Joe Biden to block Boris Johnson’s SOLUTION to global food crisis

Submitted by Harold Saive

Joe Biden to block Boris Johnson’s answer to global food crisis
US president opposes Prime Minister’s plan to ease cost of living by curbing green fuels

Joe Biden will on Monday attempt to block Boris Johnson’s plan to move away from green fuels amid a transatlantic split over how to tackle the global cost of living crisis.

Mr Johnson will address G7 leaders at a summit in Germany and ask them to repurpose land currently used for crop-based biofuels to grow more food.

The Prime Minister believes using less green fuel would dampen soaring food prices and help avert famines in poorer countries that rely heavily on Ukrainian grain blockaded in ports by Russia.

However, Mr Biden’s officials made it clear on Sunday that Washington will attempt to block the plans in a bid to protect US farmers and avoid jeopardising climate commitments.

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