UKRAINE 2022: A War for the Soul of Humanity

What’s the Deal with Ukraine?

Veronica Swift

World events make a lot more sense when you look at them from the perspective of Luciferians vs. the rest of us. This is about kids & witchcraft, not Russia and Ukraine.

  1. Ukraine is a hotbed of Satanic/Demonic/Luciferian activity, military, satanic family bloodlines and more, including a large Nazi faction.
  2. An Elderly Ukrainian woman claims that the Ukrainian army is the one looting homes, stealing cars and destroying property, not the Russians. (1)
  3. A Ukrainian man doesn’t have much nice to say about Ukraine, calling the people there “so corrupt, so evil, such liars, thieves” and “there’s a massive mafia in Ukraine, how about the whole country.” He supports what Putin is doing. (3)
  4. Ukraine has been a major world center for trafficking children for over 40 years. In the early 1980’s, a former Ukrainian Legion of Defense leader, Michael Karkoc, was teaching Michael Aquino (US Army) and John Brennan (former head of the CIA) how to traffic children out of the Ukraine for use by the Luciferian system. All 3 of these men are very, very high up in the rankings of the Brotherhood, a satan-following religion. All 3 are Luciferians. All 3 are also likely Nazi’s; Karkoc was for sure. (6)
  5. The Ukraine Embassy in the US and the US Embassy in Ukraine are involved in trafficking children. (12)
  6. The CIA does black operations in Ukraine, including military provocations, organ trafficking and narcotics. They recruit/recruited for this under a CIA front company called Mission Essential. (11)
  7. Jesuits target Ukraine to receive babies from, along with China and Asia/Malaysia. (13)
  8. The Ukraine is host to at least 15 US-funded Bioweapons laboratories. Since release of this information not long ago, the internet has been scrubbed of this information. The wayback machine still contains remnants of the information on them. (5)
  9. The children of 3 High Luciferian politicians in the United States were outed as having received massive amounts of (laundered) money from an Ukrainian Oil Company. Those children were John Kerry Jr., Christopher Heinz (stepson of John Kerry), and Hunter Biden (Joe Biden). The money went to Rosemont Seneca BoHai LLC, a company owned by John Kerry and the above-named children. Amounts were in excess of 80 million dollars. When investigation of this scheme was started, 1 billion dollars was on the line for Ukraine as the US government threatened to withhold it. The investigation didn’t continue. (4)
  10. Paul Pelosi Jr., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son was on the board of Oil/Gas company called Viscoil that did business in the Ukraine, but he was also busted for a cryptocurrency scam involving a sham United Nations-associated World Sports Alliance. (2)
  11. Quote from Michael Jaco, “our taxes go to Ukraine to help Ukraine? Uh, they don’t see it because it goes into uh Bidens and all of his cronies pockets.” (7)
  12. For many years, Ukraine has been Europe’s capital for black market organ harvesting. (8)
  13. OW defines organ harvesting as being not just for sale to organ donation/transplant schemes, but also for human consumption and use in witchcraft. Ukraine is the #1 exporter of witchcraft ingredients derived from former living humans. (9)
  14. The Ukraine probably has the most underground catacombs in the world per capita. Perhaps tied with the Netherlands. This is where the occult of the world do their business, is underground.(9)
  15. OW claims that the purpose of the bioweapons labs is for alchemy (chemistry) magic, including sex magick and blood magick. Those types of magick are related to opening spiritual gates, and alignment with powerful demons. (9)
  16. OW claims that many of the NAZI army working for the government of Ukraine at this time are freemasons from the United States (brotherhood/Luciferians). (9)
  17. Project Aerodynamic funded clandestine human/demon interface projects and spiritual gate projects like Star Wars Now and Voice of God. It was based in the Ukraine.
  18. Named Luciferians are pro-Ukraine. Marina Abramovic, who trained in witchcraft under Grand High Priestess Gloria Vanderbilt, says that “an attack on Ukraine is an attack on all of Us.” By “All of Us” she means Luciferians. (by the way, check out that video of hers through the link in the sources, and forget watching it, just read the comments.) (9, 10)
  19. Ukraine also seems to be a source country for adrenochrome production, likely in the biolabs that Putin has targeted and destroyed. (9)

Based on all this, wouldn’t it be perfectly in alignment for the Luciferians to scream bloody murder–I mean scream “Russian Collusion”–every time DJT so much as glanced in the direction of Putin? The dark magic Luciferians are scared witless that Russia is going to put a stop to their child trafficking and other clandestine evil activities in Ukraine. Pedophilia is one that Putin has named specifically that he wants to rout out. (14)

Russia isn’t perfect, it’s got its own problems, as does Putin. However, he does appear to be intent on knocking down or at least knocking back the basic dark witchcraft problems endemic in Ukraine. As with all wars, there are innocent casualties. Most of the time the casualties aren’t caused by the home country army, however, as they seem to be in this one.



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