American Truckers Roll Across the USA as the Massive “People’s Convoy”

American truckers gear up for massive opposition to tyrannical covid mandates

Our Greater Destiny

Organizers expect >10,000 vehicles to join the already 3,000 strong

Incredible drone footage showing the entire stretch of #ThePeoplesConvoy at a stopover in St. Robert, MO. @peoplesconvoyus 🇺🇲

MARCH 1: Eight-mile long, 100-vehicle People’s Convoy

EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS - MARCH 1: The eight-mile long, 100-vehicle People's Convoy, continued its cross-country trek through Illinois on Tuesday. The group will stop in Indiana overnight


“The People’s Convoy” Heads to D.C.

Helicopter flying a huge American flag.

The truckers are getting used to that type of reception, as thousands of flag-waving Americans greet them daily along their 2,500-mile path. Donors have given more than $1.5 million to provide fuel and supplies, and organizers note that “the fund is being handled by volunteer accountants and overseen by a law firm.” On Monday, the Springfield News-Leader reported the convoy already stretched 15 miles, with more truckers on their way to join along the path to D.C.

100 gather in LeRoy to join ‘People’s Convoy’ in stand against mandates

LEROY — A U.S. flag billowing 50 feet high just off Interstate 74 acted as a beacon Tuesday afternoon, bringing together Central Illinoisans in support of a convoy of truckers calling for an end to COVID-related mandates.

‘People’s Convoy’ Releases Official Route

The People’s Convoy has released the route it will take to proclaim Americans’ love of freedom in a way that even Washington cannot ignore.

Today’s truckers are 21st Century pioneers

Every trucker in these convoys is fearlessly doing their part to set us all free, so let’s show our support and assist in ways we can.

Please spread the word. TY!


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