COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATES: Imposed by the POTUS Tyrant to Irreparably Destroy the American Republic

Secret One World Government Using Compulsory
Covid Injections  to Depopulate Planet Earth and
Enslave the Remaining Humanity.

State of the Nation

There is now no doubt whatsoever that the Joe Biden was criminally installed in the White House to carry out his final act of profound betrayal against the American people.

Biden’s NWO globalist paymasters and Deep State handlers knew that real “Creepy Joe” would do absolutely anything he was told to do.  ANYTHING!!!

Biden’s Pedogate controllers know that they have enough hard evidence on both him and his son Hunter that he would be a completely owned POTUS imposter.  And so he is.

Biden will undoubtedly go down in U.S. history as the most hated and reviled and despised and loathed and abhorred—EVER!  And do you know what: he couldn’t care less.

His career-long masters set him up to be the most despicable politician of his generation.  That’s why he was selected to be Obama’s running mate.  Who better to ensure the building of the Obamanation?!

It’s clear that Biden even revels in his current role as a full-blown bioterrorist and genocidal maniac.  He knows that half the body politic detests him; and that the other half is soon to follow.  Hence, he relishes his role to take down the country out of spite and revenge for all the hate that justifiably comes his way.

Remember: his handlers quite purposefully set Biden up to steal the 2020 election — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — so that his reputation would be firmly established as a shameless election thief.

Even many Democrats and Liberals, Progressives and Socialists, Marxists and Communists are aware of Biden’s outright theft of the election.  And, the more presidential initiatives Biden takes to poison them with an extremely dangerous and deadly Covid jab, the more quickly his base is leaving the liberal reservation—FOREVER.

At the end of the day, Biden will have no one in his corner, so hated will he be.  But this psyop was all meticulously engineered with highly purposeful design…every step of the way

Biden is obviously damaged goods and soon to be jettisoned … after he has inflicted as much damage on the American Republic as possible.  Then closet bolshevik and cultural marxist Kamala Harris will be shoehorned into the Oval Office to finish off the Republic via the execution of her NWO-dictated communist plan.  But, first, they must conduct a nationwide genocide in order to sufficiently sow seeds of maximum chaos, confusion and conflict everywhere and anywhere.

Have COVID vaccines killed 200,000 Americans?


What better way to irreparably destroy the American Republic that to foist Covid vaccine mandates on all 50 states.

This entire presidential genocidal enterprise is so daffy and demented, deranged and demonic only a “Joe Biden” would do it.  Who else would want to be known as the greatest mass murderer in human history?!?!

In point of fact, Biden’s patently unlawful and unconstitutional Executive Orders on mandates are all destined to be reversed or ignored or fought or terminated; and much sooner than later.  Otherwise, it’s nothing but war.

With this single act of national destruction, Biden has unleashed the societal dogs of war in a manner that will come back to bite him so badly his presidency will crash and burn in a D.C. flash.

Of course, his masters really do believe they can just throw him away and all will be fine with Harris at the helm.  They must have forgotten that the entire Right knows that she is a hardcore election thief as well.  And, that Kamala is perhaps a more treacherous politico that Biden.

Nevertheless these two communist clowns are being used to demolish the United States of American in real time.  The pervasive business destruction alone, especially of small and midsize companies, is such that they are dropping like flies under all the pressures exerted by the never-ending Covid tyranny.

Proof of a Highly Organized Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Genocide

The good news is that We the People now have irrefutable proof of the collective intention to commit genocide.

Not only that, but reams of indisputable evidence now exist for everyone to see that demonstrates a vast and highly coordinated cover-up.  An ongoing cover-up that will have to be perpetual if the Covid criminals are to escape prosecution and severe punishments.

While this Covid criminal conspiracy to commit genocide does directly involve virtually every government at every level throughout the USA, it also involves nearly every Fortune 10,000 corporation.  Likewise, every healthcare corporation and scientific research institution, state university system and major private college, as well as every mainstream media corporation have colluded in carrying out THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.

Therefore, the American people are presented with an extraordinary opportunity to clean house as never before.  In fact, the Nuremberg Code was established exactly for this defining moment in world history.

In light of these and many other stark and grim realities, it’s clearly time to take back the American Republic from those who have been stealing it since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  But first we have to expeditiously apprehend and jail the perpetrators of this unparalleled crime against humanity.  As follows:


State of the Nation
September 30, 2021

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