The Trudeau Tyranny Strikes Back!!! (Videos)

CANADA: This is the Hill to die on

Government overreach escalating

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Emergency message to Canadians

Dr. Roger Hodkinson and others speak truth to power. Please listen and share.

Midnight Feb 06.22 anyone attempting to bring material support (gas, etc.) to demonstrators could be subject to arrest

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Ottawa police:

Police reinforcements moving in

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Intimidation tactics

Were the people set up?

Are trucker convoys a planned exit strategy for politicians to avert the wrath of people fed up with covid mandates? And a distraction, as countries roll back covid restrictions and governments install digital ID social credit systems equivalent to social death for anyone unfaithful to state dictates?

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Limitless control of humans is beyond speculation and theory

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The Freedom Convoy 2022 image came from Sweden and was forwarded by a friend in Europe. Who’s really behind Freedom Convoy 2022?


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Who organized in a few weeks 100,000 truckers assembling in Ottawa, while Canadians are still wearing harmful face masks after 2 years?

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Who interfered with $10 million donated to take care of the truckers and their vehicles?

Who is GoFundMe’s top shareholder? Blackrock, which also owns Pfizer and Moderna.

Who booked all hotel rooms until next week, and cancelled room reservations?

Vital message from Herbert Hildebrandt of Liberty Coalition Canada on the horrific Ottawa police tyranny announced by Chief Peter Sloly. This MUST BE SHARED with every freedom-loving and law-abiding citizen!

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I’m going home victorious like Caesar or in a body bag!

Thanks, Maria. [Que]

Where to file a complaint against Ottawa police

Truckers placed their families and lives on hold to take a stand to end tyranny and crimes against humanity. The least we can do is file a complaint, from anywhere in the world, with intent to withdraw consent to abuse of truckers and crimes against humanity.

The Police Services Act establishes a partnership between the Ottawa Police Service, the Police Services Board, members of the public, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC). The emphasis of the “Complaints” portion of the Act is to resolve complaints including damage or loss of property due to police actions, in a timely, professional, and where possible in an informal manner.

Court opened for Grand Jury proceeding for covid-19 crimes against humanity

Today is Day 01 of the Grand Jury led by German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. I will post details soonest possible.

How communists took over Canada

Surely you realize by now Canada is under attack, infiltrated at the highest levels of government. Mainstream media is paid by infiltrated and/or corrupt government. You are told what to think, what to believe and you are told how to act – and you obey.

Stop ‘allowing’ them use us against one another!

CSIS director said foreign governments infiltrating local, provincial governments 2010

In a rare interview CSIS director Richard Fadden reveals CSIS has ongoing investigations into politicians at the provincial and municipal level who are agents of influence for foreign governments in Canada.

Stephen Harper G20 Summit 2010

  1. Stephen Harper’s agenda to dissolve Canada’s sovereignty is in full bloom 2022.During the Toronto G20, Stephen Harper admitted to aiding and abetting a global economy that undermines and attacks Canada’s sovereignty, national security, and economic prosperity.” I know some people don’t like it. It is a loss of national sovereignty, but it is reality.” ~ Stephen Harper“As I constantly remind Canadians, there isn’t really a Canadian economy anymore. It is a global economy.” ~ Stephen Harper

Chinada 2020-2022 scamdemic

Two years of restrictions for SARS-CoV2 never isolated nor purified anywhere on the planet, meaning there is NO infectious disease called covid-19. Copy, paste, close gap. https ://

Two years of bogus PCR test results after Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR test said PCR was not designed to detect an infectious disease.

Two years of applying high calibration cycles in PCR tests to sustain false positive results, instill fear, and deceive people into receiving experimental gene therapy m-RNA injections without full disclosure of what’s in the jab.

Two years of breathing in carbon dioxide waste expelled from the lungs when hundreds of studies confirm masks are harmful and do not prevent transmission.

Two years of people losing jobs, businesses, honorable doctors, nurses and other professionals fired and berated, people of all ages deceased b/c safe and effective treatments were withheld or medical treatment suspended.

Two years of lockdowns and social distancing never proven to be effective that contributed to massive increases in mental illness, suicides, and drug abuse.

By, under, out of, and through, the absolute authority of Necessity and Emergency and other Extraordinary Measures

We need the majority of Canadians to align with the truckers to take back our power, and begin a process of writing a new Constitution that recognizes Canadians and Indigenous people as a whole have all the power, not elected politicians controlled by globalists.

If you missed this please consider reading it.

Our spirit/soul embodied at this time for us to take back our power and use it constructively, not give it to others to use against us. Ask within for what you require so it can be given. Please share. TY!


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