Highly Calculated Assassination Plot Against Trump Exposed


State of the Nation

The Atlantic, an ultra-liberal magazine owned by an extreme liberal — Laurene Powell Jobs — recently published a hit piece on President Donald Trump.  The culpable Editor-in-Chief is another far-Left progressive, Jeffrey Goldberg.

This hit piece was no ordinary one; rather, it was a single part of a highly elaborate scheme to mortally wound the POTUS with an exceedingly fatal, yet utterly false, defamation of character story.

As soon as The Atlantic released their libelous weapon at Trump, the rest of the mainstream media (MSM) kicked into high gear – WITH EXTRAORDINARY ZEAL – disseminating the most injurious excerpts.

None of the major print or video media companies even attempted to confirm the allegations; they just ran with the most inflammatory and damaging quotes they could quickly post on their Internet platforms.

Such an obvious attempt to take down a sitting POTUS with patently false and exceptionally derogatory information has never happened like this before.

Yes, there’s always a LOT of mud thrown in every direction during every campaign season, but never such a preplanned and deliberate act of character assassination as The Atlantic’s vicious hit piece.

Character Assassination Strategy

Everyone and their brother knew full well the fabricated article was entirely made up by the MSM in close collaboration with their Deep State co-conspirators.  Nevertheless, the vast majority of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media immediately sang out the same sordid song solemnly treating it as a ‘very serious’ story.

Even a cursory examination of how the events unfolded around this highly organized character assassination plot reveals that key MSM platforms were willing disseminators of the falsehoods.  You could actually see the TV anchors gloat during the initial period when no one took any time to validate even a single accusation.

It was as though each talking head and author was given their cue to pounce on Trump for something that clearly did not even take place.  Piling on as they did in such a coordinated fashion provided further evidence that this assassination plan was meticulously choreographed.

ATLANTICgate: The Highly Coordinated and Malicious Attack
on President Trump by Deep State and MSM

What we’re really dealing with here are utterly fake journalists who have absolutely no conscience.  Each and every one of them knew exactly what they were doing—purposefully assassinating a candidate for President of the United States of America with the explicit intention to ensure his defeat on Election Day.

Now consider the following important excerpt from a previous SOTN featured post.

The last thing the Left will permit to happen at this advanced stage of their Purple Revolution is for impressive Patriot leaders to emerge.  Cultural Marxism cannot tolerate a strong conservative voice to be heard anywhere near any of their painstakingly established “Sodom and Gomorrahs”.  This is why both New York City and Philadelphia are now virtually Patriot-free zones in 2020.  The limousine liberals so control those metro areas that any high-profile Patriots can easily be taken out without so much as an investigation.

It’s critical to understand that character assassination is also a big piece of the cultural marxist agenda to forever destroy the United States of America.  By relentlessly denigrating a sitting POTUS, they are also weakening the highest office in the land as well as profoundly undermining the foundation of this constitutional republic.
(Source: OPERATION EXTERMINATE PATRIOTS—Who’s really behind it?)


Every career criminal involved in this CIA black operation and Deep State psyop ought to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law—post-haste.  Otherwise, every U.S. citizen will be vulnerable to the same type of malicious character assassination, anytime, anywhere and anyway the perpetrators want to publicly execute their victim(s).  Yes, this has always been the status quo everyone knows, but now is the time to fix the problem. See: The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down And/Or Taken Over Post-Haste

Of course, their much larger goal of rigging the 2020 POTUS election is of particular concern.  The very wealthy liberal elites such as Steve Jobs widowed wife — Laurene Powell Jobs — really do feel they can fix the outcome of any election they so choose.  And, that they can literally get away with assassination IN BROAD DAYLIGHT…and not just character assassination.

When The Atlantic published their hit piece, they quite knowingly put a target on Trump’s back.  Service members, both past and present — from all 6 of the United States Armed Forces — who have either read the libelous article or heard so much slanderous commentary, will be inevitably be affected by the fake statements.  How any one of them reacts could have severe consequences for Trump; and if not today then whenever he leaves high office.

State of the Nation
September 9, 2020

Editor’s Note: Even though The Atlantic article has been unequivocally proven to be untrue, the guilty editor — Jeffery Goldberg — has yet to remove it form their website.  See the link here: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/09/trump-americans-who-died-at-war-are-losers-and-suckers/615997/

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