There are very good reasons why Zelensky is now pleading for direct talks with Putin.

The West has spent every bullet they had, and all they accomplished was to speed up Russia’s pivot to Asia (while slowing the US/EU’s pivot).

Ukraine is toast unless they find a settlement quick. Zelensky is now pleading for talks directly with Putin, and Zelensky says Ukraine joining NATO is off the table. Unlike the Pentagon, Russia’s military doctrine is not designed with CNN ratings in mind. According to NATO, Russia still has 80-90% of its forces in Russia proper (they haven’t moved into Ukraine yet). It is going to get much much worse for Ukraine if this war drags on.

Zelensky isn’t a nazi, but a lot of people fighting for him inside Ukraine are. Why wouldn’t Zelensky throw the nazi’s under the bus? Bad for Davos, good for Ukraine and for Russia.

China is going to mediate talks between Russia and Ukraine — and more critically to the world the US won’t be at the table.

Zelensky will give Putin everything Putin has asked for (no NATO, no Western missiles, no Nazis), and Zelensky will get Ukraine independence.

It’s the mirror outcome of the Cuban missile crisis. Missiles and Soviet Union gone. Castro remained in power. Cuba remained (and remains) independent.

Ukraine is a transit hub for China’s one belt / one road initiative … so if Zelensky plays has cards right, Ukraine will end up much better than Cuba.

Russia and Ukraine win (at a cost that didn’t need to happen). The US loses power, influence and future trade — all the while taking our eye off the ball. We need to pivot our economy (not the military) to Asia. We need to have more exports to Asia / more jobs here. Instead, we have a dementia patient trying to cover up his past bribery scandals.

Comment posted by Chris Akers


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