TEXAS BORDER STANDOFF: “The Worst Constitutional Crisis In US History!”


Just like the FEDs set up the fake J6 ‘Insurrection’, this
explosive border crisis can be
similarly hijacked by the
treacherous and traitorous Biden administration to further disparage the MAGA Movement and criminalize all protests against their nakedly treasonous and unlawful alien invasion.

SOTN Editor’s Note: This Alt Media platform has published several pieces that have asserted that the best defense is a great offense where it concerns the Democrats’ biennial election theft enterprise conducted nationwide.

In the case of the ongoing and overt takeover of the American Republic by the New World Order globalist cabal, that means launching pre-emptive strikes before the communist-run Uniparty presses the button on their meticulously designed bolshevik revolution.

In other words, if SOTN, or any other Alt Media flame-thrower, had posted detailed accusations about the US government-sponsored, false flag, terror attacks on 9/11/01 during the months prior to that Gladio-style operation, the perfidious perps would have been forced to abandon that highly consequential global psyop.

Now let’s take a close look at the extremely volatile Texas border crisis as one commenter at TBP did (see his very astute comment below).  But first understand that Governor Abbott cannot be trust.  As follows:

KEY POINT: Greg Abbott has been governor for 9 long years and has allowed a nonstop invasion of illegal aliens across the Texas border over both terms in office. The historical record indicates that he has done virtually nothing to halt that invasion (just a LOT of lip service). Hence, it remains to be seen if this state initiative is real or just an attempt to pacify the border residents of Texas who are literally under daily attack. Given the sheer enormity and gravity of that never-ending intrusion on Abbott’s watch, he should have been impeached years ago. And shame on the people of Texas for permitting his outright criminal negligence, gross dereliction of duty, and transparent maladministration of his official duties.
(Source: IT’S WAR—Finally!!!)

With that understanding under our belt, it ought to be very easy how a cowardly milquetoast like Abbott was strategically put into the governorship in the first place as a Trojan horse.

Which means that if something BIG happens at the border as described below, the Texas state government is probably working with the FEDs behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, prior exposure of a complex false flag operation or series of terrorist attacks or outright hijacking of this border crisis in Texas by The Biden Gang, can go a long way to thwart their execution.

Patriots, help us launch this PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE to prevent what could become a fabricated pretext for POTUS Imposter Biden to declare martial law before the election… … …and you know what that means.

KEY POINTS: This caveat by no means implies that the MAGA Movement should not mobilize—however that can be effectively and safely done— to shut down the Biden-engineered border invasion for good.  The law is totally on our side but the way we do this is absolutely critical.  What’s happening right now is serving to greatly galvanize Patriots in all 50 states, which is absolutely necessary.  The crucial point here is that this highly manufactured illegal alien invasion is vital to the NWO-driven bolshevik revolution.  Remember, it’s not 10 or 12 million illegals, it’s: 22 Million Illegal Aliens Now In The US & Democrats Want Them All Given Citizenship…before they’re given a gun and ammo to fight US.

There’s one last HUGE issue wound up in this Texas border war and that is this: Both Texas and Florida represent major threats to the New World Order agenda and implementation plan for the USA.  The Biden Gang has been looking for any way possible to completely neutralize Texas especially.  Therefore, hijacking this overwhelming border crisis and turning it against the great people of Texas is quite likely their next move.

State of the Nation
January 26, 2024

N.B. While the following analysis is purely speculative, any part of it can be made to happen when the Democrats control the major levers of institutional power.

“Do not abandon hope. Prepare accordingly.”

Comment posted by World War Zero

Shook this around in my Machiavelli 8-ball and here’s the script that floated up:
Phase 1
– Razor wire rolls out. Some is cut.
– Red States prepare and reassure about putting their citizens first.
– SCotUS moves to an undisclosed, secure location due to “untraceable” threats and SWATings. MAGA is blamed.
– Fedgov awkwardly swaggers around as they did at Bundy ranch.
– Someone gets hurt. A baby will die. Schumer will say, “Worse than 9/11″, etc. MSM will scream intolerable.
– Fedgov will leverage all those unchallenged Jan6 precedents: debank some bloggers for seditious conspiracy and “Staging a Putiny”. Lock up the outspoken for “inciting malinformation”. Have FBI threaten to arrest troublesome Govs with media in tow. America sees the fear in their eyes.
– DHS Mayorkas finally impeached. MTG censured.

Phase 2
– Biden will bark about martial law and his patience wearing thin on the border issue.
– Because GWB changed DHS border jurisdiction to extend 100 miles within our national boundary, ATF can readily seize non-LEO / openly carried citizen militia weapons and vehicles, claiming threat of insurrection as the public truly mobilizes.
– Tensions run high, with the country on edge…
– then… DoD will amaze the public with Operation Air Amigx Rescue flying illegals across border from southern Coahuila, Mex side to inland military bases by UH-60s.
– MSM does the 24-7 stunning and brave, hero worship thing.
– Abbott will shrug. He had been bussing them out anyway. Now air-lifted border is irrelevant and he can declare TX “secure”.
– But this DoD operation will continue growing, spreading farther and farther south and east until Navy transport ships and USAF MAC are “professionally liberating refugees” from now emptied out prisons all over the 3rd world. Stateside bases are now referred to as Green Zones where bizarrely combined flags fly.
– Trump jailed in appalling conditions for contempt of court. Under duress, his pretty lawyer disavows him and makes false statements about his conduct.

Phase 3
– Upon CONUS drop off, and out of the public eye, these imported, alien “stake holders” are sorted by paramilitary potential aided by dossiers communicated from their host nations for new roles as commissars, infrastructure sappers, shock troops, and voter/welfare scammers who are trained and credentialed accordingly. They are familiarized as the remaining issues for a biometrically-locked, goo-gull translate “gamified”, smart phone enabled C3 (communications,command,control) are resolved.

-Like Nuevo Conquistador, they might be inoculated against unreleased Disease X giving a strategic edge. TPTB are gifted, so it is always worse than you think.
– Depending on severity of protests over an obviously unreliable Nov., 2024 election, WEF edition Polycrisis (TM) is unleashed as previously warned.
– Banks shutter claiming unrecoverable backup records tampering. Only hoarders have toilet paper, again. Rolling power blackouts plunge cities into unending CHAZesque horror. Critical items become only available by criminal means, causing decent people go without. Rationing of medical supplies. The social contract is spoken of as breached.
– Biden is hospitalized. DC rolls out a purposely confused seccession process involving votes, but it is hard to pin down.
– Rumors abound, taking a psychological toll on increasingly eratic Uniparty stalwarts.
– Some Governors declare withdrawing from a never ratified IRS Danegeld system…
– … as the largest ever attempted State Dept. color revolution of violent chaos floods across the staggered nation. The imported combatants activate: from the solo Jihadist blowing up your local grocer’s bacon selection, to 3AM cartel death squads arriving at County Commissioner’s home to live stream IckTok torture videos, while battalion sized Leninist, FARC style forces disable private trucking operations and destroy big box stores. Just like with astroturf ISIS in Syria, look out for their brilliantly white athletic shoes that airborne drones will ID as “friendly fighters”.
– DoD open up Sheriff’s locally imposed interstate roadblocks citing federal property. We begin to see where all those missing trillions $ went as decades of agency accumulated, locally accessible, weapon cashes are plentifully accessed by those Green Zone phones. Freely provided rental trucks with govt motor-pool fuel support and tens of thousands of vehicles seized at TX border propel the seemingly ad-hoc blob of psychopathy into every weakened facet of society.
– But the busy public is incapable of coordinating a heartland resistance as AI tailored, decoy messages flood their social media with convincing urgings and rendezvous instructions. Even what spotty service HAM radio operators manage is targeted. Too often, patriot groups are set against each other in the confusion. Good people, like unknown soldiers, bravely lay down their lives.

Phase Zero
– The World looks on without pity and does nothing, their hated hegemon is finally imploding.
– An anti-christ, real or imaginary, is ushered into a barely recognizable, stage-like, Oval Office. Loyalty oaths for Congress are collected. Only a handful refuse to sign and are liquidated. Capitol Hill facility closed.
– The Ukraine eastern front collapses… triggering European Union’s unlawful, migrant combatant chaos similar to ours but without self-defense as a possibility.
– Growing a new shadow state inside the husk, the spiritual looting party continues hollowing out old nations.
– The once shining USA, population a Babel like 660 million, is removed from interfering with Luciferian objectives.

Do not abandon hope. Prepare accordingly.



The Worst Constitutional Crisis In US History!

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