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Curing That Bioweapon (Covid-19)

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I will include a clip below from an ER doctor in New York City who admits we are treating people incorrectly on ventilators in the late stages of the coronavirus . He says America will in a matter of weeks have more than 100,000 patients on ventilators and that they will die unless we learn something new.

There is hope. There is a cure. And it is cheap. Millions more tablets are being produced and so supply should not be an issue. The following treatment cures the patient in 6 days and reduces their viral load so much that they cannot transmit the disease.

Dr Zelenko has a treatment plan that works. Governor Cuomo does not want New Yorkers to have access to it unless they are in a hospital and in a trial that he has approved. I object to the governor’s pontification on the grounds that chloroquine has been around since 1945 so we do not need safety tests. A Dr Smith cured 80 of 80 patients in a hospital in New Jersey and others have been cured at Stanford, in France, in New York and Korea. In fact I checked with my local pharmacy in small town America where outpatients are being prescribed hydroxychloroquine but unfortunately without the zinc.

Dr Zelenko’s treatment plan:

Hydroxychloroquine’s mechanism of action appears to be how it acts as a strong zinc ionophore (i.e. pushing extra zinc into the intracellular space) and allowing that zinc to inhibit the enzyme that the virus is using to replicate. Two other zinc ionophores that are over the counter are Quercetin (flavonol) and EGCG (found in high concentrations in “matcha” green tea) and also available as a supplement.

Here is Dr. Zelenko’s ‘Zev’ treatment regimen:

Patients treated with three drug regimen:

    • 1- hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
    • 2- azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
             3- zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days


Let this doctor at the Medmastery channel explain in detail why zinc is so important.


There is a an Emergency Room doctor in New York City who made a video which describes how patients are dying when they get to the stage where they need ventilators. What he is describing is a bioweapon. Experts have said this coronavirus has obvious evidence of the HIV virus being spliced along with the ACE 2 receptor from SARS which means it was originally designed to kill Chinese people and other Asians. It was at a lab in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where it  was allowed to be stolen by Chinese scientists who had learned that this was a bioweapon designed to kill Asians. They took it to Wuhan. But the virus most likely originated in the Deep State in the US.

Finally, Dr Zelenko made a video which described how he had cured 350 patients. His practice is in Monroe New York and treats mostly Hasidic Jews. He estimates that a majority of the Hasidim in New York have coronavirus. That video was taken down because it did not meet community standards as established by Google’s YouTube. That video was mirrored and most of those mirrored videos have been taken down. This video is up over the weekend but Google and YouTube must have community standards that require them to take down all information that could stop this plague from destroying America and the rest of the world. Here it is for now. I hope someone else mirrors it so we can see it for a few days. How can we compare saving the lives of tens of millions of people around the world to maintaining YouTube’s precious community standards.


Some have said that there are doctors curing patients without the zinc. I say the video from the doctor at Medmastery explains that zinc plays a critical role in the treatment. We are not just getting patients out of waiting rooms and hospital beds. We want them to have a viral load so low that they are no longer transmissible. I think we are better off with a zinc supplement once a day for 5 days.

If  we defeat this bioweapon, I for one would refuse to take their coronavirus vaccine. Would you rally trust the the people who created this bioweapon to kill us would somehow repent, change character and instead give us a vaccine to protect us and not set us up for the next plague?


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