Big Mouth Bolton Admits US Has No Respect For “Rules Based International Order”

Estes Park, Colorado
July 12, 2022

by Rich Scheck

The hypocrisy of the West was on full display again today with Big Mouth John Bolton openly admitting the US engages in overthrowing established governments around the world:

This is no surprise to those of us familiar with the activities of the CIA that has been doing just that for decades but it is inconsistent with the declared values of leaders like Secretary of State Blinken who are constantly berating Putin for acting in violation of these self-serving rules.

Sadly, my country is the source of much of the trouble in the world as a result of its attempt to achieve Global Manifest Destiny in pursuit of Pax Americana, now disguised by the Davos NWO Transhumanist Agenda to “reset” the political, economic and legal order under Klaus Schwab:

Criticizing Russia for doing what the US does all the time is beyond the pot calling the kettle black.  It is a form of denial about US imperial pretensions and the war crimes we commit in order to achieve our goals while simultaneously calling out or overthrowing those who resist.

It is regrettable but totally understandable that Russia acted in its self interest in this vital region to its security and national identity. NATO’s undermining of the Minsk accords and Biden’s non-stop provocations against Putin from day one of his Administration did little to prevent the inevitable.

Now comes the bloodless, arrogant Bolton to remind everyone of why he was symbolic of the Neocon warmongers that peopled successive Republican Administrations and now see some of these same figures as part of Biden’s team.

As the war continues to expand and de-escalation is replaced by insanely silly rhetoric for “hand-to-
hand combat” by chicken hawk legislators, the prospects for peace are rapidly evaporating.

War, censorship, food-shortages, social unrest and major deprivations of our liberties lurk just around the corner. When it happens, be sure to remember it was jerks like Bolton who proudly make you suffer while they bloviate on tv news shows and chat it up with their ilk in the District of Criminals.

Trump may not be smart enough to plan a coup but Bolton is not smart enough to keep his big mouth shut. If there is a place called Hell, he is surely heading in that direction!

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