“Jesus is Coming Soon, and Boy, is He Pissed”

SOTN Editor’s Note: Perhaps the single greatest failure of the modern era, especially in light of so many known staged genocides carried out by the Khazarian Cabal throughout the entire 20th century, is the Palestinian Holocaust presently being perpetrated IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

With the exception of Turkey, no other country on Earth has weighed in on this ongoing genocide with a what could be considered a normal response to the wholesale mass murder (upwards of 20,000 people thus far) of a civilian population with a preponderance of them being women, children and elderly.

Not only that, but with the exception a few relatively small protests scattered throughout the USA, there has been very little popular opposition worldwide to this savage slaughter of innocents.  Which is a chilling testament to: THE MOST POWERFUL MIND CONTROL PROGRAM OF ALL TIME.

As much as anything else, the shocking lack of concern and compassion toward the terrible plight of our fellow man is an indication that the Khazarian perps have totally succeeded in inculcating humanity with NIMBY consciousness.  In 2023 and going forward, these Khazarian genocidal maniacs know that they can literally get away with a cold calculated mass extermination and ethnic cleansing during prime time with very little resistance.

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard (so who cares)

Just witness the virtually unanimous support from the U.S. Congress for the ‘Gaza Genocide” to grasp the sheer depth and breadth of the evil now among US.  That the top leadership across government, corporate, university and NGO America shows very little will to stop this bloodbath is not a good omen for “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. See: A Very Bad Omen for USA

The bottom line here is that Israel is using bombs made in the USA to brutally kill thousands of innocent victims in Gaza WITH HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.  And, that Netanyahu government launched this long planned depopulation operation after “the IDF and MOSSAD carried out the so-called Hamas ‘surprise attacks’ in order to justify the launch of the Palestinian Holocaust and ongoing Gaza Land Grab”.

Which means that the American people, having elected those many Congressional criminal co-conspirators participating in this crime against humanity, are both culpable and at great risk (on many levels).  How can the US citizenry possibly shirk their rightful responsibility when such a horrific war is being waged in their name and with their taxpayer dollars?!

State of the Nation
December 16, 2023

N.B. What follows is a very poignant message, especially for all Zionist Christians who are all in for this stunning “WAR CRIME OF THE MILLENNIUM”.

Mark Dankof to Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Jewish Coalition: Jesus is Coming Soon, and Boy, is He Pissed

Amoral and Comatose Americans may not presently connect to the plight of Russians, Ukrainians, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, or the Global South, but will awaken when they discover their enemies are none of these people but The Cabal that has targeted them all. Then the Fireworks will Really Begin.

By Mark Dankof

My message:

November 29, 2023

To: Republican Jewish Coalition
50 F St NW
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20001
United States of America

Dear “Friends”:

I received Kevin McCarthy’s email solicitation to join the Republican Jewish Coalition and to get the terrific bumper sticker for a minimum donation of only $15.

As for “America’s Greatest Ally,” I’m personally not a fan of the Lavon Affair, the David Ben Gurion-Meyer Lansky link to the Kennedy Assassination, Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967 in Operation Cyanide, the NUMEC nuclear materials thefts in Apollo, Pennsylvania, the Pollard-Ben Ami-NSC/AIPAC spy cases among many others, the PROMIS Affair, Israel’s real role in 9-11, the Zionist/Neo-Conservative warmongering foreign policy of the United States, the Mossad’s Epstein-Maxwell Sex Trafficking and Blackmail ring, or wholesale Palestinian genocide.

On the domestic side, I have no use for the wholesale assault on the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights being conducted by the Israeli Lobby and its assets in both of the major political parties, the mainstream news media, Zionist-dominated American social media, and the American National Security apparatus.

As for me, as one who supports nation-state sovereignty for the United States, the European countries, Palestine, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, China, and everyone else, “My Greatest Ally” is Vladimir Putin. Nuland’s Zio-Coup in Kiev in February of 2014 is about to completely backfire. It is terrific to watch Zelensky, and the entire Zionist quest for GloboHomo go down the proverbial tube, along with everyone who has been bought off by it.

And in conclusion, I have no use for the Republican Jewish Coalition, Kevin McCarthy, Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, or a cast of thousands supporting wars for Israel and wars for World Government and GloboHomo that would have been unequivocally condemned by the Founding Fathers of this country.

Continue reading at: https://www.vtforeignpolicy.com/2023/11/mark-dankof-to-kevin-mccarthy-and-the-republican-jewish-coalition-jesus-is-coming-soon-and-boy-is-he-pissed/

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