SOTN Editor’s Note: Let’s face it: the whole world is being methodically plunged into a state of chaos and confusion, combat and conflict, contention and clash.

But why?  Who’s really behind it?

There’s an old saying that goes like this: “As Israel goes, so goes the world”.

Also, “Only when there is peace in Israel, will there be peace in the world”.

Quite telling just how much influence those Hebrew prophets have on the entire planetary civilization today, yes?

KEY POINT: Those Hebrew prophecies which predicted the future of
humanity are now being fulfilled —  ON PURPOSE — by those who will
greatly benefit from their highly calculated and patently manufactured manifestation.

The following read provides some essential notes in order to properly understand the critical End-Time exposé that follows.

Schneerson’s Chabad Vision, “Accelerated Eschatology”
&Netanyahu’s End-Time Madness

State of the Nation
January 17, 2024


The Proof: Bibi, The Rebbe and Accelerated Eschatology

Rancho Mirage, CA
January 17, 2024

Submitted by Rich Scheck

I wasn’t much of a criminal lawyer during my brief career as an attorney but what has emerged on the public record seems more than enough to create probable cause of guilt for the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, in his pursuit of the Zionist dream.

The release of the below video makes it very clear that Netanyahu is operating at the direction of Rebbe Schneerson to “accelerate eschatology” in an effort to hasten the return of the Messiah.

It’s only 65 seconds long but the words expressed and that worshipping smile on Bibi’s face constitute an admission of the plan to literally speed up the return of the Messiah which is the core motivation underlying the actions by the leaders of the Zionist State in furtherance of what they believe is God’s will.

Schneerson is famous among his Tribe for being a scholar and philanthropist who led the Chabad movement for decades and died in 1994. The Lubavitchah Jews from Eastern Europe were so enamored of their Rebbe that many believe he is the Chosen One/Messiah himself and is still alive.

That’s why devotees as diverse as the new Argentine President Milei as well as Jared and Ivanka Kushner come to his grave to pray in reverence to him.

Where it gets even more intense is when one considers the presence of Chabad Jewry in the region formerly known as Khazaria where the Ukraine war is being fought under the leadership of President Zelensky who mysteriously declared in 2022 that “post-war Ukraine would become Greater Israel!”

One doesn’t have to be an anti-Semite or a supposed “self-hating Jew” like I’m accused of being to view these remarks in their context as evidence of specific intent as required by the criminal law to prove guilt.

Nor is one committing a “blood libel” to find the peculiar behavior recently on display at the Brooklyn Lubavitch headquarters with the revelation of underground tunnels and bloody mattresses to be very suspicious that something so foul was happening there that it literally needed to be cemented over.

For those concerned about the role of Zionist elements in the Deep State, there is little room for comfort when contemplating the Ukrainian/Khazarian roots of such political powerhouses as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Victoria Nuland among others.

Nor should one get too overjoyed by the comeback victory of former President Trump in Iowa last night since his record of subservience to the Zionist agenda is a major theme of those Christian fundamentalists who make up his base and are devout supporters of the Israeli cause.

I could pile it on with reference to Jewish money behind Trump from super-Zionist Sheldon Adelson and Jared’s recent actions in furtherance of Bibi’s Bunting Cloverleaf.

But it’s already overwhelmingly clear enough for most decent folks to be in shock with the realization that there is substance to the “conspiracy theory” linking (some) Jews to the New World Order (Illuminati) plans for global domination with Jerusalem the hoped for center of the Theocracy at the heart of Schneerson’s vision.

Of course, it all may be true with Bibi and his forces acting as God’s Soldiers to accelerate the End Times scenario they believe is authorized by their bible to usher in a future Eden.

But one look at Bibi’s face at the moment of him meeting Schneerson was enough to convince me that he is at best a misguided puppet of a dubious ideology or worse, a power-mad psychopath operating under a false consciousness that allows him to perpetuate great evil while simultaneously providing support for those who want to smear ALL Jews as making up the Synagogue of Satan.

This is the tragedy of modernity which must be confronted by decent people including those Jews who refuse to subscribe to the current slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza. This willful, forced effort to somehow hasten the return of The Messiah has pushed the world to the abyss of Armageddon and must be collectively resisted as we are seeing at the UN and International Court of Justice.

Centuries of persecution have understandably shaped a fear-based mindset and hyper-sensitivity to even the slightest hint of displeasure from The Other, i. e. Goyim. As I see it, far too many Jews are distracted by their own neurotic angst to realize they are not the only group to suffer oppression.

Sadly, it is a common experience for countless millions over the ages who either fall victim to the sword of conquering hordes or who commit their own atrocities in the name of God and Country.

This pattern must cease in Gaza, Ukraine and everywhere one group feels entitled to bully another based on their perceived “Mandate From Heaven!” As (Jewish) Astrophysicist, Avi Loeb, has delineated, the standard required for our “continuance” as a species as we struggle to reach “the highest rung on the cosmic ladder of civilizations” involves
reliance on “our science-led persistence” as conscious beings to promote the SHARED purpose of all sentient intelligence throughout the Universe” (emphasis added).

Yes, a “shared” purpose, Loeb concludes on page 226 of his book, Interstellar, as the “fulfillment of a sacred trust” in furtherance of our collective survival. It is implicitly NOT the exclusive provenance of any religion, sect or nationality as Bibi seems to think based on his inspiration from Schneerson.

It is time for Jews, Muslims, Christian Nationalists, xenophobic Democrats, Leftist Authoritarians, Fascists, Zionists, the leaders of the CCP and others like those at the WEF who foresee an AI-infected Transhumanist future to embrace a deeper spirituality.

Doing that as part of what I describe as The Cosmic Reset will allow for the survival of every Earthling in a naturally unfolding Eschatology that requires no violence and has the potential to uplift us all. Cosmic Reset (Part 3): Space Migration, Metalaw and Exoconsciousness

Special Note: There are two critical exposés which provide amazing detail to this multi-century plot to take over the entire planetary civilization by the NWO cabal of globalists which uses the Khazarian dark forces of Zionism.  As follows:




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