Recent Mass Shootings Magically Timed as SCOTUS Ready to Rule on Reversal of Gun Rights.

Submitted by Harold Saive

JUNE 2, 2022 – Upcoming Supreme Court ruling in major Second Amendment case looms over calls for new gun laws

Mass Shootings Magically Timed as SCOTUS Now Ready to Decide Sweeping Second Amendment Reversal of Gun Rights.
Following oral arguments in November in the case, known as New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, a majority of the court appeared poised to invalidate the New York law, though the scope of a forthcoming decision on the right to carry outside the home remains unclear.

Joseph Blocher, a law professor at Duke University and co-director of its Center for Firearms Law, said it’s unlikely the Supreme Court finds all permit requirements for public carry of handguns to be unconstitutional, which would be a sweeping decision mandating nationwide permitless carry. Instead, the high court could strike down the New York law on the grounds it is too strict or gives too much discretion to state licensing officials.

Either way, Blocher predicted that a decision from the Supreme Court to invalidate New York’s rules could prompt states to shift their focus to new restrictions that prohibit firearms in sensitive spaces, such as in bars.

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