RED ALERT!!! Every Covid vaccinated person must watch this video……

… so they know how to properly deal with certain
precarious circumstances, as well as manage any
new medical ailments and/or health conditions
triggered by the highly pernicious CV19 injections.

State of the Nation

SPECIAL NOTE From The Covid Coach:

As a COVID-19 Coach and Covid Vaccine Consultant, I have had many clients who have experienced a broad range of serious vaccine injuries including vax-induced death.

The most serious issue concerning this worldwide predicament is the pervasive ignorance regarding what is truly the greatest MANMADE public health disaster in human history.  In other words, very few vaxxed individuals really understand what has been injected into them WITHOUT THEIR EXPLICIT CONSENT.  They are completely uninformed about the highly toxic ingredients and detrimental nanobot biotechnology that courses through their circulatory systems.

Coaching in 24 times zones around the globe, I can say that the various physical consequences, both chronic and acute, which are directly related to the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid injections, are unknown to the vast majority of vaccinated folks.  Hence, these unaware souls are living their lives in the same way they always have, completely oblivious to the things in their lifestyle, workstyle and playstyle which could trigger a fatal disease process, suddenly bring about a physical collapse, or cause an instantaneous death without any warning.

As an Integrative Health Consultant to many people around the world for decades, it’s now quite clear how many vaxxed clients have undergone significant changes in their overall health profile.  Some, especially our cancer patients, have seen extraordinary recurrence rates of their cancers as well as other dramatic disease developments since their Covid vaccinations and boosters.  In general, the more of these harmful shots they received, the more medical complaints they have.  Many of these concern completely new medical problems that did not exist prior to the vaccines/boosters.

Lastly, in view of these various symptoms, novel maladies and strange disorders which I have observed since the implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, it is now evident that these experimental injections contain extremely hazardous ingredients and newfangled biotech constituents which are best explained by the following very IMPORTANT video.

Please do NOT send this video to family or friends or co-workers or other acquaintances who have been Covid vaccinated (especially the blissfully ignorance); for many might go into shock, a complete panic, or even try to commit suicide.  Rather, please try to very gently awaken them to the perils that they face, particularly those who have a risky lifestyle or multiple comorbidities or demanding jobs or oppressive drug regimens which put them at great risk for what are now known as a VAX ATTACK and/or VAXXIDENT.

Submitted by The Covid Coach
State of the Nation
October 26, 2022

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