The Shocking Police Brutality Across America Is Being Both Staged And Provoked At The Same Time—WHY & WHO?

A Cultural Marxist Conspiracy to
Destroy Law and Order in America

Destroying America City by City
by Triggering Police Brutality,
Undermining Law Enforcement,
Defunding Police Departments
& Creating Autonomous Zones

State of the Nation

The increasing number of acts of police brutality across America, especially since 9/11, is not a haphazard trend. In point of fact, this intensifying and alarming pattern is the product of a pre-planned scheme to stealthily undermine confidence in law enforcement nationwide among other things.

The incessant brutality and unnecessary murder of citizens is also the direct result of the systematic militarization of police and sheriff departments around the country. Not only are local law enforcement departments everywhere given paramilitary and military equipment by the U.S. Federal Government, personnel are now regularly trained using harsh military techniques for both crowd control as well as individual incapacitation and arrest.

There is a carefully hidden agenda behind the often staged police brutality that is revealing itself as never before. With each false flag operation, mass casualty event and act of police brutality, the true purposes can no longer be concealed so desperate are the Zionist Neocons and Rothschild-funded globalists to implement their New World Order agenda throughout the United States of America.

IDF Training

The number one training ground for American law enforcement officers is presently the apartheid state of Israel.

It is the nation of Israel that cities, counties and states routinely send their ‘peace officers’ for training; and where they are quickly transformed into ruthless machines and savage monsters (with the exception of those good officers who can resist the long-term IDF programming).

This is why the U.S. citizenry is now being treated, in many cases, just as the Palestinians are methodically brutalized by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

Even small towns and villages throughout the USA are now sending their officers to Israel to receive this IDF-directed training defined by heavy-handedness, oppression and cruelty.

In fact, there is an elaborate system of carrots and sticks which has been surreptitiously shoe-horned into place, which makes this US-Israel arrangement a win-win situation for both governments but which delivers a HUGE loss to the American people.

After all, the current draconian regime of apartheid that reigns across Israel is enforced via the same weapons and technology, tactics and techniques that are being used on the Palestinians. The ultimate goal of the NWO globalists is that the American people will soon become the victims of the same treatment. That why the meme “SHEEPLE” was made so common on the Internet today; it’s called predictive programming.

Exposure to Overwhelming Technology

There’s another extremely significant reason why cops are becoming callous and violent toward citizens with the wrong bat of an eye.

Has anyone looked inside a typical police car or sheriff SUV lately? It looks like a veritable airplane cockpit there is so much technology installed?!

Some of the most powerful IT devices and energy emitters cannot even be seen in this photo of a police car.

Not only that, but most officers are required to wear various types of IT devices (e.g. body cams) right on their body all day long.

Again, most of this newfangled technology was developed in Israel with absolutely no consideration of the human health effects. The Israeli creators only cared about applied information technologies that work reliably, efficiently and quickly. Safety concerns simply don’t matter as further indicated by the exceedingly reckless and dangerous 5G roll-out worldwide, except, that is, in Israel. See: Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed

Now, just imagine what it must be like to be cooped up in a patrol car all day long totally surrounded by a 4G and/or 5G energy field. Being exposed daily to such a constant and high output of electromagnetic frequencies and microwave transmissions is enough to do serious damage to any law enforcement officer, no matter how big and strong and tough.

What’s the critical point here?

A big city police officer in NYC or Chicago or LA is basically riding around all day long surrounded by a 5G power grid while sitting in front of a virtual Internet of Things. Not only is this EMR overwhelm their stark working reality, it’s getting substantially more intensified by the year.

*EMR = Electromagnetic Radiation

Just how harmful is this vehicle IT environment experienced to varying degrees by law enforcement officers in all 50 states? More importantly, what is causing so many good deputies to literally snap as the many YouTube videos clearly demonstrate? As follows:

Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

If the American people really understood what these well-meaning folks have to deal with every hour of every work day, there would be a sea change of attitude toward their difficult plight. Quite tragically, American law enforcement officers — NATIONWIDE — are now being forced into a predicament replete with “overwhelming technology” that then sets them up to do improper things. In some instances, these officers cannot help themselves … or don’t even know what they just did.

While there is never any excuse for a peace officer to take the life of an innocent civilian, many times a perfect storm seemingly comes out of nowhere and blows through an event that then spirals totally out of control. This can happen frequently — through no one’s fault — except, of course, in those cases where a real criminal brings it on him or her self.

CAVEAT: The transparently staged murder of George Floyd is NOT such an incident because it was meticulously engineered as a trigger event for the ensuing race riots as a lead up to a planned race war prior to Election Day. In other words, the shocking yet pre-planned killing of Floyd (if it’s not a complete hoax) could be likened to a geoengineered superstorm designed to trigger full-scale race riots throughout urban America in preparation for a future race war.

GEORGE FLOYD PSYOP: A Carefully Planned and Staged
Public Execution to Trigger a Race War

Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

There is a complex conspiratorial plot afoot to replace America’s local law enforcement apparatus.

This fundamentally communist plot is best described as Barack Hussein Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” which he first floated during the 2008 campaign season.

It’s of paramount important to know that the very first stratagem employed in nearly every violent revolution is the furtive takeover of the nation’s law enforcement at every level—municipal, county, state and federal.

The FBI and DOJ have already been completely usurped and/or co-opted; the states have likewise been taken over. However, the city police departments and county sheriff have yet to be overthrown. The county sheriffs are especially resolute about maintaining their independence from any and all initiatives that places American law enforcement under the UN umbrella. See: Maryland Sheriff Says It Will Be CIVIL WAR Before Gun Confiscation

However, that’s all changing fast now that the citizenry has experienced a deliberate campaign of ever-escalating levels of police brutality and outright murders. The blatant lack of justice dispensed by both the criminal and civil justice systems in the wake of these incidents only compounds the whole situation—DRAMATICALLY!

There are actually several stages of law enforcement and criminal justice system degradation which have been carefully managed by agents of Cultural Marxism over decades. This highly intentional Democrat plan to irreversibly erode America’s capability to control crime, administer justice and ensure the safety of its citizenry is only now coming to fruition.

Cultural Marxism

If the American people need to be aware of one malevolent force that is irreparably tearing apart the fabric of American society, it’s the utter devastation being wrought nationwide by Cultural Marxism.

Truly, it does not get any worse, or dangerous, than this particular ISM—Cultural Marxism. As a matter of historical fact, the purveyors of Cultural Marxism have proven time and again that the purposeful implementation of the cultural marxist agenda is a prelude to every color revolution and civil war, regional insurrection and government overthrow.

Sowing seeds of societal chaos and racial/political/religious/gender conflict, as the cultural marxists have perpetrated since Obama’s first inauguration is how they have conducted every revolution for the past 300 years. Even today The Obama Foundation is hard at work inciting race riots and fomenting racial discord within the body politic by disseminating memes like “This Is America”. The following excerpt was taken from a previous SOTN article titled: PROOF POSITIVE! These Fake Race Riots Were Pre-Planned Right Down to the Memes and Mottos.

SCREENSHOT: Singer Donald Glover mows down a church choir with an assault rifle in his video THIS IS AMERICA (Donald Glover/YouTube)

KEY POINT: The following tragic incident took place just 3 days after this article was published by SOTN. It provides a graphic example of how the communists both advance their cultural marxist agenda and perpetrate bolshevik violence against religion and spiritual messengers. Murder victim Tyra Phillips (Womack) was a Sunday Gospel Grace radio host who was senselessly gunned down in Democrat-run Baltimore, a city notorious for it high homicide rate and random violence. See: Obama’s “This Is America” Meme Created the Environment for this Terrible Tragedy!

What better way to radically inflame racial tensions and scare the populace crazy at the very same time than to instigate race riots while defunding police departments in the urban areas being destroyed by highly organized, secretly funded and well-armed race riot terrorists?

What some of the largest metro areas are now witnessing is a deliberate emasculation of law enforcement in an effort to create zones of anarchy and criminality where the newly installed warlord rules the lawless realm. See: CHAZgate: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Exposed in Riveting Detail (Video)

It’s important to note that an integral piece of the cultural marxist agenda during 2020 is to blow up every single white-on-black crime, injustice and transgression of any kind in an attempt to start a full-blown race war.

OPERATION RACE WAR: A Highly Organized Communist Plot
to Collapse the American Republic via CIVIL WAR 2.0

Just watch the headlines of the major MSM organs of propaganda and prevarication. There’s not a day that goes by where a racially charged episode somewhere in the United States is not completely distorted out of reality or taken out of context and then presented as heinous hate crime or stunning racial offense.

Patriots everywhere need to be extra careful and aware about this cultural marxist ploy to turn race against race, religion against religion, gender against gender, and politic against politic. These are the traditional tools and techniques of the “divide and conquer” strategy being utilized across America today with a vengeance by strategically positioned communist plotters (especially throughout Deep State). For when the citizenry is fighting each other so feverishly and furiously, that nations falls easily from within.

KEY POINT: Dramatic distraction of the populace is always a main objective for the globalists when things are not going according to their plan. THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC happens to be one of those disastrous attempts to enslave humanity that has gone seriously awry. Hence, The Powers That Be were compelled to do pull off a STAGED RACE WAR! Globalists Inflaming Racial Tensions After Heinous COVID-19 Crimes Exposed.


Although this exposé has focused primarily on the highly coordinated conspiracy being carried out by the New World Order globalist cabal to eviscerate American law enforcement, the real plot goes well beyond that immediate goal.

There is also a nefarious scheme being executed to destroy the U.S. Armed Forces so that the nation’s defenses are so compromised that our nation’s enemies will prevail in an armed conflict. The following radioactive exposé explains the true depth and breadth of that ongoing criminal conspiracy.

Who is actively attempting to destroy the U.S. Armed Force form within?

There is also a very crafty plot to weaken all first responders in America today. Firemen and emergency medical technicians, doctors and nurses and other personnel have been systematically compromised, weakened and/or debilitated over many years. Mandatory toxic vaccinations for some of these groups are a sure way to enervate the most needed among US during times of great urgency, natural disaster and manmade catastrophe. This is also why so many doctors and nurses refused to speak up about the geriatric genocide taking place on their watch; they were compromised by their overlords or handlers one way or another.

Lastly, for anyone who doubts the absolutely necessary and vital service provided by law enforcement at all levels in this country, please view the following excellent video.


While today’s police officers don’t always operate at the high standards conveyed in the preceding video, please understand that they are facing often overwhelming circumstances, horrendous conditions, unpredictable criminals, desperate citizens, treacherous politicos, and a public that’s always playing “Monday morning quarterback”.

KEY POINT: The FBI and DOJ, along with the C.I.A. are all beyond repair or
any type of meaningful rehabilitation. Here’s why: PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths and sociopaths

Bottom Line: We the People need our police more than ever. Likewise, these vital public servants need to serve the people more than ever, not their foreign masters whose hidden agenda is the final collapse of the American Republic. See: The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

State of the Nation
June 18, 2020

Editor’s Note

SOTN in no way condones the gross misconduct exhibited by some officers who are really just bad cops with a real bad attitude. However, those miscreants represent only a very small minority. Nevertheless, even a really good police officer can be triggered to act out of character given the severe working circumstances outlined above. This worsening state of affairs must be responded to post-haste if there is to any peace and/or reconciliation in the USA.

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