THE FOURTH TURNING: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!




People, what we are all either experiencing or
witnessing is a highly premeditated and organized criminal conspiracy to commit global genocide,
trigger national collapse, foist a transhumanistic
agenda on the entire human race, and debilitate
permanently the non-cooperative elements of

Submitted by Cosmic Convergence Research Group
SOTN Exclusive

It ought to be intuitively obvious to everyone by now that such a “highly organized” scheme to commit global genocide — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — has been on the drawing board for several decades.

And, that the “Central Organizing Principle” of those earthly powers who reside at the peak of the pinnacle of this criminal conspiracy is nothing short of total world domination.

In light of this stark reality, every inhabitant of planet Earth should be acutely aware that humankind is now fully engaged in the last battle of the final war between the forces of light and forces of darkness.

Given what is truly at stake, it has never been so imperative that the righteous Patriots among US understand who the real enemy is.  In the absence of this crisp and clear understanding, this epochal war cannot even be fought.

If you don’t know who your real enemy is,
how can you even fight the war?!

In view of the vital information imparted by the preceding exposé, folks need to correctly comprehend that winning this war will require a herculean effort and extraordinary degree of sacrifice FROM EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

Nothing really good and enduring ever takes place on this Earth plane of existence without sacrifice—REAL SACRIFICE.  This is especially true at the very end of the age as we find ourselves now.

This present race of humanity is now faced with a challenge of its own making.  In point of fact, every nation, to varying degrees, has greatly compromised its core values and foundational principles of righteous governance out of extreme and irrational fear.  Such an unacceptable state of affairs simply cannot continue.

Hence, citizenries everywhere are now undergoing even more draconian lockdowns and deadly vaccine mandates.  Each of these unlawful and tyrannical dictates are direct assaults on the personal sovereignty of every citizen, as well as invasions of national sovereignty because they are being secretly imposed by foreign powers from outside of each country’s government.


So, where are we going with this critical piece of revelation and realization?

Whereas the New World Order globalist cabal and their hidden One World Government appear to be the real enemy here, the first enemy we must confront on this cosmic battlefield is ourselves.  For only by facing and moving through the fears and anxieties that challenge us all can we get on the larger battlefield that is quickly taking shape around the world.

For anyone who is ready to take a close look at what that much bigger battlefield looks like, the following crucial extended essay lays it all out in graphic detail.  This essay is so exceedingly urgent for every one of US to completely understand that we cannot overstate the necessity of sending it out everywhere.  Post it everywhere. Excerpt it, copy it, email it.  Get it out however you can today, not tomorrow.


In closing, to quote from the link above:

“We are in the midst of a civil war, with only the bad guy’s waging battle against the Constitution, our freedoms, our liberties, and the societal norms which have formed the foundation of our country since 1776. Thus far, there has been little to no push back from the good guys. The outcome of this Fourth Turning hinges upon the willingness of a minority of like-minded, critical thinking, dissenting Americans to stand-up and stop these evil men from turning our country into tyrannical techno-gulag of oppression.”

Dear Reader, where exactly are you in this final fight to the finish?  If you’re still reading this post, then you are most certainly on the right side of the battlefield.  However, it has never been so essential to the cause — the only CAUSE that matters right now to every human being —  to do your absolute bloody best in getting on your battlefield, no matter where it is or how dangerous it is.

Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, move quickly and decisively through the fear of rejection by:

Taking back your power from whomever has stolen it.

Then, firmly stand in your own truth and conviction.

Finally, speak that truth to power like there’s no tomorrow…    

… because if you don’t, there won’t be a tomorrow… … …for any of US.  Got it?!?!?!

State of the Nation
October 23, 2021

SOTN Editor’s Note:

“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.”
– Strauss & Howe (Excerpt from The Fourth Turning)

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