PROJECT BLUE BEAM: Coming to a sky near you!

Khazarian Cabal’s Crazy Convoluted
Global Scheme of Distraction, Diversion
and Misdirection during the Great Reset

SOTN Editor’s Note: Beware, folks, everything is now pointing to the implausible and ridiculous execution of NASA’s long-planned PROJECT BLUE BEAM (PBB).  In point of fact, NASA, DARPA and the C.I.A. have poured trillions of dollars (taxpayers’) into producing what they expect to become “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH”—EVER!!!  And, the worldwide theater is coming to a sky near you—FOR REAL!

Brought to you by NASA (Video)

The Khazarian Cabal has never been so desperate, and in dire need to, distract, divert and misdirect as they are right now.  Truly, THE TRIAD is facing a massive mutiny of scared minions across the planet.

But why?! 

THR GREAT SCAMDEMIC has been exposed in shocking detail.  Not only has the Covid killshot/clotshot been completely laid bare, so has the highly classified DoD plan to perpetrate a full-scale biowar against the American people.  Similarly, the true Zio-Anglo-American origin of the COVID-19 bioweapon (aka SARS-CoV-2) has also been revealed in glaring detail.

Even more than the stunningly criminal Covid clusterf*ck, the Khazarians know that the wheels are coming off the biggest 18-wheeler of all (read: Global Economic & Financial System) ever fabricated under the sun.  They’re also well aware that once their semi crashes and burns right into their existing WW3 train wreck (read: Ukraine War), everything changes in a day and a night.

Will Project Blue Beam begin after OPERATION COVID-19
crashes and burns?!

In other words, the Khazarian Cabal has never been in so much need of fastidiously choreographed and highly captivating events in order to generate maximum DISTRACTION, DIVERSION and MISDIRECTION throughout the entire planetary civilization.  For only in this way can they continue to carry out and cover up their myriad national crimes sprees and global crime waves relatively undetected by the masses.

Be aware: this meticulously orchestrated “Alien Invasion” has been planned for many decades going back to the 1913-1917 time frame.  So the perps have had a LOT of time to write the scripts, design the sets, make the costumes, select the crisis actors, choose the right directors, etc.  Remember, this is the very same Khazarian Cabal that brought us the  9/11 terror attacks production.  Much more significantly, they have pulled off THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC with extraordinary success…so far, that is.

However, even the most experienced Motion Picture Industry insiders (they’re all CIA operatives), as well as the PBB-initiated long-time watchers of all the great Hollywood disaster film epics, agree that PROJECT BLUE BEAM is way beyond being just the most “Operazione Maggiore” OF ALL TIME.  If the Khazarian crazies do push the button on PBB, it will go down in history as not only the greatest fail EVER, it will guarantee the end of their multi-millennial reign of terror—FOREVER.

People of planet Earth: This really is the BIG ONE, after which there is nothing bigger to do since the Khazarian perps will either be hanged live on the Internet for attempting the greatest hoax and crime against humanity in human history … … … or they’ll be running the new One World Government from their capital in Jerusalem, which will be formed to defend all of humanity from the ongoing, exceedingly ‘frightening’ and ever-changing onslaughts, each being a new episode from their transparently staged BPP ‘alien invasion’ mega-production.

These are the 4 major phases of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether the episodes of each new season follow the tightly scheduled script as researched and written about by Serge Monast.  The impressively brave Monast was a Canadian investigative journalist and prolific conspiracy realist who was, first, falsely arrested and, then, killed after he published the most extensive exposé ever produced on PROJECT BLUE BEAM.  As follows:

Here’s what you need to know

Bottom Line: Only the incorrigibly corrupt, criminally insane and recklessly psychopathic Khazarian Cabal would ever even fantasize about such a monumentally brazen stunt, much less try to pull off PBB.  That’s because their hallmark chutzpah is born out of a never-ending state extreme arrogance and profound ignorance.  Nonetheless, and in spite of certain failure, their primary desire is to play God while they’re not burning in the Lake of Fire for eternity.  For the Khazarians insanely believe that, by producing PBB and then ruling the world via a totalitarian and satanic One World Government, they will somehow be worshiped as a god by the rest of the human race.

N.B. The following excerpt provides just a glimpse into the wild and wacky future, should these Khazarian wackadoodles get the cameras rolling around the globe to project their very special PBB catastrophe series on the planetary sky screen.

End game nears as Khazarian Mafia pulls fake invasion card

By Benjamin Fulford

It looks like the Khazarian Mafia is finally launching their Project Blue Beam fake alien invasion with all these public “UFO shoot-downs.” This is just part of an ongoing space opera in the KM-controlled media. You can see 10 videos that are part of this show at the link below.

It would be funny except that the KM’s track record means they are likely planning to blame mass murders of civilians on ‘aliens’.

Continue reading at:


There has been an unprecedented spate of UFO appearances across America and the world lately by purposeful design.  These UFOs and so-called alien sightings, as well as military encounters with strange spacecraft followed by announcements from the Department of Defense regarding “unidentified anomalous phenomena“, are all clearly a part of the covert PBB plan.

Of course, in 2023 the American people have been treated to a string of purported ‘spy balloons’ with one being sensationally shot down off the Atlantic seaboard.  Other balloons and floating unidentified objects have since been observed with very little official information about their origin.  What better way to prepare the populace for the upcoming ‘alien invasion’.

In view of the extraordinary amount of space and time given to this rapidly unfolding psyop by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, it ought to be quite obvious that a HUGE conspiratorial plot is afoot.  POTUS imposter Biden’s behavior has been especially odd as his official responses to these events border on the preposterous.  Which is most likely why they criminally installed him into the Oval Oval at this critical time.

Honestly, what other US president would ever have played along with such an absurd script?!  Not only that, but Biden’s handlers tell him nothing about the real plot so he’s always flying blind into the unknown as his masters create the next PBB episode.  Similarly, all the Bidenistas inside the Beltway simply follow their totally blind leader wherever the Khazarian Cabal so dictates.  And then the whole Left follows like lemmings running blindly over the cliff just as they did by getting Covid super-vaccinated with an exceedingly dangerous and deadly jab.

Surely, this is why both OPERATION COVID-19 and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda have been implemented over the past three plus years; for only a compliant and obedient citizenry will react accordingly to the PBB psyop so the rest of the New World Order plan can be accomplished with all deliberate speed.  For it is speed and surprise that the Khazarian perpetrators are counting on in order to swiftly execute the Great Reset and foist a One World Government on the world community of nations.

State of the Nation
February 17, 2023

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