The Fanatical Push to Covid Jab
Every Person
on the Planet Proves
a Highly Organized Conspiracy
to Commit Global Genocide
and Depopulate the Earth

State of the Nation

What else needs to be said?  The entire human race is currently under the most vicious and lethal medical assault ever perpetrated in world history.

It is literally THEM (1%) against US (99%).

Their war on humanity is quite simple: Either stealthily kill as many as possible with the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid injections; or sicken and debilitate the survivors with lifelong disease and harmful toxicities.

In this way the psychopathic Covid criminals intend to usurp our personal sovereignty, repeatedly, using medical rape by administering multiple COVID-19 vaccine doses each year for the rest of our lives.

We’re dealing with serial medical rapists where each act of rape serves to further undermine our personal sovereignty… … …for those who are not genocided.

Truly, it all comes down to the 1% usurping the personal sovereignty of the 99%.  The perps know that destroying national sovereignty is easy when the personal sovereignty a critical mass of citizens has been successfully invaded by the poisonous COVID-19 shots.

From day one, the very purpose of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda has been to irreversibly subvert our personal sovereignty.  The Covid criminals know full well that the best way to achieve that New World Order globalist goal is to inject us with what is essentially the “Mark of the Beast”.

Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to resist any and all attempts to vitiate our personal sovereignty via the profoundly pernicious Covid ‘vaccines’.

The bottom line is that where the integrity of the collective personal sovereignty has been sufficiently compromised, the national sovereignty will likewise be eroded beyond a point of no return.  The American Republic will then collapse from within as we are all seeing right now.

Action Plan

The FDA must not be permitted to approved any of the injurious COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.  Just how fatal and injurious are these injections? See: VAERS: Covid Injections Cause 11,000 Deaths & 48,385 Serious Injuries According to CDC

What can We the People do to prevent the FDA from unlawfully approving the lethal Covid injections?

Please read this and then pass it on:

FDA Approval of Covid Vaccines Must Be Rejected—
Here’s Why!

State of the Nation
July 17, 2021

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