US/NATO Hegemonic Pretensions Accelerating Path Toward Nuclear War

Photo of the heads of state at the G7 Summit 2022 venue located in Schloss Elmau, Krün, Bavarian Alps, Germany

Kalispell, Montana
June 27, 2022

by Rich Scheck

The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate! Rather than opting for de-escalation and diplomacy, the hegemonic pretensions of the US/NATO policy towards Russia have brought us perilously closer to nuclear war:

Those calling for an end to the madness are demonized and marginalized if not ignored and/or censored by the MSM and Big Tech who serve as cheerleaders for the warmongers.

The likelihood of reliance on emergency powers by those promoting their criminal agenda increases by the moment as evidenced by the pronouncements emerging from the G7 leaders.

Their blindness to the consequences of this flawed policy is underscored by the dastardly image of their meeting at a former locale of The Third Reich which only lends more credence to Putin’s justification for entering Ukraine on the pretext of a “denazification campaign!”

The West has clearly lost the right to its claims as the citadel of civilized values having morphed into the corrupt, depraved shell of its former self in the quest for a Pax Americana Imperium!

The G7 puffery and rhetoric from NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is like watching the movement of Roadrunner Wylie Coyote’s legs after he is over the cliff: they are still in motion despite the fact that he is about to plunge into the abyss below with impending Doom moments ahead.

None of this need have happened had wiser heads prevailed. But the lust for power that transformed a democratic republic into a Leviathan and sees tyranny replacing liberty is still firmly in control despite a few electoral wins and favorable court decisions.

The Momentum of Modernism led by such forces as Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence has taken over the real agenda driving culture and the waves of global change. There may yet be a way to reverse or at best constrain these powerful dynamics.

But time is growing short and the peril facing us like that exuberant Coyote floating over the edge is far greater than most decent folks can begin to even imagine.

Like the classic drunk who needs to hit bottom before change is possible, the West is rapidly descending towards a crash landing impact with reality and the consequences of years of wrong-headed decisions that has left it morally, politically and financially bankrupt while simultaneously putting the rest of humanity at grave risk of extinction.

The bad karma from mindless imperialism is upon us with few in the MAGA movement or among Woke Progressives understanding their complicity in the ugly fate that now awaits America and the West.

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