BEWARE! Second American Revolution Approaching Most Dangerous ‘Bolshevik Phase’

UPDATED! SOTN is not really an Alt Media news platform, it’s staffed by very serious strategists and
experienced tacticians whose only mission is to…..

….quickly terminate the New World Order implementation plan and completely defeat
the nakedly satanic globalist cabal.

State of the Nation

Therefore, our enlightened and loyal readers can expect a new type of posting going forward, as these once United States of America enter the highly consequential “bolshevik phase” of this ongoing Second American Revolution.

That means that the Patriot Movement, Truth Movement, MAGA Movement and other great movements MUST transition into the next stage of effective proactivity and courageous resistance and stalwart spirituality.

We all know what’s going on here across the USA since so many “Thomas Paines” have been repeatedly sending out their modern-day “Common Sense” pamphlets via the Internet for the past 20+ years.

Similarly, we have all seen the many “Thomas Jeffersons” among US submit one scathing indictment after another, over the very same time frame, via so many modern-day “Declarations of Independence” from the utterly satanic BEAST system.  As follows:


Now it’s time to really get busy tearing that system down—FOREVER!

Compatriots, this is where the rubber meets the pavement.

These are truly the long-prophesied times “that try men’s souls”, in the words of the inimitable patriot Thomas Paine.

Which means that we are all about to find ourselves on the
epochal battlefield of the final battle of the last war between
the Forces of Light and the Powers of Darkness.

Hence, the threshing floor stands before US all, rapidly separating the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

Take heed of the monumental events which are about to unfold with meteoric precision and enormous impact.  For example: Everything Points To A Controlled Demolition in 2024.

Whether you are witnessing them or participating in these events, always stay firmly grounded in this magic formula to stay very calm and uniquely powerful at the same time:




When a critical mass of brave Patriots and faithful Souls does this en masse, the positive energy and invincible light will sufficiently build to collapse the BEAST System … just like their Twin Towers fell on 9/11.

SOTN Editor
State of the Nation
January 23, 2024

Special Note: The exact timing and speed and effect of the inevitable events which are about to occur are all a function of one time-tested truth, paraphrased as follows: When The Powers That Be can no longer rule US via fraud, as they have expertly done for many decades (really centuries), they have no choice but to resort to brute force.  That’s why they are about to push the button on the “bolshevik phase”; however, they will do so in the most treacherous and stealthy manner.


Remember, the entire U.S. Federal Government has been highly weaponized against We the People. (See: U.S. CONGRESS: A Khazarian-Controlled Global Crime Syndicate)  Which is why those treasonous Congress critters have purposefully permitted the border to remain open to a veritable invasion of illegal aliens, many of whom are bankster-paid mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, foreign-trained terrorists and bolsheviks who hate America and are ready to take this place apart in a New York minute. See: OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Most Destructive and Naked Act of Treason in U.S. History

BOTTOM LINE: We’re dealing with an incorrigible clique of criminally insane psychopaths, hopelessly corrupt thieves and hardcore genocidal maniacs who WILL NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT.  Which is exactly what makes the 2024 election cycle so combustible and fraught with danger.  In light of their transparent Covid Plandemic depopulation scheme, we all know the NWO cabal thinks nothing of mass murdering tens of millions around the world, seriously injuring billions more; and who is now ready to roll out Disease X to finish the job.  Hence, launching their long-planned bolshevik revolution across the 50 states is mere child’s play for these Illuminati demonic entities.


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