Once Netanyahu issued this threat to the US,
you can be sure that a 9/11-level, false flag
terrorist attack is looming any day now…..

… in order to fearmonger the American people
into supporting Israel’s ongoing genocide of
the Palestinians and naked Gaza land grab

SOTN Editor’s Note: If there’s one unequivocal omen of things to come, it is this ominous speech recently given by Khazarian Mafia don Benjamin Netanyahu.

No one does dark drama like the primo Zionist drama queen Bibi Satanyahu—NO ONE!  If there’s a sergeant at arms policing the Synagogue of Satan, Netanyahu is it.  Which is the very reason why the Khazarian Cabal deliberately installed him as prime minster at this critical time, despite because a host of indictments hanging over his head like the Sword of Damocles.

You see, there is a very strict schedule that the Zionist State if Israel is adhering to that is determined by their utterly fake prophecies.  Never forget: first these perennial phony prophets predict the world’s future; then they make it happen on purpose. We’re talking about Hollywood movie-making on an epic scale, mind you.  As follows:

Here’s why Netanyahu staged the false flag invasion by
MOSSAD-controlled Hamas exactly when he did.

In point of fact, the entire American motion picture industry can trace its roots back to the Khazarian-created movie magnates, directors, producers, screenwriters, etc. whose ancestry goes back to the Khazar Khaganate.  So these Khazarian frauds have had many decades to perfect their craft of deception.  After all, post-modern TV programming and movie production represent the ultimate weapons of mass deception.  Just take a close look at all the mind-controlled zombies and socially engineered flakes who call themselves Americans today.

This same Khazarian Klan was behind the writing and dissemination of the absurd and obviously deceitful Scofield Bible.  So we know where that brainwashing tool has taken so many Christian Zionists.  in fact, many of the Zionist zombies in the warmongering U.S. Congress are controlled in this manner.

Which brings us to the silly notion of the ‘Chosen People’.

KEY POINTS: As a matter of historical fact, the banksters have totally controlled this prison planet for millennia.  That stark and irrefutable reality called for a cruel jailer who would keep us all locked up in a financial penitentiary.  Which is precisely why the Khazarians were chosen to be both the prison wardens and prison guards.  Who else would ever administer the planetary penal system with such ruthless efficiency and calculating savagery?  Make no mistake: the Khazarian bloodline, although not even associated with the original Hebrew lineage, was quite purposefully selected to rule the realm … until now, that is. And here’s why: How the Jews really came to be the “Chosen People”.

The bottom line here is that the whole world is about to witness the Khazarian’s version of the “End Times”.  In light of their cataclysmic Covid biowar waged against humanity, they now have no choice but to go for broke.  They know in their bones that it’s either them or us.  Which is why there are now warnings all over the Internet like this: MAYDAY!!! “A new “Pearl Harbor” or “9/11″ in the immediate future, folks.”

Just how imminent such a terrorist attack or series of terror operations are is really a function of Israel’s desperation to draw the US into the rapidly escalating Mideast theater of war.  This “Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer” had this prediction to make: Everything points to a 9/11-level false flag terrorist attack and global psyop this November.

State of the Nation
November 15, 2023

N.B. Be sure to watch the Netanyahu video posted below … but only if you want to see how Satan’s top minions do his dirtiest work starting World Wars.

America is ‘next’ if Israel loses war – Netanyahu

Israel’s PM declared that there is “no substitute”
for “total victory” in Gaza


America is ‘next’ if Israel loses war – Netanyahu

Islamist militants will pose a threat to the United States and Europe if Israel loses its current war with Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed, saying Western states would be next in line should his country fail.

While the prime minister acknowledged that Washington had been very supportive of Israel’s military action in Gaza, he rejected any calls for a ceasefire, insisting it would amount to a surrender to Hamas.

Netanyahu implored Israel’s allies for support during a sit-down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday, stating “We have to win not only for our sake, but for the sake of the Middle East,” as well as “for the sake of our Arab neighbors” and the world at large.

“We have to win to protect Israel. We have to win to safeguard the Middle East. We have to win for the sake of the civilized world. That’s the battle we’re fighting, and it’s being waged right now. There is no substitute for that victory,” he continued, adding “If we don’t win now, then Europe is next and you’re next.”

Insisting that “our fight is your fight,” the PM went on to allege that an “axis of terror” exists between Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen and the Iranian government, claiming Tehran’s “minions” seek to “bring the Middle East [and] the world back to the Dark Ages.”

“On the other side stands Israel, the modern Arab states, of course the United States, all the forces that want to see peace, prosperity for the Middle East and for the world,” Netanyahu added.

US officials have been reluctant to directly call for a ceasefire, instead proposing shorter “humanitarian pauses” to allow aid to enter the besieged Palestinian enclave. However, as the death toll mounts in Gaza, some administration officials have urged restraint from Israeli forces, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently lamenting that “far too many” Palestinians had died in Israel’s bombing campaign.

On October 7, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, killing some 1,200 people and taking 240 more hostage, according to Israeli officials. In response, Netanyahu declared war on the Palestinian militant group, launching massive air strikes and a ground operation in Gaza. Palestinian officials say the death toll on their side has exceeded 11,000 so far.



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