Nancy Pelosi, the Mafia and Northern Italian Black Nobility


Really, how did a seriously senile, often batty and drug addled Nancy Pelosi ever ascend to the House Speakership in the first place?

The Black Nobility, that’s how!

State of the Nation

California Representative Nancy Pelosi was reinstalled as House Speaker back in 2019 by her Deep State masters to eventually become the first female president of the United States.

She has been groomed from the beginning of her political career to be the quintessential court jester of American politics.

Everyone knows the jester just like they know the town fool.

They will do or say just about anything, no matter how foolish, as a means of getting everyone to underestimate them.

KEY POINT: That’s not to say that Nancy Pelosi wasn’t purposefully selected for this pivotal role because of her old age, increasing mental deficits and temperamental nature. These specific characteristics are then taken advantage of by her Deep State handlers to advance the New World Order agenda to undermine the American Republic. In other words, Pelosi is a super-medicated globalist whose prescription drugs literally keep her on the NWO reservation.

Don’t be fooled by the crafty Pelosi.

Crazy like a fox

Italian names that end in “i” are often the namesakes of those whose ancestry is Northern Italy.

The major cities of this region of the Italian peninsula — Venice, Genoa, Milan, Turin, Florence and Bologna — are where the world’s first corporations were formed in the late 13th century.

Venice and Genoa are also where the Black Nobility established the first banking houses that effectively ruled the world for centuries…right up until today.[1]

KEY POINT: Real power never changes hands. It appears to, but it never really does. What does change is the location and the family and the milieu, but the true source of authentic power stays the same.

The point is that these people are not stupid; they created the most ingenious model of business and commerce the world has ever known—the CORPORATION. If Satan himself were to fashion the perfect entity by which to carry out his diabolical schemes, it would be today’s corporation (e.g. Monsanto, Facebook, Google, etc.)

Of course, the British took this demonic concept to a whole new level with the incorporation of the notorious British East India Company in 1600. That happened because the Black Nobility chose London to be their new banking headquarters when they quite deliberately decided to use the English language to colonize the then-known world.

KEY POINT: Many explosive exposés have been written about the British control of and subterfuge against the US government and it’s all entirely true. The Financial District in the City of London was essentially set up by the Black Nobility thereby making the Crown Temple their UK-based high command. The London banksters are merely the latest and most powerful incarnation of the Black Nobility banking houses. This is how The British Crown, Privy Council and ‘City of London’ Effectively Rule America. And why CROWNGATE IS THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.

With this critical knowledge it should be easy to understand that the Black Nobility was the ultimate successor of the Babylonian Brotherhood of ancient Middle East. And, that the successors of the Black Nobility are the Illuminati bankster families of not only London and Paris, but also Frankfurt and Munich, Zurich and Luxembourg City, New York City and San Francisco*.

*San Francisco is also home to Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab Corp. as it was to the Bank of America.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are just two of the banking family institutions that are actually fronts for the Black Nobility families which much prefer to stay completely hidden from view. The Morgans and Mellons are two other American front banking families.

Back to Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore’s Little Italy. That her father, mother and brother were all-powerful politicos in the Baltimore area was no accident of fate. They were put there with purposeful design by their Black Nobility sponsors. And they may not even know who they were.

There are very few unplanned events in American political life. Or else how does a mentally challenged Italian-American Catholic woman become the first female Speaker of the House—TWICE! Such pivotal power plays can only happen by strings being pulled by puppeteers at the very top of the global food chain—the Black Nobility.

Really, how else does a thoroughly corrupt and dementia-afflicted 78-year-old ultra-liberal Democrat become Speaker—two times in a decade?!?!

Her babbling and stumbling political performances ought to have disqualified her from holding public office—PERIOD; and yet she is instead promoted to the third most powerful position in American government.

KEY POINT: Many political scientists and historians have pointed out over the years that the Speaker of the House is actually the most powerful position in the U.S. Federal Government since that position effectively controls the public purse. In this way, even the POTUS and U.S. Attorney General can be defunded and practically put out of business.

How, pray tell, did Pelosi suddenly get elected by the Democrat majority when so many in the caucus were screaming for new leadership. Even the crazy liberals understandably couldn’t take her anymore. Pelosi made them all look bad… as if the progressive crazies ever cared how they were perceived by the body politic. But that’s just how bad Pelosi made the Democrat caucus look, as she still does. See: How did Nancy Pelosi go from 50 Democrats not backing her for Speaker to a stunning victory? (video)

More than any other year, 2018 showed the raw power that the Pelosi clan possesses. How she secured her election — with so many haters here, there and everywhere — is a study in the politics of blackmail and bribery, extortion and coercion.

Well, who does that sound like?

That’s right— the MAFIA.


For the past two millennia two of the most powerful organizations on the planet have been the Roman Catholic Church … … … and the MAFIA. And both stand solidly behind Pelosi, as they stood squarely behind the D’Alesandro political family in Baltimore.

“San Fran Nans father was a Congressman, then Mayor of Baltimore—he was forced to drop out of a race for Governor when he was caught taking money from a career criminal. She [Nancy] hung around murderers, thieves and folks that used government officials to buy their fortunes.”
(Source: Pelosi is only there because of the Mafia)

What follows is a video that provides the historical record which documents the connections between Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi and the Mafia. But, first, here is a highly informative link with hard evidence linking Pelosi’s blood family to the Baltimore Mob: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Was “Constant Companion” Of Notorious Mobster Benjamin Magliano

Nancy Pelosi’s Mafia Connections (Video)

Quite shockingly, even her own daughter has provided anecdotal evidence to the tactics that Nancy employs that are startlingly similar to the Mob.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter: ‘She’ll cut your head off,
and you won’t even know you’re bleeding’

Very few are aware but when Italians immigrated to America during the last century, many became captive to the big Mafia families once they arrived stateside (not all of them but a good number who were desperate to eke out a living). Eventually many of these freedom-seeking immigrants fell into one of two camps—they joined the Mafia clans that dominated the region of Italy from which they came. Or, they associated with the white-collar Mafia that was established in the USA. The latter group was populated by politicians, attorneys, doctors, accountants, developers and other businessmen.

Nancy Pelosi’s father — Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. — fell into the latter group. As follows:

The crux of this new narrative, that was destined to be exposed about “Pelosi the Mafioso”, is that she really does act like a California Mob boss, only in the present case, a political Mafia don. And that’s exactly how she runs the Speakership as this exposé by one of her CA peers points out: Pelosi Runs Her Speakership Like She’s a Mafia Don

KEY POINT: In Italian, the word MAFIA is an acronym for “Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendie Attentati” which translates to “Mazzini Authorizes Theft, Arson and Kidnapping.” Genoese Giuseppe Mazzini was a hardcore Jacobin and rabid globalist who implemented his agendas as if “the ends justify the means”, no matter how violent or destructive. (MAFIA: The Modern-day Founder Guiseppi Mazzini Was A Rabid Globalist)

HISTORY: The MAFIA has reigned supreme wherever it chose to set up shop in America and beyond. The much more recent Sicilian mafia was actually a latecomer to the terrorism game and was modeled after the original MAFIA families of Northern Italy that were formed to terrorize their enemies in order for the powerful banking families to maintain their ascendancy. The Venetian Mafia — the Mala del Brenta — was in fact one of the first to highly organize, although their Wikipedia page conveniently does not leave that impression.

The “MAFIA-like brotherhoods” throughout the Middle East, that formed before those in Northern Italy, were the original terrorist groups which have operated over millennia. The Northern Italian banksters simply perfected the art of terrorism since they had the money to do so. After all, taking down the Twin Towers right into their own footprint took a big chunk of change (Yes, we know the Israeli-Saudi connection, but they were merely the hitmen and bagmen, respectively, for the all-powerful Black Nobility).

KEY POINT: The Italian Mafia and the Khazarian Mafia have always been joined at the hip. The Italian bankers of the Black Nobility were primarily Jewish; however, there was a lot of intermarriage with the indigenous Catholic noblemen. These purely political marriages of convenience took place regularly to establish a covert culture whereby the court Jews could thrive under the radar, which they did particularly in Rome and in the wealthy northern enclaves.

What becomes quite apparent from even a cursory scan of the list below is that many of the wealthiest mafia crime families come from the European Black Nobility, and especially from the Northern Italian Black Nobility. That’s because the Roman Empire model was utilized by the Khazarian Cabal to carve up the whole world into crime territories by which to rape, pillage and plunder the entire planetary civilization.

The Northern Italian Black Nobility built their fortunes via four of the greatest conquests of all time. They inherited the accumulated wealth of the most rapacious empire in history—the Roman Empire; that is, before there was a British Empire. They grabbed the spoils of the nine major crusades to the Middle East. They were the direct beneficiaries of the unparalleled transfer of wealth from East to West that occurred in the wake of Venetian Marco Polo’s travels to the Mongol Empire of Kublai Khan (whereupon the Silk Road trade route was re-established).

Lastly, the major cities of Northern Italy such as Venice, Genoa, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Verona, etc. were the home of the world’s first corporations. All of those corporations were established under the aegis of the Roman Catholic Church. The Northern Italian banking houses and merchants who formed them were the most powerful and richest families which saw Catholic Italian noblemen and landed gentry intermarry with Khazarian Jewish bankers and businessmen (This is why so many of the Khazarian Mafia families delineated below can trace their ancestry back to Northern Italy). See: These are the Khazarian-controlled Illuminati mafia families who secretly run the world.


The important point here is that Pelosi represents a brazen attempt by the Black Nobility to openly seize control of the military arm of the New World Order, also known as the USA. See The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order.

This observation should be qualified in that Pelosi clearly represents the communist side of the New World Order globalist cabal, which only exists due to the limitless funding of the Black Nobility by Rothschild bagmen such as George Soros. There is likewise a fascist side of the same Black Nobility clandestine society, which has also existed since its very inception.

The stark reality is that money controls the flow of terrorism across the planet and that money is issued by the Black Nobility, just as the operational side of state-sponsored terrorism is executed by Operation Gladio. As an ostensible creation of NATO — the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization” — Gladio was initially set up to terrorize Europe post World War II…and terrorize it has done although their operations soon went global.

“Gladio” is derived from gladius–the primary sword of ancient Roman foot soldiers that were also used by the gladiators.

This very same NATO-directed “strategy of tension” was then exported to the U.S. Department of Defense where it was actually codified by Obama when he signed the NDAA legislation in 2015 prior to the execution of the Jade Helm black operation.  A lot of other bad things happened during the Obama years that distinguished the corrupt woman perps for their unparalleled lawlessness and criminality (e.g. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Janet Napolitano, Cheryl Mills, etc.).

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

Both Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi were identified as female front-women for the New World Order agenda during that dark period. The NWO decision-makers at the very top chose to sell globalism using other female leaders as well; in Europe, Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Christine Lagarde were the pitchwomen. Just look at how swiftly Merkel singlehandedly destroyed Germany before she devastated the European Union. But Frau Merkel could only have accomplished this feat with Gladio working for her full-time while the Black Nobility filled her coffers.

Baltimore, Maryland

There’s no question that Maryland was the state the Roman Catholic Church essentially took over as soon as it was identified as the only safe haven for Catholics in the 13 colonies.

“One of the original Thirteen Colonies of Great Britain, Maryland was founded by George Calvert, a Catholic convert who sought to provide a religious haven for Catholics persecuted in England.”[2]

Baltimore, in particular, was the hub of Catholic activity in the beginning days of Maryland.

“Maryland has been historically prominent to American Catholic tradition because the English colony of Maryland was intended by George Calvert as a haven for English Catholics. Baltimore was the seat of the first Catholic bishop in the U.S. (1789), and Emmitsburg was the home and burial place of the first American-born citizen to be canonized, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Georgetown University, the first Catholic University, was founded in 1789 in what was then part of Maryland.[127] The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Baltimore was the first Roman Catholic cathedral built in the United States, and the Archbishop of Baltimore is, albeit without formal primacy, the United States’ quasi-primate, and often a cardinal. Among the immigrants of the 19th and 20th century from eastern and southern Europe were many Catholics.”[1]

This is where the D’Alesandro family set up shop — Baltimore, Maryland — so that daughter Nancy could be groomed for high office. In point of fact, her otherwise improbable ascension within the House is a clear indication that the Black Nobility has taken overt control of the U.S. Corporation. Maryland was settled by the Catholics so that the Jesuits would be close to the locus of power in America. The Jesuit’s Georgetown University is the premier law school and school for international relations in Washington, D.C. attended by many of the elites since its founding. Likewise, many Catholic charities were founded in Maryland, especially those which harbor illegal aliens, economic immigrants and war refugees.

Welcome to 2019!

This is the year that Pelosi plans on making her BIG move, unless she is told to wait until 2020.

Regardless, the Mainstream Media is already helping her every step of the way. How else do articles like this one get published except as part of a furtive strategy behind a full-blown coup d’état. See: Why is the MSM fantasizing about a Pelosi presidency?

KEY POINT: The Bank of America was founded in San Francisco (Pelosi’s district) in 1904 and was previously known as the Bank of Italy. For many years the Bank of America was the largest bank in the USA, as it was the primary funding source (often dirty money, especially drug money) for many successful politicians throughout California and beyond. BANK OF AMERICA: When Black Nobility Banks Took Over America

As a matter of documented fact, Pelosi has had BIG money supporting her political career every step of the way. Were a forensic accountant to take a fine tooth comb through all of her campaign finance forms, they would surely find sources of donations that were not traceable—ON PURPOSE. Similarly, were a close accounting performed of her various business investments — of which she and her husband have many — these would trace right back to well-hidden Black Nobility interests, shell corporations, offshore tax havens, money laundering operations, investment scams, etc.

History of the Black Nobility

The primary cities in Northern Italy that were home to the original Black Nobility banking families were Venice and Genoa.

Both of these 13th and 14th century power centers, along with Milan, Turin, Bologna and Florence saw the greatest accumulation of wealth in human history in the wake of Marco Polo’s travels to the East and the subsequent opening of trade routes such as the [ORIGINAL] Silk Road.

That exorbitant wealth was accumulated after the eight major Crusade expeditions took place over the previous 200 year period which saw a tremendous amount of riches brought back from the Holy Land to Italy and elsewhere, but especially to Rome. For this is what the Crusades were really about—GRAND THEFT on a truly grand scale.

The crucial point here is that the Black Nobility has been around for a long time. Their money is the ‘oldest money’ on the planet so they have had a LOT of time to concentrate both power and wealth in such a way that their peak positions have always been untouchable. In other words, since they first formed their banking houses and other corporations, their power and influence have only increased and never diminished. Ditto that for their immense wealth.

Paul, Nancy and Paul, Jr. Pelosi — California’s version of “The Sopranos”

Paul Pelosi, the power husband

Georgetown grad and Jesuit-trained Paul Pelosi has the picture perfect resume to act as a frontman for the Black Nobility. Everything points to the great likelihood that his marriage to Nancy D’Alesandro was made you know where (and not in heaven).

Many who are selected to study foreign service at Georgetown University are lifelong Jesuit operatives and/or agents of the Vatican. In that capacity they are actually serving the interests of the Black Nobility, the financial arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

Paul Pelosi owns “a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm” which is right in line with his wife’s needs for a rainmaker. This is the primary reason why Pelosi was re-elected Speaker; she threatened to stop the rain from falling in the form of so many campaign contributions to the financially strapped Democrat candidates. In point of fact, this is where Nancy Pelosi’s real power and influence comes from—M O N E Y !

Remember—always FOLLOW THE MONEY, and you will see who really controls any political party or NGO, corporation or small business, family or clan. Nancy has a massive money machine behind her, although a very quiet one, with which to pull the levers of power in California as well as within the other 49 states.

Of course, the apple does not fall far from the tree as seen in the career of Pelosi son Paul, Jr. That the investment company he co-founded was charged wth securities fraud should come as no surprise to anyone who knows how the Black Nobility set up the global gambling casino known as the stock market. That whole God-forsaken system is so rigged it’s a wonder people still play any of the markets. But then this is how the financial Mafia constantly fleeces Americans who really work for a living. FLASHBACK: Company co-founded by son of Nancy Pelosi charged with securities fraud

FEMINISM: The central pillar of Cultural Marxism

Not only did the last century see the Bolshevik Revolution destroy Russia and the Cultural Revolution devastate China, Cultural Marxism was likewise used to insidiously degrade and debase American society.

The central pillar of Cultural Marxism is Feminism; actually, it’s fake feminism. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent the culmination of this form of utterly fake Feminism. You always know that, if it ends in “ism'”, it’s really a hoax and the exact opposite of what is portrayed.

Well, Feminism is as fraudulent as it gets as are the primary purveyors of this transparent hoax. These so-called defenders of womanhood promote wholesale abortion (the license for a mother to kill her unborn child) while Planned Parenthood sells off fetal body parts, organs and tissues. Just how much more wicked and disingenuous can it get than that?

ABORTION: The Most Powerful Weapon in the Arsenal of Cultural Marxism

Who did not witness Hillary Clinton’s nakedly scandalous campaign during the 2016 election cycle? The level of outright corruption and base criminality reached new heights…and by a female candidate, no less. Not only did she call hard-working Americans on the Right a “basket of deplorables” who were “irredeemable”, she called all the Berniacs a “bucket of losers”

It ought to be obvious by now that there are now so many truly wacky women in the leadership of the Democrat Party that this could have only occurred by very careful planning. And so it was.

These fastidiously mind-controlled feminazis are meant to be the role models for America’s girls and young women. They are being taught to be like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Pelosi in particular is a politician so devoid of integrity and lacking a moral compass it hurts to even watch her. Her politics not only represents the height of hubris, her cultural marxist persona reflects the perfect marriage of arrogance and ignorance. Just look at the depraved state of California!


The Nancy Pelosis of the world need to dealt with decisively. So do their countless minions who use violence and terrorism to achieve their political goals. Those in positions of power like Pelosi, who act like thugs and bullies, need to be removed post-haste. Perhaps military tribunals are the only way to eliminate them all from government service.

MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

For the Speaker of the House to disinvite the POTUS from delivering the SOTU address sums it all up. She really feels that the House is her house and that she can do whatever she wants with it. GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE: It’s not Pelosi’s House, it’s the People’s House

Nancy Pelosi is like the bratty little teen who leads the girl’s clique. Because her little camarilla hated ‘class president’ Donald Trump for simply being a patriot, she thinks she can get away with making any insult or causing him any indignity. And she operates her teenage tyranny as though she enjoys complete impunity compliments of the Black Nobility.

Bottom Line: Although Nancy Pelosi is clearly the product of masterful Machiavellian* manipulation by the Black Nobility, she may not even know who is pulling her strings. For that’s the way the globalist cabal always sets up and controls their figureheads.

*“Machiavellianism is widely used as a negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians of the sort Machiavelli described most famously in The Prince. Machiavelli described immoral behavior, such as dishonesty and the killing of innocents, as being normal and effective in politics. He even seemed to encourage it in some situations. The book gained notoriety due to claims that it teaches evil recommendations to tyrants to help them maintain their power. The term Machiavellian is often associated with political deceit, deviousness, and realpolitik. For many years Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a senior official in the Florentine Republic in Northern Italy”[3]

“There’s no better example of how the Mafia lords over American politics than the rise of Nancy “the Knife” Pelosi. Just like the Chicago mob was behind the JFK hit, Pelosi’s California Mafia is softening up their target in the Oval Office for the kill. The woman has no scruples. This is why the Mafia chose her. Women make superior assassins, especially character assassins. And very few suspect them as they twist the knife. Women also make excellent manipulators of men in power as this piece explains in astonishing detail: PEDOGATE: Women Operatives In Very High Places

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

STUNNING! Serial Character Assassin Nancy Pelosi Stoops To New Despicable Lows

In closing, there is no greater conspiracy to subvert the American Republic than to keep the borders open and allow unlimited illegal immigration. This is perhaps Pelosi’s main mission for her Black Nobility masters. Only in this way can armies of foreign mercenaries and ISIS terrorists be secreted into the USA in order to be trained as Gladio cells, ready to strike when the Left really goes violent. For it’s a civil war that the globalists intend to use to advance their globalist agenda throughout America. In this particular regard, Nancy Pelosi is one of the de facto leaders of the left-wing extremist plot whose treasonous goal is to transform the nation into a cultural marxist’s paradise. See BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

Special Note: During her time as Speaker, Pelosi was prevented from making a trip overseas by President Trump for very good reason. This dramatically publicized incident then opened can of worms regarding Pelosi’s highly suspicious pattern of taking similar junkets with her fellow Democrats to power centers around the world.

For instance, the following screenshot contains radioactive information that is still being investigated by the ever-vigilant Judicial Watch. The $64,000 question here is: Why was Pelosi et al. traveling to “Milan, Rome and Naples, Italy” all in one trip in 2015? How do YOU spell Black Nobility?

*In the modern age, Milan, Italy was established as the secret international banking headquarters for the Black Nobility.   It was also the headquarters for Banco Ambrosiano, which was the main shareholder of the Vatican Bank before BA collapsed in 1982 as the biggest banking scandal in Italian history.  The last Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano was Milan native Roberto Calvi who was widely known as “God’s Banker”.  Calvi was found hanging under the  Blackfriars Bridge in London on June 17, 1982 after having flown there from Venice.  “Calvi was a member of Licio Gelli’s illegal masonic lodge, Propaganda Due (P2), who referred to themselves as frati neri or “black friars”.[4]  The black friars are known within intel circles for working directly with the Italian Black Nobility families.

State of the Nation
Updated February 24, 2024


Regarding the above quote “Real power never changes hands”, it’s important to note that the current “City of London” was founded by the Romans in 47 AD and was known as Londinium. As a matter of historical fact, the incorporated Financial District of today’s City of  London is located exactly where the original Roman settlements were as they have experienced one incarnation after another over the past 2000 years (see map below).


[1] Black Nobility

[2] Maryland

[3] Niccolò Machiavelli

[4] Roberto Calvi


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