These are the Khazarian-controlled Illuminati mafia families who secretly run the world.

The Jewish/Jesuit Bloodlines. The Real Families,
who, behind the scenes, control the World through Religion — including both Judaism and Christianity
— Finance, Property, Land, as well as through total control and manipulation of the markets of the world 

Submitted by Anonymous

This document in part is an adaptation of an article found online, without source provided,  entitled “This is the Mythos Mafia – The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits.” Having spent my  lifetime researching and deepening my understanding what is really underway on earth, I  recommend the following article be read in conjunction with The Real History of the Earth.  Why in Hell All This is Happening Again! Available at  

I have been unable to find or contact the author of the Mythos Mafia to ask permission to  use the information provided in the article, and alter it here to fit with what I have found to  be true. By this introduction I wish to acknowledge his or her work, and present what follows  in pursuit of Truth, to the best of my current understanding. 

“The personages often imagined to be at the top are actually the second level of the human  power hierarchy.” The Rothschild family clearly controls massive wealth, but there exists  wealth far greater and historic. Via power structures dating back to the Roman empire, to  the founding of the Catholic Church, reaching back through Egyptian dynasties, into ancient  Persia and beyond, into the mists of history, these families have moved Kings and Queens, Bishops, Knights and Pawns behind the scenes. The main family names are: 

∙ Orsini 

∙ Breakspear 

∙ Aldobrandini 

∙ Farnese 

∙ Somaglia 

These are at the core of the Thirteen Ruling Satanic Families of Planet Earth. They exercise  control over The Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order, based in Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, and over International Jewry through their Sanhedrin.  

This seat of power over “fallen mankind” works in concert with The Satanic Committee of Three  Hundred, as mentioned in the works of Dr. John Coleman 

Some reading this may find it surprising, even unbelievable that the same people actually control  both Christianity and Judaism, for on the world stage, these have been presented as opposites, as  arch enemies. Extensive genealogical research, however, reveals this to be the case. I have  discovered repeatedly either direct Jewish lineage or closely interwoven Jewish genealogical  presence via marriage of all these essentially satanic. As mentioned, some of the material  presented here comes from a paper titled “The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits”. Though I appreciate some of the detail presented therein , I find the paper not only presents all these families as being  of Roman lineage, never once mentioning that ALL these families are of Jewish lineage, further the  author belittles and decries those “conspiracy theorists” who declare the Rothschilds and  International Jewry as being at the core of creating Hell on earth, are seriously missing their target.  The author proceeds to imply all these families are Roman ancestrally, not Jewish, and it is the  Roman Catholic Church which focuses Hell on earth, coordinated by these Roman families via the  Jesuit Order. This, to me, is serious misdirection and obfuscation of the truth. 

The “Papal Bloodline” paper presents an excellent opportunity for me to provide an example  of what I have discovered regarding these families. Quoting from pg. 1, “The Cecil family were  controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.” I would rather say, the Cecil  family was controlled by the powerful Jesuit, yes, but more accurately, by the Jewish family  known as the Pallavicini, posing as Jesuits.  

You may not be aware of the Cecil dynasty. It serves here as a useful case in point, revealing the direct Jewish lineage of what is otherwise widely understood to be a true blue-blooded,  noble, titled, landed, ancient, aristocratic British family. From The Real History, etc., pg 107:  

“The founder of the family, William Cecil, First Marquis of Exeter, 1520-1598, was  Chancellor of the Exchequer for Queen Elizabeth 1, and played a major role in both  appearing to uphold the British monarchy through difficult times and guiding the laying of  foundations for what became the British Empire.  

“… Robert Cecil of the Jewish Cecil family that had controlled the British monarchy since a  Cecil [Wm. Cecil] became the private secretary and lover of Queen Elizabeth I …” —Dr. John  Coleman, Conspirators’ Hierarchy, p. 201. 

“These families constitute a financier oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor  throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and  subverted England from the period 1509-1715, [my research shows subversion began hundreds of years earlier] and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain  of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium….” — Henry  Makow ( 

“The Cecil fortune came in part via the dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church in  England [during the 16th & 17th centuries] and support of the emerging Protestant Church  of England, which presented the secular queen as head of the church. Some fifty prominent  families in the current British peerage made their core fortunes five hundred years ago  sacking nearly 1,000 years of accumulated wealth and property from the English branch of  the Roman Catholic Church. Central among these was William Cecil. 

“Genealogical research reveals the Cecils had come to England via France, via Sicily,  ancestrally as Jewish slaves expelled from Rome as Jerusalem fell in 63 AD, their name  spelled variously Sitsilt, Sytsylt, Syssell, Sieile, Cyssell and Cicell. (,

This lineage is confirmed by Lord Martin Cecil’s secretary  of many years, Grace van Duzen, in her book The Vibrational Ark, pg. 28, The family tree  finds a root in Robert Sitsilt (from which the name Cecil emerged) who participated in the  conquest of Glamorganshire in 1091 and acquired estates in Herefordshire and  Monmouthshire. A generation later David Cecil, who fought under Henry VIII and possessed  a considerable fortune, settled in Stamford, a small town in Lincolnshire. He was the  grandfather of William Cecil. I have no doubt William Cecil’s Jewish associates contributed  significantly to his ability to play his hand so astutely and successfully during an extremely  difficult time in Britain’s history, out-manoeuvering an attack by the Spanish who in the  latter 1500’s dispatched their Armada to address what Cecil was helping to orchestrate.  [The destruction of The Crown, and the subjugation of Great Britain to satanic Jewish  interest and domination.] He also managed to avoid at least one assassination attempt. 

Following William’s passing in 1598, two branches of this prominent family continued the  Cecil lineage; the Cecils of Burghley House, and the Cecils of Hatfield House. Portraits of  heads of these family branches often depict the respective lord, posing with the classic  “Hidden Hand” posture, made famous in the well known portrait of Napoleon, one hand  hidden under a lapel, or revealing other cabalist/Jewish/Masonic/satanic signs with their  hands, representing the hidden nature of their controlling hands back of world affairs.” 

Study of who funded Elizabeth I with an astronomical amount of money to fight the  Spanish shows that the funding entity was indeed the Pallavicini [Jewish] family  bloodline, via her Chancellor of the Exchequer, confidante, advisor and lover, the Jewish  William Cecil, The First Lord Exeter.  

[According to the unknown author] the most powerful man currently in the conspiracy over this World is PEPE ORSINI of the powerful satanic Jewish/ Papal Bloodline. The  Orsini are also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family. There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope. David Rothschild married into the  Aldobrandini bloodline with the pretty Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini. 

Another powerful head of this conspiracy against mankind, against Life itself, is Henry  Breakspear who resides in Macau, China. Many Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and  India. The current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicholas was bought forward for the position due to the Jesuits [I would say at the behest of the satanic Jewish 13 families] bringing forward Asia [specifically China] as the next power player on their agenda. Both this Black Pope and the  white Pope aren’t of Papal Bloodline; they are both commoners. 

These bloodlines constitute the most powerful families on the planet and are intimately  associated with The Sanhedrin which directs International Jewry, and with the Jesuits, who  administrate, educate and are the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church. The Grey Pope is between the white and black, and unseen, controls both the left and right hands of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Core 13 Jewish/Jesuit Satanic Bloodlines 

∙ House of Borja 

House of Breakspeare 

∙ House of Somaglia 

∙ House of Orsini 

∙ House of Conti 

∙ House of Chigi 

∙ House of Colonna 

∙ House of Farnese 

∙ House of Medici 

∙ House of Gaetani 

∙ House of Pamphili 

∙ House of Este 

∙ House of Aldobrandini 

The following image presents the Coat of Arms of these leading Satanist Jewish/Papal Families:

These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in full control of the Company of Jesus, High  Grey Council of Ten, and the Black Pope. My research reveals they also direct The Committee  of 300 and compose or are in control of The Supreme Ruling Authority over International  Jewry, The Sanhedrin. 

The Jesuit general is referred to as the ‘”Black” Pope at the Vatican because he always dresses  in black. The Jesuits were officially founded in 1540 by Farnese Pope Paul III. Ignatius Loyola became their first general. Don Francis Borgia was the great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, and co-founder of the Jesuits. On his mother’s side he was descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon. All the Jesuits answer to their general in Rome, and he in turn is content to run the  show from behind the scenes, without any publicity or public acclaim. 

The Black Pope is allegedly the ‘President of the World’. He is a part of the Arcana  Arcanorum controlled by the Jewish/Papal Bloodlines within the I-Mori. These bloodlines are  the omega point of control. These are the Farnese, ORSINI, Aldobrandini, Somaglia &  Breakspear. Their war room command centre is within the Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome,  which is missile protected. 

All of the above mentioned are part of what is referred to as the Black Nobility. The “Black  Nobility” are/were the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, Italy, who in the 12th  century held the privileged trading rights (monopolies). 

The “fondo” is the collective financial interest of a “family” of the landed aristocracy, or a “family” of the rentier-financier aristocracy. The fondo functions as a private bank; or a  syndicate of several fondi may combine forces to create a jointly controlled private bank or  insurance company. The characteristic activities of the fondi involve generating income  from speculation on gains from the manipulation of commodity prices – through  monopolies – over some portion of trade in a commodity, including raw materials and their means of transportation. 

Syndicates of fondi greatly increase their power over society by financing the debts of government. If they are able to establish a relative monopoly of lendable currency, bullion or credit, the syndicate can dictate key policies of governments, including the appointments of  government ministries. Thus they control policies on tariffs, taxation, public works, land  concessions, special monopolies, and so on. 

The first of three crusades, from 1063 to 1123, established the power of the Venetian Black Nobility and solidified the power of the wealthy ruling class. The Black Nobility aristocracy  achieved complete control over Venice in 1171, when the appointment of the Doge was  transferred to what was known as the Great Council, which consisted of members of the commercial aristocracy (among them the infamous de’ Medici family). Venice has remained  in their hands ever since, but the power and influence of the Venetian Black Nobility extends  far beyond its borders, and today is felt in every corner of the globe. For example, our modern banking system originated in Italy. In 1204 the oligarchic family parcelled out feudal  enclaves to their members, and from this epoch dates the great building-up of power and  pressure leading to governments becoming the closed corporations they are today,  discretely owned and controlled by these leading Jewish, Satanist Black Nobility families. For  example, the Corporate structure, The United States of America; The Corporation of Canada; The Corporation of Australia, etc. Popular belief holds that these are democratic nations, but  this is not so. Far more could be said about this, but that is not the purpose of this brief  article. This hints of how cleverly and thoroughly the world population has been deceived. 

The Canaanites, become Venetians, become Black Nobility, these old Jewish families earned  their dominance through dirty tricks, so when the population revolted against monopolies in  government, as anywhere else, the leaders of the uprising were quickly seized and  mercilessly hanged. The Black Nobility uses secret assassinations, murder, blackmail, the  bankrupting of opposing citizens or companies, kidnapping, rape and so on… hence their  name. Who are these families today? These are the: House of Bernadotte, Sweden House of  Bourbon, France House of Braganza, Portugal House of Grimaldi, Monaco House of Guelph,  Britain (the most important one) House of Habsburg, Austria House of Hanover, Germany  (the second most important one) House of Hohenzollern,Germany House of Karadjordjevic,  Yugoslavia (former) House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein House of Nassau, Luxembourg  House of Oldenburg, Denmark House of Orange, Netherlands House of Savoy, Italy House of  Wettin, Belgium House of Wittelsbach, Germany House of Württemberg, Germany House of Zogu, Albania. 

All the families you will find on the Windsor family tree. All the families listed are connected  with the House of Guelph, one of the original satanic Jewish Black Nobility families of Venice, from which the House of Windsor and thus the present Queen of England, Elizabeth II, descends. 

The Guelphs are so intertwined with German aristocracy through the House of Hanover that it  would take several pages to reveal all their connections. Almost all European royal houses  originate from the House of Hanover and thus from the House of Guelph — the Black Nobility.  For example: the Hanoverian British King George I came from the Duchy of Luneburg, a part of  Northern Germany, which had been governed by the Guelph family since the 12th century. 

Today the Guelphs (the Windsors) rule by dominating the raw materials market, and for years  have fixed the price of gold (a commodity they neither produce nor own). The House of  Windsor also controls the price of copper, zinc, lead and tin. It is no accident that the principal  commodity exchanges are located in London, England. Companies run by Black Nobility families include British Petroleum, Oppenheimer, Lonrho, Philbro among many, many more. 

AnotherBlack Nobility family are the Grosvenors in England. For centuries this family lived, as  most of the European families do, on ground rent. Today this family owns at least 300 acres in the centre of London. The land is never sold, but is rather leased on a 39 year leasehold  agreement — the ground rent of the middle ages. Grosvenor Square, in which the American  Embassy is located, belongs to the Grosvenor family, as does Eaton Square. Eaton Square apartments are rented out at 25,000 to 75,000 pounds a month (that does not include  maintenance costs). This gives you an idea of the immense wealth these Black Nobility families  garner from ground rents, and why families like the Windsors are not interested in industrial  progress and the excess population it supports. Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most  visible symbols of these movements, and both have often spoken with the utmost callousness  about the need to rid the world of unwanted people. The Black Nobility have founded numerous secret societies to which many others are connected — the Committee of 300. The Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table… all  originate from the Committee of 300 and thus from the European Black Nobility families. Among the top families are the dominantly Jewish, certainly satanic Montefiores, financial servants of the Genoese nobility since the 1200s; the Goldsmids and Mocattas, leading bullion  merchants for the British royal family since the 1600s; the Oppenheimers, controllers of a  large proportion of diamond and gold mining in South Africa; the Sassoons, agents of the  British Crown in India in the 1700s devoting themselves to opium production and distribution; the banking families of Warburg, Schiff, Meyer, Loeb, Radziwill, De Menil, Spadafora,  Schroeder, von Thurn und Taxis, von Finck, Wittelsbach, Lambert, Hambro, Luzzatto, Orsini,  Weill, and countless others, all discretely hidden behind the curtain of interlocking banking  directorates, holding companies, offshore banking empires, and free port concessions – all camouflaged out of public view, all vital complementary components in their total control of  planet earth. 

All these play an active role today in the drug, political dirty tricks, destabilization, and  assassination operations of the various international mafias. Ephesians 6:12 ‘For we wrestle  not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the  darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’In the spotlight here: House  of Borja, House of Breakspeare, House of Somaglia, House of Orsini, House of Conti, House  of Chigi, House of Colonna, House of Farnese, House of Medici, House of Gaetani, House of  Pamphili, House of Este, House of Aldobrandini.


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