Did Trudeau’s Chief of Staff just suggest staging this SHOCKING false flag terror attack in Ottawa?!

The following extremely serious allegation was
posted on Facebook against Katie Telford, the
current Chief of Staff to PM Justin Trudeau.

Submitted by Anonymous Whistleblower

“It sounds like a whistleblower from the PM’s office has leaked information that Katie Telford herself has suggested in a meeting today, that an undercover officer already with the convoy, hit and injure a “RCMP or Ottawa City riot control horse” with a big truck and try to make it look like a hit & run and blame it on a protester. They want to have news cameras there so the horse being euthanized (due to its injuries), can be videoed in time for the evening news in the maritimes. According to the spin on the story, the horse is going to be named Fox and they will say it was originally named in honor of Terry Fox. The Officer Riding the horse (she will actually be leading it across a road) is actually a female officer in JTs own security detail and the last name they will use for her name is Johnson. (Something about both names scoring better in a focus group). They wanted to say she was killed by a truck too, but figured that would take to (sic) much time to pull off.”

— End of first message —

SOTN Editor’s Note: While this whistleblower rumor may be true or false, even if it’s entirely true, the perps may not carry out the devious scheme.  And, they may stage another black operation which has not yet been exposed instead.


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