DEEP STATE’S JULY 4TH PSYOP: Six Dead and Twenty-Four Injured During Chicago Area Mass Shooting

JULY 4th Another False Flag Shooting

By Newsploy Staff

Happy July 4th 2022

You would have to be an idiot to think the Deep State would miss another opportunity to create public sheeple outcry for more gun control. You know they would try something on the 4th and they selected DNC Controlled Chicago where a mass shooting has just been reported. Six dead and Twenty-Four injured and the genius shooter leaves his rifle behind– will they pin this on a Jan 6th patsy?

The developing narrative is already being revealed by the lamestream media. The gun left behind has to be traced through multiple owners and with physical paperwork it takes too long– expect Biden to attempt to pass gun registry tracing to close the gifting and gun show exchange of weapons; if this is not already buried in the recent gun control compromise. Connect the dots and it equals another rather obvious false flag. Listen to this recording False Flag for Dummies if you are not already familiar with false flags.

Funny how these mass shooters are upset with their present condition, so we are told they randomly shoot up innocent families to strike out at society; while skipping those actually responsible for such social policies such as politicians or multi-national corporations. Maybe they only like gun free soft targets, or maybe the entire “mass shooter” phenomena is no different than the tooth fairy.

The Deep State is desperate to turn over America to China or United Nations troops, or China soldiers wearing the blue helmets. Let’s be clear here, they don’t want full nuclear war with an inhabitable planet; but there is a good chance they will sacrifice an American city such as Washington DC with a small nuke to ignite civil war. A power outage is another option, but it does not have the shock and awe of a Nuke. If you see either, civil war has officially begun. We say they might sacrifice Washington DC; because many government agencies have been moved to Colorado and Utah. The Queen has purchased land in Colorado and Denver Airport is ready for continuity of government.

At this stage we all know the plan, anyone who is awake enough to feel the “Drip-by-Drip” old Fabian technique; now being turned on full throttle.

Case in point, there have been 5,000 more fatal shootings under the Biden Administration than under Trump. The DNC is not just “soft on crime” they are “hard on violence” carried out against the American people. There is little doubt the attack in Texas was some sort of child sacrifice to Moloch.

Americans this 4th of July, need to wake up and understand we are at war. It may be a stealth war currently, but it is most likely about to go full civil war. Did you see what happened to those Ukrainian citizens; better mount up supplies today..

Those fat cat Elitists at the World Economic Forum are now publicly stating that they have a limited window of opportunity to achieve their “Great Reset.” Those seem to be marching orders to accelerate their plans for world domination.

Under the THEORY OF TECHNOCRACY you will own nothing and be happy with your monthly allowance of Crypto-Carbon-Credits (666). Incidentally these generous credits EXPIRE at the end of each month. If you have used up your Carbon Credits you won’t be able to flush your toilet until the following month.

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This is called—Universal Basic Income; a fiat scam system to prevent you from SAVING up any resources to start a Small Business that could compete with Multi-National Corporate markets, owned by these elitists.

The word TECHNOCRACY is banned from television, this is because the Elite think it is their secret evil plan. Well the secret has been exposed and everyone needs to study the playbook. Technocracy = Communism + Advanced Technology.

The Advanced Technology is to track, monitor, and control each and every citizen; potentially with a DARPA bio implant chip called a vaccine. This type of tyranny is tested in places like China for example. If you have not figured it out yet, any country with a central bank (aka China, Russia, Ukraine, etc.); all work for the same cabal. With 195 countries and only 7 without a central bank; that is how much global control they hold. An armed American population is the only thing standing in their way.

There were two insiders who knew about the Theory of Technocracy; and they moved quickly to author two books. In 1932 the book written was “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. In 1949, the book was “1984” by George Orwell. Both of these authors were Atheist Luciferian insiders who were informed that “technocracy” would be imposed upon the world; they didn’t just accidentally create masterpiece novels—they had insider information. Today they are trying to implement Gene Therapy on our children; it is time to put a stop to the madness.

We would say there is a LIMITED WINDOW to take back our country. The strategy is now clear— remove all career politicians from office, BAN FREEMASONS, JESUITS, and CABALISTS from serving in our government. That should eliminate around 90% of our government employees who are members of these cults. The truth movement needs to stop arguing about who is at the top of pyramid, let’s remove all three groups from our government and sort it out later.

In 1830 the WHIG PARTY attempted to do just this, and as we celebrate the 4th of July—we need to make another run at a new political movement free of Deep State infiltrators. Then we will see peace and an end to mass shootings.


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