U.S. CONGRESS: A Khazarian-Controlled Global Crime Syndicate

The ever-treacherous Khazarian Cabal
has painstakingly and stealthily installed
the vast majority of members of Congress
so that:

The GOP-led House Proves Itself To Be Totally Worthless as RINOs Become Co-Conspirators in So Many Democrat Crime Sprees Committed Against the American People Especially Since Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama First Took Office

Submitted by The Angry Patriot
SOTN Exclusive

Exactly what crime sprees is the utterly treasonous Democrat Party along with the traitorous RINOs (i.e. The  Uniparty) guilty of?

These crime sprees:

The COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ GENOCIDE sickening and slowly killing millions of Americans

The criminal conspiracy to create and cover-up the Zio-Anglo-American COVID-19 bioweapon released across the United States beginning January, 2020

The complex criminal conspiracy which perpetrated the outright theft and cover-up of the 2020 POTUS election

The constant enabling and financial support of the nationwide trans criminal conspiracy designed to irreparably tear the fabric of America society

The highly convoluted criminal conspiracy that both staged and covered up the so-called J6 insurrection whereby many innocent Patriots are illicitly imprisoned and falsely prosecuted

The intentional open border policy which permits millions of illegal aliens to unlawfully enter the USA, many of whom are terrorists, mercenaries, gang members, drug dealers, mules, released criminals, etc. whereupon entry, they receive benefits and assistance that even US citizens don’t receive

The deliberate destruction of America’s Criminal and Civil Justice Systems via the countless election thefts and numerous criminal conspiracies funded and supported by international crime kingpin George Soros which systematically corrupts DAs and State’s Attorneys (as well as Mayors and County Managers)

The carrying out of the patently fake “Russian collusion” criminal conspiracy and cover-up coordinated by the Democrat Party, FBI, DoJ and C.I.A. to effectuate a coup against a sitting POTUS

The launching of two fraudulent impeachments against President Trump for crime waves that were actually committed by Barack Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton and Joe Biden among many other Democrat career criminals

The massive crime waves carried out by the Hunter & Joe Biden crime duo in both Ukraine and China up to this very day, most notably those involving bioweapon development and deployment particularly throughout Ukrainian territories.

The unlawful invasion of Syria (by Obama/Biden) and continued illegal occupation (Biden) which has seen the brazen theft of enormous amounts of oil from that sovereign nation

The repeated, systematic and unconscionable increases of the federal debt ceiling which have effectively bankrupted the United States of America

• The highly calculated misleading of the US citizenry about skyrocketing inflation rates, security of the food supply, stability of energy resources and condition of the nation’s infrastructure

• The criminal neglect to meaningfully investigate and terminate the never-ending, false flag, Gladio-style mass shootings and mass bombings carried out by the U.S. Intelligence Community, US Armed Forces and federalized local law enforcement agencies against the American people in all 50 states (which are always covered up by the Mainstream Media)

The purposeful provoking of the illicit Ukraine war followed by the unscrupulous material support of Kiev’s Nazi regime even covertly putting American boots on the ground without congressional approval or an official declaration war

The unconstitutional transfer of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to Zelensky’s war crime-committing military with absolutely no auditing mechanism or financial accountability to track the immense amount of proven fraud, graft and corruption at the highest levels of both the US and Ukraine governments

The uninvestigated Afghanistan withdrawal debacle that saw upwards of $83 billion in weapons of dollars left for the Taliban to use

Need we go on?


The Angry Patriot
State of the Nation
April 15, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: The preceding scathing screed was sent to us by a very angry Patriot who has spent a LOT of time watching so many YouTube videos of both Senate and House hearings wherein the Republican side is now routinely screaming and yelling as never before in US political history.  We, too, have viewed many of those very entertaining videos.  But why have the real conservative and Christian Republican congressmen not done a damn thing about the awesome list of capital crimes listed above.  WHY?!?!?!  

A long-time SOTN reader tells us why:

“The Republicans haven’t accomplished anything of importance because they fear their controllers. All they do is scream and make a lot of noise to satisfy the voters.”
— A Fed-up voter

But precisely who are those controllers?

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America


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