The Greatest Success Ever Achieved
by the Alt Media in World History

The following graph says it all

State of the Nation

The graph below representing the “Daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date” demonstrates just how successful the truth-telling by the alternative media has been since the various Covid ‘vaccines’ were first recklessly and perilously rolled out on December 11, 2020.

Yes, many folks have been vaccinated worldwide — well over 13.32 billion doses administered thus far — but a vast majority of them will never receive another vaccination again…ANY VACCINE WHATSOEVER.

13.32 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Injections Have Been
Administered to 5.55 Billion Victims as of March 1, 2023

Just take a close look at the graph above marking the February 27th date of 2023.  Had the Covid injection perpetrators had their way, they would have administered these extremely dangerous and deadly shots at the same level as they did throughout 2021.

In point of fact, the genocidal perps were set to roll out one Covid scariant after another in order to stampede populations everywhere into a pen of annual Covid vaccination compliance.  In other words, they would have had us all taking 3 or 4 Covid jabs each and every year for the rest of our lives.

KEY POINTS: The Khazarian Cabal’s original goal was the continuous administration of the lethal Covid mRNA ‘vaccines’ straight through this decade.  In other words, the graph shown above was meant to plateau at 40 million jabs until 2030.  Instead, because of the aggressive truth-writing and truth-speaking by the Alt Media, the trajectory of Covid vaccinations is very quickly going to zero.  Why?  Because citizenries across the planet are being bombarded daily with stories of “Died Suddenly” events occurring immediately after vaccinations.  Just like SIDS, SADS has become the biggest (and baddest) joke on Earth.  Thanks to the Internet operating at full tilt, as well as “the six degrees of separation”, everyone now knows many people who have suffered both vaccine-induced injuries and/or death.  The same folks who were deathly afraid of the so-called coronavirus are now much more frightened about the horrifying adverse side effects of Covid injections.  Some of them are so scared to death of their 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 Covid shots they are using their YouTube channels and WordPress blogs and Twitter accounts and Facebook pages and Instagram photos and Snapchat messages and TikTok clips to warn others while blasting the various authorities who criminally conspired to deliberately poison them.  All of these and other major developments are having an overwhelming cumulative effect on the collective consciousness of humanity which will surely serve to terminate the entire genocidal vax scheme much sooner than later.

Unintended Benefit

In light of the Covid ‘vaccine’ fiasco, this is the first time in US history that a rapidly increasing number of American adults have firmly rejected their annual flu vaccination.  Many of them are now justifiably suspicious of the mRNA biotechnology that is now being used in all Big Pharma-manufactured ‘vaccines’.

Similarly, countless parents across the USA will never permit their children to be vaccinated again, which is why homeschooling is exploding in all 50 states.  The childhood vaccination schedules are also soon to be a thing of the past.

Needless to say, not only did the Alt Media stop the Covid bioterrorists from fully implementing their Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, we have thrown a HUGE wrench in Big Pharma’s global vaccine juggernaut as well.  Africa and Asia are no longer falling for the Bill Gates’-owned W.H.O. vaccination programs which have cause so much unnecessary disease and death worldwide.

In fact, people on every continent are realizing that the “U.S. Government and Big Pharma Corporations Have Been Conducting Nazi Medical Experiments Worldwide” for several decades.

THE VACCINE CONSPIRACY: U.S. Government Colludes
With Big Pharma To Poison The American People

Were it not for the swift and fierce and courageous response by the citizen-driven alternative media, these awesome outcomes would never have occurred.

SOTN role

SOTN is quite honored to have served with the best and the brightest journalism stars in the Alt Media firmament since the launch of OPERATION COVID-19 and Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Not only did this media platform post numerous articles such as this one:


SOTN also posted the very first Covid exposé on the Internet on January 22, 2020 on the same day that Wuhan, China first appeared in the mainstream media.  Here’s the sentence that alerted the world community of nations of what they would all soon be facing.

“People, everything points to this bio-terror attack being the BIG ONE (also known as the global depopulation scheme we’ve all been waiting for).”

In that first groundbreaking article ever written about the Covid Plandemic conspiracy, SOTN exposed the Covid Super-Vaccination Agenda which has come to pass with striking accuracy. See: WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

It’s interesting to note that the preceding link was by far the most read post in SOTN history receiving hundreds of thousands of hits, whereupon it was quickly censored by Google and most of the other search engines.  Nevertheless, the Covid “Mandatory Vaccination Scheme” had already been exposed via the Covid Super-Vaccination Agenda meme which spread like wildfire.

In point of fact, since the fourth week of January of 2020, the rest of the Alt Media was lying in wait for the weaponized Covid injections to be rolled out.  Ever since then we have all been relentless in exposing the most wide-ranging depopulation scheme in recorded history.

But perhaps the greatest SOTN achievement concerns the game-changing open letter sent by our Tallahassee office to Gov. Ron DeSantis.  This hard-hitting political initiative radically changed the course of COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ history in Florida as it continues to throughout the nation.

FLASHBACK: The “Open Letter” That Changed Florida’s
Response to COVID-19 & Covid ‘Vaccines’

Similarly, multiple Alt Media platforms in each country have been quite effective at revealing the many highly planned criminal conspiracies to commit genocide of their national populations via the vaxx.  These radioactive revelations were then followed by an unparalleled sharing of Covid ‘vaccine’ data and information so that our alternative World Wide Web was used as an exceedingly powerful and pervasive weapon of vaxx truth.

Bottom Line: WE DID IT  And for anyone who seriously doubts this epic life-saving success, please take another look at this graph.


Don’t ever underestimate the power and influence of even a single voice crying in the wilderness.

On the flip side, the Alt Media now poses a formidable countervailing force to the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.  We collectively attained that position of great power by leveraging the Internet to the max.

Many of us wake up every day and release a thousand flaming arrows into the Deep State castle even before our morning coffee or tea.  As a result of this daily exercise we the castle is burning down and the Khazarian perps are literally fleeing in every direction even turning on each other.

The NWO globalist cabal never imagined that the Alt Media would become so effective at turning the tide of history.  Which means that the all-powerful Khazarian Cabal will take radical measures this year to offset our successes.

Nonetheless, the Khazarians can never put the Covid vax genie back in the bottle.  Thank goodness they were arrogant and ignorant enough to give us the Internet which they planned to use to exert complete command and control over the entire planetary civilization.

Talk about “a HUGE wrench thrown in their COVID-19 juggernaut”!  Perhaps the Alt Media is now destined to reign supreme across the land for telling the people the truth while the mainstream media only lied and deceived folks to their early deaths.

State of the Nation
March 6, 2023

Graph source: https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations?country=OWID_WRL

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