FALSE FLAG OPERATION: It was a classic Khazarian CON & Mossad DECEPTION! A Total and Complete Zionist HOAX! Just Another Neocon FAKE-OUT! And Talmudic Freemasonic FRAUD!

Submitted by The Israel Watchman
SOTN Exclusive

Our sincere apologies for posting only this short INTRO, folks, but this one is gonna be a real doozy.  For the alleged Hamas attacks on Israel were  specifically designed to be Israel’s “Gulf of Tonkin”,  “Pearl Harbor” and “9/11”, all in one.

So you can imagine just how complicated and convoluted this long-planned and highly organized false flag operation and global psyop truly is.  After all, no one does MELO-dramatic false flag attacks like the Modern State of Israel—NO ONE!!!

That the super schmucks in Tel Aviv even thought they could pull off this little caper reveals just how overwhelmingly deluding the perfect marriage between arrogance and ignorance can really be when it takes place in a patently apartheid nation-state.

To at least provide a foretaste of what this exposé will contain, please consider the following links as background for the explicit details which will soon flesh out the skeleton of this horrendous “crime against humanity” analysis.

KEY POINT: It is absolutely impossible that, collectively, the Israeli, American and British intelligence services did not have complete foreknowledge of every aspect of the October 7th ‘surprise attacks’ allegedly staged by Hamas.  Just as the same intel agencies were fully aware of the details prior to the 9/11 false flag operation (perpetrated by the same three nations), they knew this was planned out in a similar manner.  How could they not?  As stated in a previous searing exposé:

“As for the choreographing of this latest war, it’s common knowledge that there are more MOSSAD spies and spooks living in Palestine than there are real Palestinians. In light of that little data point, it ought to be very easy to see how Israel could pull off this classic false flag invasion in a New York minute.  

To be continued later today —

Conclusion (preliminary)

The apartheid Modern State of Israel was literally established as a highly structured RICO-level international crime syndicate engaged in multiple criminal activities which include human trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, nuclear weapon trafficking and arms trafficking.  Israel was set up to operate completely outside of the traditional norms of the world community of nations.  Which means they can get away with any crime wave, anytime, anywhere, anyhow they so plan.

Only when folks apprehend the true depth and breadth of Israel’s many worldwide crime sprees since 1948, can anyone really understand that the present false flag operation is but a cakewalk for the uber-terrorists who currently occupy Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Which means that virtually ALL of the terrorism perpetrated around the globe today begins in Israel.  And that especially includes both bioterrorism and chemical terrorism such as the OPERATION COVID-19 biowar via the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon (that’s not a coronavirus) to depopulate Earth, as well as the weaponized Covid Super Vaccination Agenda to commit genocide(s) the world over.

BOTTOM LINE: Israel has BIG plans with respect to their long-planned ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with Jerusalem as its capital.  Hence, the IDF’s extraordinarily brutal, barbaric and sadistic counterattack against the Palestinians in Gaza is meant to both shock and awe them (as well as the world community of nations) into submission.  In this fashion, the Khazarian Cabal is threatening the entire planetary civilization never to leave the Zionist reservation; and to do so in the future will only occur on pain of death.

The final conclusion to this terribly tragic saga is still being written by Israel’s increasingly barbarous and wanton violence now being perpetrated against the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere, so much more will follow here today and this week.

The Israel Watchman
State of the Nation
October 9, 2023

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