GEOTERRORISM ALERT! How does a brush fire repeatedly reignite after being put out by the fire dept. and then ‘spontaneously’ EXPLODE yet again on camera…….

…unless the awfully brazen arsonists (read: sponsored by
NWO globalist cabal) carried out their crime scheme to
happen exactly that way.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Did the Deep State-directed pyroterrorists just use one of their California-tested DEWs or other fire-starting weapons to trigger this obviously manmade conflagration in Tallahassee, Florida … and then capture the explosion on video in order to issue a threat to Governor Ron DeSantis about not leaving the New World Order reservation?!

Residents in northern Tallahassee react to the reignition of a brush fire that caused an explosion

By Brandon Spencer

Watch Video Here:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A brush fire turns into an explosion in northern Tallahassee Friday and has local residents questioning their safety.

This explosion happened on Cold Harbor Drive and Capstone Drive near the Red Hills Village Retirement Resort at about 5:45pm Friday and our Brandon Spencer and Savannah Kelley were actually able to capture the moment on film.

The residents of Ox Bottom Crest in northern Tallahassee say they’re very weary after a string of raging brush fires threatened to spread near their homes.

“I would say it was very big and scary and I was just like what?!,” exclaimed young resident Kate Manzueta.

Brandon says he had a similar reaction as Kate after watching the fire reignite and combust after it had been put out several hours before. The fire coming as a shocker to those living nearby.

“Anytime you hear an explosion, shotgun or shots or any kind of noise like that it’s always a concern because you never know,” shared Tallahassee resident Frank Overdyke.” That’s not a good sign here, so yeah we’re always concerned about it but we want make sure everyone is safe.

The fires were on the mind of all residents as some were even able to watch the explosion from their backyard.

“It worries me that they thought that’s it’s been contained a number of times but still flares back up,” explained Tallahassee resident Mandy Manzueta. “So obviously I’m going to be paying really close attention to the back door the next couple of days to make sure it doesn’t ignite again so we can let them know if it does.”

And while residents appreciate the fast action of the fire department, the concerns for the community stand.

“They did a really good job. They came in here, date of the situation and they don’t just jump in. They analyze it and they go fight and put the fire out,” said Overdyke.

“I appreciate them and give them thanks for coming out and we hope that they continue to keep an eye on the situation,” shared Manzueta. “But houses are right here, there’s a retirement home right next to us so yeah it is a serious situation.”

While residents say they hope Friday’s fire was the last of it, TFD says they will be sure to continue to monitor and respond to these dry conditions in our area.

TFD says they do not know the cause of the fires or the explosion and say this is still an ongoing investigation.

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