Canadian and American Truckers Strike Back With A Vengeance (Video)

Freedom Convoy 2022: A Glorious Sight

History making truckers Canada + America

Our Greater Destiny

Jan 25, 2022: Over 3$ million donated by freedom loving humans to defray trucker costs of fuel and vehicle repairs, food and shelter, and to remain in Ottawa as long as it takes for illegal, unconstitutional mandates to be lifted.

Help truckers coming through Toronto

We need people to supply basic first aid kits, mitts, gloves and hats for the truckers. If you can bring supplies Wed Jan 26.22 Joanne will hand them to the truckers at Vaughan Mills mall on Thurs Jan 27.22 at 12 noon.

Anybody can bring supplies to Vaughan Mills and hand them out. The convoy is coming from a long distance, be patient, as some may arrive late.

Volunteers meet Thurs Jan 27.22 11:30 a.m. outside the BASS PRO SHOP at Vaughan Mills Mall located at 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4 in the parking lot.

To be clear this is not a rally, it is an effort to get supplies to members of the convoy. The rally will be later that day at Queens Park. This event is purely to distribute supplies.

Jan 24.22: The convoy is now 150 km/93 miles long

Thanks Cindy, Larry and Peter in Ontario!

Written by Larry Beckstead and Peter Nelson

Produced by Peter Nelson

Schedule & Route information for Convoy 2022 by province

Thanks Kathy

Current departure and arrival addresses, dates, and times depending on weather.

Thanks Judy

Freedom Convoy Salmon Arm BC January 23, 2022

Rigs instead of guns

Please give thanks and send everyone protection

Footage sent by freedom loving Canadians wishing to get the word out, and the more who see what’s happening the better for all.

Canadian Trucker Convoy takes over the highways

Many highway cameras are turned off.

Please make good use of [leverage] images, videos, songs, collaboration between Canadian and American truckers and the people, to show family, friends, acquaintances things are not as portrayed by church, state, corporate, media, many doctors, nurses, and law enforcement and that now is the time to stand together for justice and reconciliation, peace, coherence, and freedom.

Inspirational Tribute to Canadian Trucker Convoy 2022

Thanks Maria

Let’s ride this wave of high vibration love and unity momentum into a new era!

Please share, ask others to share and suggest they stock up now. TY!


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