How is Russia tolerating the West’s arming of Ukrainian forces?!?!

From Jim Stone:

I do not know how Russia is tolerating the West’s arming of Ukranian forces

Ukraine recently got armed with portable hand launchable star streak anti aircraft missiles from Britain. They have a range of 7 miles, go mach 3.5 and spin in a tight 1.5 meter circle to give them a better chance of hitting. To top it off, they are point and shoot. An idiot can down a fighter jet with one. Crude pointing is all they need.

I don’t know how Russia is tolerating this. I don’t know how Russia is tolerating American and European leadership mixed with the AZOV forces either. What’s the difference between what is going on and doing an actual invasion with Western identity? America and Europe are already at war with Russia. And there’s something a lot worse than this –

Weapons like that british missile system need to be kept in the proper hands, and that’s not reality in Ukraine. The West just handed “Ukrainian chaos” weapons that can down ordinary commercial jets anywhere. Is Ukraine, which is intentionally targeting and murdering civilians en masse trustworthy with that type of weapon? NOPE!

Here is a screen capture from a YouTube video where a real Ukrainian said it like it is.

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