MEGA-HOAX!!! “Show Us The Blood, Show Us The Bodies, Show Us The Death Certificates, Show Us The Names Of The Hostages”

Did we all just witness the biggest
(i) FAKE false flag attacks and
(ii) terrorist operation HOAX
in world history?

Submitted by The Israel Watchman
SOTN Exclusive

Sorry, but this whole thing stinks to high heaven!

Honestly, there’s something very wrong with every piece of the story.

If there’s one country on Earth that could and would stage a hoax like the one that may have just occurred in Israel on October 7th, the apartheid state of Israel is it.

No other nation on the planet has the chutzpah or capability to stage such a hoax in broad daylight; and then get away with it.

As far as we’re concerned, this whole false flag attack and terror op needs to be completely re-examined.  Because it just may be that all we’ve been seeing are videos produced in Hollywood by the Khazarian-owned and operated film companies.

Of course, the Khazarian perps also employed plenty of Israeli crisis actors whenever footage was filmed in Israel for an authentic feel and dramatic effect.

What’s our problem?

First, you have so much instantaneously manufactured melodrama on super steroids, at every turn of events, such as seen by the hyper-sensationalized headlines in the following link:

After the Khazarians staged the HOLOHOAX & 9/11, how can anyone believe any of these highly melodramatic Israel-supporting Alt Media reports??? 

To be continued —

The Israel Watchman
State of the Nation
October 8, 2023

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