COVID KILL SHOT: Either Murder by Lethal Injection or Vaccine Injury via Bioweapon Jab

Once the U.S. Federal Government and Big
violated our personal sovereignty
with obvious intent to harm or kill… … …

… … …the American people have every
legitimate reason, God-given right,
constitutional power, inalienable liberty
and lawful authority to fight against those
criminal entities for the sake of self-defense
and/or self-preservation.

— SOTN Editors

Any citizenry that permits any government — at any level — to routinely violate its personal sovereignty, without responding with great force and determination to terminate those illicit assaults, invariably forfeits their freedom that guarantees “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

This is exactly where
the U.S. citizenry
finds itself today.

The illegal assaults and unjust intrusions against our person and property, respectively, demand that the American people collectively rise up against this terrible tyranny known as the Government-Corporate Complex where the United States Government and Big Pharma are the primary perpetrators.

Because of the extreme urgency, due to the mass murders, serious illness and critical injury caused by the various COVID-19 vaccines, the populace of this nation has every right to defend itself with great vigor and in any way necessary to include the use of firearms and other deadly weapons.

MEDICIDE: How American Hospitals and Doctors
Methodically Murdered Covid Patients

The Swamp inside the Beltway is guilty of so many transgressions against the American people they are too many to list and too grave to detail.  However, the bioengineered Covid pandemic and lethal vaccines represent an exceedingly grave threat to everyone in the USA and must be decisively dealt with post-haste before it’s simply too late to do so in any meaningful way. See: THE GREAT COVID-19 VACCINE CRIMINAL COVER-UP

The U.S. government’s preplanned responses to the wholly manufactured Plandemic are every bit as bad as the unending series of bioterrorism carried out by known state actors and their well concealed bioterrorist proxies.  Each official governmental act throughout the execution of OPERATION COVID-19 represents the classic MO of the Hegelian Dialectic where the Problem~Reaction~Solution strategy is used to artificially manufacture consent that really amounts to outright coercion and extortion, bribery and blackmail.

The naked collusion between the U.S. government and Big Pharma to vaccinate the entire population with extremely dangerous and deadly injections only adds insult to this epic injury.  Only by deliberately withholding effective treatments for COVID-19 were the perpetrators able to roll out those highly experimental vaccines under the FDA’s “Emergency Authorization Use” approval system.  To add even more insult to these intentionally inflicted vaccine injuries, Big Pharma is pushing for a third booster shot this year which appears to really be the KILL SHOT. See: 3rd Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose ‘Likely’ Needed Within a Year, CEO Say

In light of these and numerous other incriminating actions and damning initiatives taken by government at every level across America, it’s now clear that both genocide and debilitation is the real plan.  Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty that We the People have been made the victim of:

But what can We the People do about this highly premeditated international criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder and vaccine injury at this late hour?  As follows:

“The grand jury is the most powerful law enforcement agency
known in human history” — It’s time to use it!


The entire planetary civilization is now either witnessing or experiencing nothing short of a slow-motion Extinction Level Event (ELE).

What very few folks realize is that the more momentum this ELE gains, the more every single resident of planet Earth will be inexorably sucked into the black hole of Covid craziness and mania defined by lockdowns and mandates, testing and vaccines, face masks and social distancing, quarantines and sheltering-in-place, business closures and curfews, immunity passports and certificates, etc., etc., etc.

Therefore, the time to strenuously resist every aspect of this satanic implementation of the New World Order globalist agenda is right now.  Not tomorrow—NOW!  Because if a critical mass of US do not stop this Covid madness here and now, there won’t be a tomorrow.


State of the Nation
April 21, 2021

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