Deep State WITCH HUNT, Uniparty LYNCH MOB or Both…..

George Santos was first tarred and feathered by
the Democrats, next he was lynched by the Leftist
Media, and then he was burned at the stake by the Uniparty.

The Republican lynch mob was ordered to join the
Democrat lynch mob to make an BIG example
of George Santos for several reasons

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Folks, do know that this extrajudicial expulsion of George Santos was both unprecedented and unconstitutional.

First the unprecedented part: Why It Was Essential To Vote AGAINST The Resolution To Expel George Santos (Video)

Next we come to the unconstitutional part.

Way before anyone knew except the hardened politicos and deep insiders, the communist-run Democrat Party has had a longstanding and very bad habit of stealing elections during each and every election cycle.  If they need a certain victory, they take it by way of very stealthy electoral theft.

Now that they’ve been found out via the 2020 POTUS ballot, they need other ways to take seats that they cannot win fairly.  That’s where the Santos lynching comes into play.

Essentially the Democrat lynch mob conspired with the mainstream media to whip up a literal lynch mob fever.  The C.I.A. has done this in one country after another for years.  After all, they don’t call it the CIA’s Mockingbird Media for nothing.  All we heard for several weeks and months was one so-called Santos crime after another for which he has never been convicted.

Do you see how the perfidious DEMs and treacherous RINOs do it? 

So, from now on, anyone they want to get rid of they simply wage a LOUD character assassination campaign like they did with George since his election to the House.  And then decide what day they will burn the witch, which is what they just did yesterday.

Oh, and that’s just one reason why they committed this brazen crime IN BROAD DAYLIGHT; here’s another biggy.

Democrat Ploy to Sows Seeds of Dissension within GOP
during 2024 Election Cycle Works Like a Charm

There are other significant reasons why the Uniparty colluded with the U.S. Intelligence Community to illicitly remove Santos from Congress which will be discussed via future updates.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
December 2, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: “The Uniparty overturned the will of the voters in his district by expelling him after a Congressional investigation.”  And that’s a very chilling precedent for any member of Congress going forward, especially if they’re a real truth-speaker.

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