Russian Foreign Minster Tells Unvarnished Truth About How The West Provoked Ukraine War


Posted By: GeorgeEaton

Sergey Lavrov: “We did everything in our power to avoid a direct conflict. But they issued a challenge and we have accepted it. We are used to sanctions. We have been living under one or another form of sanctions for a long time now.

The surprising thing is a surge of rabid Russophobia in almost all “civilised” countries. They have thrown to the wind their political correctness, propriety, rules, & legal norms.

The Americans started preparing the current crisis long ago, right after the end of the Cold War, having decided that the way to global hegemony was then open. NATO’s eastward expansion has been one of the key components of such a course. We tried hard to convince them not to do this. We showed where and why our red lines are drawn. We were flexible, ready to make concessions & look for compromises. All this proved futile.”

This is from a recent speech Lavrov made to the 30th Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy.

Here is a youtube comment on a recent video released titled:
Russia claims the US and its allies are responsible for the global crisis

Russia took every conceivable step to avoid war, but was left with no choice. Ukraine made a number of fatal mistakes and got a war. – brought to power the nationalists/ Nazis as a result of the coup in 2014 with the support of the US. The cost was announced by Victoria Nuland- ” We invested $5 billion in the revolution on the Maidan”. John McCain on the same stage with the Ukrainian Nazis in front of the crowd in Kyiv 2014 and so on. The attitude of Russians towards the Nazis is special. It is not the same as in the US or EU. 27 million death Soviet citizens( of which only 8 million were military losses). Each family lost many relatives, each Russian family. Russian have a genetic hatred for Nazism. The US made a big mistake by betting on the cultivation of Nazism heavily mixed with Ukrainian nationalism in Ukraine as a cheap way to fight Russia. They are useful idiots( such is their ideological motivation, they are ready to fight Russia for free). But it was guaranteed way to drag Russia into a military conflict. Why not?- thought in the US and the tangible development of Nazism in Ukraine began rapidly 25 year ago, first painted as patriotism, after 27 years it grew into a violent Ukrainization of everyone. (end quote)


My comment: Unless this illegitimate Biden regime is stopped, they will continue their war against Russia and the result will be WW3 and a nuclear exchange. The Russians made their case crystal clear and it was reasonable and fair.
It is obvious the wealthy elite globalists are pushing for a confrontation with Russia for the ulterior motive of stealing their land and natural resources. This is murderous intent and savage piracy against a free nation.
Once our nation was overthrown in a stolen election the globalist lackeys in the White house went into action to promote a war against Russia. This policy is in direct opposition to Constitutional values and the rule of law. These actions by the US and Nato is stirring up a world war with callous disregard for the innocent lives on both sides that would be destroyed in a nuclear war.
Our nation has been taken over by an oligarchy of wealthy elite socialists that intend to rule the world with hegemonic power which is in direct opposition to free, independent and sovereign democratic Republics.

Everything that this regime is doing is 100% opposite of what should be done. We should be helping the Russians, not treating them like an enemy.
We should end all sanctions against Russia and stop the oil and gas embargo against them. We should not support the Nato membership of Finland and Sweden.
In fact the US should pull out all US troops from Europe and leave the Nato organization, permanently. Its purpose is no longer valid.
We should allow new drilling for oil and gas wells in the US, and allow the pipeline from Canada to be restarted and finished.
We should place a moratorium on gas and diesel fuel restrictions on vehicles as an “emergency economic measure”, and allow industries to catch up in the invention of more fuel efficient systems.
And, we need to come up with new ways to tap into a fuel resource that is currently going to waste – and that is the frozen methane gas under the oceans.
If we do all these things from Washington DC, we can avoid a nuclear war and have a better tomorrow. Otherwise, we are on the pathway towards a war that will end up killing billions of people world wide and create a radioactive wasteland that will last for generations. As I see it, the choice is clear. GE


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