THE BIDEN DECEPTION—Only the desperate Democrats would try to pull it off

State of the Nation

This 2020 POTUS election analysis is quite simple and self-evident.

Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden is being deliberately set up as an unparalleled POTUS basket case.

Biden is, at once, a proven pedophile, senatorial corruptocrat, political career criminal, serial grifter, pathological liar, compulsive lawbreaker, sociopathic campaigner, criminally insane psychopath, as well as the primo Obama-era facilitator of governmental lawlessness, corruption and criminality.  And those are his good qualities.  You don’t want to know his bad ones!

Then why, pray tell, would the DEMs ever nominate such a lifelong reprobate and slacker?!

Especially a 77 year-old dementia patient who really does have a difficult time forming a simple sentence.  Not only that, but an old-school political hack whose long and repugnant record can be used against him again and again and again.  There are even numerous videos of Biden that capture him right in the middle of pedophile acts during public events.

Much more significantly, why did the DNC intentionally coronate a guy who is literally three steps from the grave?  Many political commentators wonder if the CORONAhoax was fabricated just to cover up Biden’s face and give him a good excuse not to talk.  His eyes, in particular, are not right and reflect a serious underlying illness or long-term disorder or medical ailment.  Others have pointed out that his life-threatening brain aneurysms (two of them) set him up for multiple brain operations during which his hidden masters implanted advanced mind-control technology.  In any event, his overall debilitated physical state ought to have been a grave concern for every single voting liberal and Democrat and yet it hasn’t.  To date, all of Old Joe’s weighty health issues have gone completely unaddressed.

None of this makes sense, of course, unless there is a very nefarious plot afoot … … …
and there certainly is.

Why would did they even put on the dramatic Democrat freak show during this campaign season? 

The short answer to that question is that each Democrat candidate was specifically chosen so that they would eventually bow out as soon as Biden was declared the winner, which they all did simultaneously just before they stepped up to kiss his ring.  In this wily way, each candidate’s respective groupies would be craftily corralled into the pen of support for Joe Biden—a perfidious politico most of them abhorred.

KEY DATA POINT: Joe Biden was Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s primary handler and co-conspirator which saw more serious scandals than the previous 56 POTUS administrations put together.  The public record will eventually show that the Obama-Biden crime duo was the most unethical, shamelessly unscrupulous and nakedly crooked in American history.

The Biden Deception

If the Democrats are successful at stealing the 2020 POTUS election, their strategy is simple.

They will either keep Biden in office and use his fake “Crazy Uncle Joe” image to foist a tyrannical regime on the nation.

Or, they will force him to resign as POTUS after he proves himself to be mentally unfit for high office, physically incapacitated due to his previous brain surgeries and dementia, or overwhelmed by criminal cases lodged against him and/or previous scandals that come to light (UKRAINEgate is only one of several of his serious crime sprees).

Then there is the distinct possibility that, if Biden refuses to leave when his masters demand it, they will take him out via a COVID-19 hospitalization.  After all, geriatric genocide by way of the novel coronavirus is the major cause of death on the planet today.

What then?

At this point, everything points to the fastidiously sculpted “female Obama” — Kamala Harris — to be selected as his VP running mate.

KAMALA HARRIS: Deep State’s Secret Weapon Against Trump

This particular CIA-spawned entity is the premier poster child for Black Lives Matter run amuck, AntiFa unchained and the Sunrise Movement let loose.

If the Senator from California is chosen to run with “SleepyCreepy Joe”, it’s because he will either resign, be forced to retire or offed some way to make room for the real Witch-in-Chief Kamala Harris. See: The Worst of Kamala Harris (Video)

Exactly what makes a Harris presidency so perilous to the Republic and so dangerous to the Patriot Movement? 

The crucial answer to that question can be found in this SOTN exposé that predicted the current race war in February of 2019: OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election

But what will really happen if Harris is deceitfully installed?

Every soul on the Right will either head for the hills before they end up in a FEMA camp, or they will grab their guns and other weapons and head for Washington, D.C.

WHY?  Because that specific outcome–Kamala Harris in the White House–is the absolute worst-case scenario that will surely bring America to Civil War 2.0.


No one does race-baiting like Kamala Harris.  She is the most provocative and vituperative demagogue in American politics today.  She’s also the most caustic and vitriolic even when compared to the Wicked Witch of the East—Hilary Clinton.

A Harris vice-presidency or presidency would undoubtedly see race relations in the USA crash and burn even more than today–MUCH more.  Yes, this treacherous politician is as dangerous as they come.  Just ask Californians what they think of their Wicked Witch of the West.

As a matter of historical fact, Senator Harris was already directly involved in the deliberate attempt to start a race war carried out by crisis actor Jussie Smollett.   And it was the desperate cover-up of that black operation and psyop by which she showed her true colors. See: SMOLLETTgate: Deep State’s Futile Attempt to Cover-up Operation “Crafty Beaver”

CAVEAT: Now the reader understands that “THE JOE BIDEN DECEPTION” is really “THE KAMALA HARRIS DECEIT”.  Hence, Patriots everywhere must do whatever is necessary to prevent such a shitshow from ever making its way to Washington, D.C.  Otherwise, the nation will be forced to sit through the “OBAMA 2.0 Reality Show” with a rabid feminist, closet communist and cultural marxist standing in for BHO.

Bottom Line: Sen. Kamala Harris was not constitutionally eligible to run for POTUS, nor eligible to run for VPOTUS.  However, someone needs to remind the DNC about this inconvenient fact of constitutional law.

State of the Nation
July 11, 2020.


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