otherwise rigged jury, there are many ways to eliminate that individual by compromising them via manufactured dramas which compels the judge to dismiss them.  Non-compliant jurors have also been known to become seriously and/or mysteriously ill during the trial or deliberation process.

Now many will say that, because ultra-liberal New York City is so deep BLUE and suffers from the very worst case of collective Trump Derangement Syndrome in the nation, the jury did not even have to be bribed or blackmailed, rigged or fixed in any way.

My response to that highly uninformed opinion is this: While the NYC jury pool is predictably Democrat, the Soros-installed legal hitmen who orchestrated and executed this complex conspiratorial plot to steal the 2024 POTUS election would never — EVER— leave to chance seating even one juror who could turn it into a hung jury.  In fact, along with Los Angeles where many other HUGE show trials take place, Manhattan quietly prides itself on having thee most fixed jury system in the USA.

Not no way, not no how, would those psychopathic lawfare bolsheviks NOT fix and/or rig the jury, by any means necessary and by every means possible, in order to secure a unanimous conviction of President Trump.  And so they did!

Submitted by An Armchair Legal Analyst
State of the Nation
May 31, 2024

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