Posted by Jim Stone, Investigative Reporter

I saw this rumor last night but did not repeat it because I did not think it was plausible. However, the explanation is that he ran as far away as he could in Canada because if he landed abroad that would make news and he’s globally hated. The safest place then would be Vancouver Island. That makes sense now, and he’s evidently in a town called Tofino and was spotted because his obvious security detail gave him away.

How stupid is that??? All Turdeau needs to do to be safe is put on a facemask, wear sunglasses, and walk right through the protest. NO ONE would figure out it was him. But no coward would EVER do that.

Additionally, it appears the Canadian government is attempting to block the truckers where they are by parking heavy equipment in the road to prevent them from leaving. I don’t know how practical that’s going to end up being unless Canada has a Tienanman square type event planned and considering they opted to kill millions with a shot which is what this whole damn protest is about, I would not put that past them. Obviously that many are not dead yet but just wait until May.

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