PUTIN, JINPING & MODI: Your silence is deafening…….

…as is your woeful failure to intercede throughout Israel’s horrific genocide
of innocent Palestinian women and children, elderly and infirm in Gaza.

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

An Open Letter to
President Vladimir Putin,
President Xi Jinping &
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Where are you so-called leaders of the BRICS Alliance?!

Rafah is now under attack by the most genocidal military force of the Third Millennium, and you three stooges say nothing.  You three cowards do nothing.

164 Dead, 230 Injured (and Rising) in
Overnight Bombing of Rafah by Israel
(Warning! Graphic Photos)

Honestly, with leaders like you, why would anyone ever join the BRICS except for economic gain.

Here the whole world is watching 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Rafah by the utterly barbaric IDF, and you three clowns say nothing, do nothing.  Just waiting for the slaughter to begin, are you?

This, after you three wimps callously watched the genocide of nearly 30,000 Gazans since October 7, 2023 and 68,000+ get seriously wounded.

Do you three bozos have an even an iota of compassion? Of conscience?

Really, all three of your great nations have suffered profoundly at the hands of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis over centuries.  As a matter of historical fact, each of the monumental genocides suffered by Russia, China and India were perpetrated by the very same satanic tribe of Khazarian barbarians*, and yet you stand by idly and watch this latest slaughter happen in real time!


If you three are the future leaders of the coming free world, humanity has HUGE problems in front of them.  For where there is cowardice in the face of tyranny and terror, there is nothing but more tyrants and terrorists in the offing.

So, what will you three chickens do about Rafah?

Sit back and watch the upcoming hideous mass murder like you did when the rest of Gaza was being devastated and pulverized into oblivion.

What will you three say and do before this bloodbath intensifies as no other war on civilian innocents has ever occurred IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?!

Do you three clucks really believe that Israel’s merciless killing will stop when those alleged hostages are released?  Do they even exist? 

Surely you know by now that Netanyahu & Company does not want them released as that would impede their long-planned ethnic cleansing of all of Gaza.  The darker (and true) conspiracy is that the IDF/MOSSAD terrorist group has used Israel-created Hamas to fabricate the entire hostage-taking story in order to evoke the sympathies of the world community of nations.

Which means that all of humanity is now witnessing, first, an odious genocide; followed by a highly calculated campaign of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel, their own ancestral lands…all based on a series of predictable Zionist lies.

Do you spineless leaders not understand by now that:


All we can say to you three very bad examples of leadership for the human race is:

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
State of the Nation
February 12, 2024

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