“Promoting Mass Formation Infantilism”

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No one has ever seen anything like it—NEVER!!!

This whole CIA-directed celebrity op just exploded across TV and computer, smartphone and tablet screens out of nowhere and in a Nashville flash.

Yes, this massive mind-control operation has been in the works for many years, as has the very slick and stealthy social engineering program for America’s youth, but 2024 is seeing the super-spellbinding climax of this extremely manipulative global psyop.

Truly, if there’s one completely fabricated and extremely deceptive cultural icon created in the CIA’s cyborg petri dish who was bioengineered as a “Britney Spears on steroids”, it’s Taylor Swift.

First, check out these articles and exposé which have appeared on the net about the MSM-manufactured cultural icon known as TAYLOR SWIFT (see photo above).

But what’s the critical point of all of these press reports, both mainstream and alternative?

ELECTION RIGGING 2024—that’s what!!!

Yes, the cultural marxists and LGBTQIA+ bolsheviks are cunningly using Swift’s image to get inside the head of every single (voting-aged) American girl … … … but that’s only the icing on their election-stealing cake.

Of course, the main head game they’re playing revolves around Satanist-in-the-Making Swift’s endorsement of POTUS Imposter Joe Biden.

This is where the U.S. electorate will soon see just how powerful the liberal control of American Celebrity Society really is.

Like all celebs, Swift is surrounded by a phalanx of leftie agents and Democrat attorneys, cultural marxist handlers and communist masters who control every single aspect of her life, and especially her vote and public political endorsements.

Which means that she will soon be used to provide the exceedingly desperate Biden with the single most valuable endorsement of his entire time as a political career criminal.

Which also means that the whole country is about to be treated to the most enthralling and
engrossing, fascinating and alluring, gripping and riveting:

Proof of Similar Psyop

Paige VanZant, mixed martial artist and former UFC fighter, has now added her voice to the chorus of critics, sharing her own past experience, where she was approached to fake a relationship with an NFL player, adding credence to her theory.

“I was on Dancing with the Stars… At the time, I had hired a publicist. That was just kind of what you did. Everybody in LA has a publicist, and a publicist’s job is to make you more famous, to get you in magazines, TV shows, news articles, whatever, what have you. They get you interviews, this and that. So, at one point, my publicist called me and said, ‘hey, we got a call from this NFL player’s publicist,’” VanZant said.

She was then approached with a proposal for a staged date with an NFL player, complete with planned paparazzi and orchestrated public displays of affection. However, VanZant backed out at the last minute, standing up the unnamed NFL player.

The UFC veteran didn’t hold back in her critique of the Swift-Kelce narrative, stating, “I think that the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelsey love story, it is 100% fake. I truly believe it is publicity.”

“Whatever side you fall on, I believe it is 100% fake. It is publicity. One, it’s huge for the NFL, whether you think so or not, because, yes, the NFL is big; Taylor Swift is huge. And now she’s getting an entirely different demographic to come watch the NFL that never was interested in it. Think of the wives buying Travis Kelce jerseys now, or ‘Swifty’ jerseys for Taylor Swift. And it’s a huge publicity play on both fronts. It’s good for Taylor Swift, it’s good for the NFL, it’s good for Travis Kelce. There are so many strategic things happening.”

“Let me tell you more. Another reason Taylor Swift had, I know this just—it was a big news story—because her old manager owned the rights to a lot of her albums. So she then made ‘Taylor’s Version,’ which means she wanted all of her fans to only listen to Taylor’s version because she owns that version, and her prior manager didn’t get any income from it. She got the income from Taylor’s version of her albums, which she owned. The moment Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift started dating, the NFL changed their bio to ‘Taylor’s Version.’”

“So are you trying to say that Taylor Swift owns part of the NFL, or it’s just interest? I believe it’s publicity. Every single game, it just seems so fake to me and so phony. All of a sudden, right when the cameras are on Taylor Swift, she’s doing a secret handshake with Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ wife and brother. They’re doing this secret, coordinated handshake right when the cameras pan on them.”
(Source: UFC Veteran Paige VanZant Claims Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance as “100% Fake” — Recounts Her Own Experience with NFL Player)

To Be Continued —

Celebrity Psyop Watch
State of the Nation
January 30, 2024


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