ALL Flights will soon be grounded, because the jabbed pilots are UNinsurable!!!

Submitted by GA

To reduce the number of flights in the air, you have:
1) Pilots who quit or retired rather than take the Kill Shots.
2) Pilots who are now dead, because they took the mandatory Kill Shots.
3) Pilots who are now disabled, because they took the mandatory Kill Shots.
4) Pilots who took the mandatory kill shots (and they all did, or they lost their jobs), who are ILL (heart problems), yet still flying so they can pay their mortgage.  They are flying time bombs.
5) Now some airlines are requiring 3 pilots in the cockpit, in case one ……or two pilots have a medical emergency which incapacitates them while flying.  Recall that flying increases the risk of blood clots for everyone, including the non-jabbed.  Flying at high altitudes for long periods of time, increases the blood clot risk almost off the charts for those who took the clot shots.  And they have had a TON of such emergencies ever since the clot shots were rolled out.  Already we have read accounts of passengers having to land a plane, because the pilots died during the flight.
6) Finally, now we have the Aviation Insurance Companies putting their foot down, and refusing to cover ANY planes piloted by jabbed pilots.  Commercial airlines can’t fly planes without commercial aviation insurance to cover the cost, should the plane crash and kill or maim everyone on board.

#6 will end up grounding all planes soon.

One can not help but wonder how long the airlines will continue to require mandatory clot shots of all their highly experienced professional pilots…..who had to fly for YEARS before they could qualify to fly commercially???
But even if the airlines did drop the mandates, unvaxxed people can NOT be around vaxxed people for very long without becoming vaxxed themselves.  I’ve read many stories of people just driving some place in the car with a jabbed person, and the unjabbed became severely ill, and even died just from the exposure to a jabbed person.  These clots shots were designed to do exactly that, in order to kill of as many people as possible, so even the “vax hesitant” can get jabbed through exposure, and die as well.
So even if the airlines started hiring unjabbed pilots, those pilots due to long term/daily exposure to the jabbed, will end up with the exact same symptoms as those who rolled up their sleeves and took the kill shots.  All passengers have to be jabbed, in order to fly, remember???  Everyone breathing that same recycled air for HOURS with each flight.  That’s enough to jab the unjabbed pilots…..and they won’t know they have been infected until they have a medical incident, probably.
Yes, I can see all pilots being grounded…….perhaps until  all the jabbed have died off.
But don’t worry, we will all be nuked soon, so this is probably a mute point.
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