Veteran Firefighter Explains How The Most Obvious “Un-natural Anomalies” About the Fabricated Colorado Firestorms

Comment posted by kinganu

I fought wildfires for over a decade so I know a bit about them….I quit doing it because they quit letting us put them out.

Fire does not rip engines out of cars, nor can it flip them over.

Metal buildings with metal roofs in the middle of paved parking lots do not catch fire due to wildfires.

Bodies lying alone on pavement do not burn until the top half exposed part is burnt to ash.

Cars that are plenty far enough away from the heat source that they would not have caught fire….

You mean to tell me that all those houses in Colorado had tall dry grass right up against the sides of their houses?!?!

And nobody wetted down their roofs or just sprayed water around their yards in general…. Oh, thats right, I forgot they all ran off in terror…..And where were the fire trucks?

I’ve seen a grassfire in 60 to 80 mph winds eat up an entire valley in less than 15 minutes and the lone farm house that was right in the middle of the valley was completely unscathed.

Were those winds artificially induced as well?……I would not be in the least surprised.

In over a decade of firefighting, the only dead animals I’ve ever seen were one chipmunk and a few lizards…..wild life is not stupid enough to stick around; and deer come back into the fire zone while it’s still smoldering.

Too many un-natural anomalies in these fires……way to many that just too damn obvious.


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