Submitted by The Armchair Prophet
SOTN Exclusive

Every once in a great while the world hits a wall.  A VERY BIG WALL!

That time is right now.

But why?

Why now?

What brought all of humanity to such a precarious point of existence?

The entire planetary civilization has been in an ever-accelerating downward spiral for many decades, as everyone should know.

Disconnection from God, from Spirit, from Source, from the Supreme Being is at an all-time high.

How could Supreme Consciousness not be acutely aware of this ever-worsening plight?

This predicament is simply part of a regular cycle that every race of humanity has experienced down through the ages.

Now, with the advent of the Covid Plandemic, the whole world has been put on notice.

The descent into godlessness and lawlessness will no longer be tolerated.

Accordingly, a great HOLOCAUST was set in motion.

A holocaust is a burned offering — a sacrifice.

Because so few human beings across the planet were really willing to make the necessary sacrifices to change global society for the better, the sacrifice has been sanctioned from ON HIGH.

Nothing ever truly good happens on planet Earth except through some form of noble sacrifice.

That’s the way it’s always been; that’s the way it will always be.

In 2020, because of the lack of self-sacrificing souls, the Highest Power has permitted the forces of darkness to run roughshod over the world community of nations.

But look closely at which countries have felt the brunt of the ruthless Covid tyranny.

These are the nations which have strayed the furthest from truth and justice.

They are also the nations that have projected their military power upon the weak; and polluted the rest of the world with their “godlessness and lawlessness” the most.

Hence, a divine decree was issued to carry out an immense and overwhelming sacrifice; perhaps the greatest one ever performed on Earth.

However, very few of the Covid sacrificial lambs have entered the fire of their own accord.

Nevertheless, because a great HOLOCAUST has been ordained in order to redeem the human race, the Covid sacrifice was allowed to proceed with all deliberate speed.

Everything caused by COVID-19 and the various Covid vaccines are tantamount to “The Great Global Holocaust of the Third Millennium”.

All of the pain and suffering, adversity and agony, trials and tribulations are a part of the HOLOCAUST.

A sacrificial lamb is always white and pure and innocent.  That’s why it is chosen to be offered as a stainless and acceptable sacrifice.

Since January of 2020, consider exactly who have been the Covid sacrificial victims.

First there was the “Geriatric Genocide” of the unaware elderly.

Then there were those with comorbidities who were led like sheep to the slaughter.

Next, we saw the strong and healthy succumb due to their unique physical and psychological vulnerabilities.

Once the ‘vaccines’ were rolled out, the fatal blood clots have taken down so many.

Younger males have fallen due to deadly heart complications.

Now the children are dropping like flies due to the lethal killshots.

This list will go on, and on, and on, until the HOLOCAUST has been completed.

Until the people rise up in righteous indignation and put a stop to so much institutional evil, this HOLOCAUST will continue to burn around the globe.

Just look at what happened to the de facto capital of the Empire State — New York City — shortly after infanticide was legalized by that state and celebrated in NYC with great fanfare and festivities.

“The City That Never Sleeps” was quickly transformed into the “City That Can No Longer Sleep” in the face of so much manufactured Covid chaos, confusion and conflict.

Now take a close look at the other major city of today’s “Sodom and Gomorrah”—Los Angeles.

LA just made the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid shots mandatory for all school children.

Now look at London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Sydney and Rome.  Look at all of Italy (and Australia), for that matter, and it’s clear where the sacrificial fire — the great HOLOCAUST — is being conducted with divine purpose.

People, wake up! The time is drawing nigh!

Universal law tells us that,
when true and urgent sacrifice
is avoided like the plague,
the plague comes nonetheless…
and with a vengeance.

The Armchair Prophet
State of the Nation
September 19, 2021

Author’s Note

The next prophetic piece in this Covid series is: “Satan’s not in charge, GOD is.”

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